3rd May Friday Update on This is Love

Mrs. Bhalla saying I will throw Ishita out. Adi says you are believing news, media just hypes the matter. Aaliya says Raman was very happy there. Simmi says he just smiled a little and you think he was happy, I don’t want him to go in old zona again. Mrs. Bhalla says we are elders, we will decide. Door bell rings. Simmi says its Ishita, I will go and see her. She goes and sees a bouquet at the door. She checks the note from Ishita. She gets bouquet home and tells Mrs. Bhalla that Ishita has sent this for Raman, she is trying to trap him again. Mrs. Bhalla says throw this out. Aaliya asks why, flowers are pretty. Simmi asks her to move. Raman says stop…. and comes downstairs. He says how dare you….. if this came for me, I will take it to office. Romi smiles.

Raman takes the bouquet and leaves.
Simmi says he has gone mad. Adi and Aaliya smile. Parmeet looks on. Mrs. Bhalla says Ishita is making Raman away from us. Simmi says Ishita has hurt Raman, I promise he will not bear any pain again, I thought she will come and threaten us, she didn’t come. Ishita says I knew none will support me there, Simmi would make Mrs. Bhalla against me, Raman has forgotten me, I think this is the real step, I believe that time will come when Raman stands with me, when he will take me home, I will wait for it. Ashok says I like this about you, you have belief in your love. Ishita says I like hearing talks from you, I want your car, I have to go somewhere. He asks her to go. She says sorry, but I have to meet her alone.

Adi asks manager for cash. Manager says I can’t give you cash. Adi says I m company owner’s son. Parmeet says I have asked the manager not to give you cash, your account has zero amount, you have paid for Aaliya’s gambling, stop paying her, I know everything, but I didn’t tell anyone. Adi says she is my wife, my responsibility. Parmeet says then manage her, company won’t bear the loss, get away or make a new account to pay her, there is no charity being done here. He leaves.

Raman sees the flowers. Dil kahin rukta nahi….plays…. Raman reads the note. He thinks of Ishita and smiles. Ruhi calls him out. She says I prepared the financial report, if you see once, I will forward to Ishita’s company. Raman doesn’t see. He says I need to go somewhere. She says I will come along, I want this to start soon. He says I don’t need to check, I m sure it will be perfect as you have prepared it, you can forward this to Ishita. He takes a rose from the bouquet and goes. She thinks Papa trusts me, am I worrying for him again, do I want to spend time with him, no I m doing this on Ishimaa’s saying, else she won’t finance me.

Ishita reaches the school. She thinks I m very happy, I will be meeting you after many days. She asks the lady about principal. Lady says we don’t allow parents to meet children in school hours. Ishita says I want permission from principal. Lady asks her to meet principal. Ishita says my relations with family are not fine, I didn’t get a chance to meet Pihu, I m her mum, its very imp for me to meet her, can you allow me. Principal asks her to meet Pihu. Ishita waits for Pihu. Dil se dil ka….plays….. She recalls Pihu. The kids come out of the class. She looks for Pihu. She goes to the class and sees Pihu sitting alone.

Pihu gets shocked seeing her. She runs and hugs Ishita. They cry. Ishita consoles her. She gives the gift and chocolates. She asks does everyone come to meet you. Pihu cries and says she comes to meet me every week. Ishita asks who. Pihu says Simmi Bua comes, she scolds me, she scares me and shouts on me. Ishita says so sorry, I have come, now you don’t need to be scared of anyone, I will come to meet you, I will take you home. Pihu says no, Simmi will be there at home. Ishita says fine, I will meet you. She hugs Pihu and cries. She thinks Simmi didn’t do this right with Pihu, everything will change now.

Ishita thinking I have seen Pihu and left, its my mistake, I should have taken her to Budapest. She recalls Pihu’s words. She says no one paid attention to Pihu, what happened to Raman, children were his life. Her car breaks down. She gets down to check. It starts raining. Raman sees her and stops the car. She says rain in this season? He gets the umbrella for her. He offers help. She says you go, I m calling mechanic. He says pay me money for this work, let me do this. She thinks you don’t have time to meet Pihu, get drenched in rain now. A song Aaj rapat jaaye…plays….. on radio at a stall. Raman gets flashes.

The umbrella flies off. Raman sees Ishita and goes to her. He holds her hand and dances with her. He says this rain, this thing happened

before right. She pushes him away. He goes to her. She stops him. She asks why did you never meet Pihu. He asks who’s Pihu. She gets shocked. He goes to check her car. She thinks Simmi, its because of you, a father forgot his daughter, I will do anything, but get his memory back. He says your car got fine, go. She thanks him and leaves. Yeh hai mohabbatein…..plays….. He thinks why does Pihu’s name looks familiar.
Ruhi asks Ashok when will Ishita come. Ashok says she will be coming. Simmi comes and asks did Raman not come here. Parmeet says he came here and disappeared, Raman and Ishita both are not here. Ashok gets a call. He says we have to postpone this meeting, Ishita is stuck in other meeting. Parmeet says what work can they have. Simmi gets a call from principal. The lady says Pihu is not having food, since her mum met her…. Simmi says just I can meet Pihu, no one else, its my orders. She ends call and says I have to do something of this Ishita. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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