6th May Monday Update on This is Love


6th May Monday Update on This is Love

Ishita saying Simmi has broken up the entire family, Ruhi hates Raman, Simmi did this, Adi and Aaliya have some problem between them, Pihu’s state is worse, she used to be smiling and cheerful. Appa says I can’t believe Simmi is giving pills to Raman. Ishita says she accepted that she is doing this intentionally, Raman is so confused, he has forgotten me, he calls me Ms. Ishita, I will make him fine. Raman is on the way and recalls Ishita. Amma asks Ishita to change clothes. Ishita says I m okay. Amma says I know you are strong.

Ishita says I get assurance from Raman, I m positive that I will get this family together, my children are with me, I want your help. Appa says we are with you. Ishita says sorry for all that. Amma says tell me one thing, say the truth, why did you lie about Ananya, what are you hiding. Ishita recalls the incident and says I have said truth, I accepted the crime. Amma stops her. She says you are still lying, look in my eyes. Ishita hugs her and cries. Amma says your eyes told everything, tell me why are you lying, I regret that family didn’t understand you, even Raman couldn’t understand you, now he is in this state, I m worried for him.

Mr. Bhalla says I m worried for Raman. Romi comes and says Raman is not at gym and club. Simmi says I should have not let him go, Ishita did something. Raman comes home in drenched state. Simmi asks where were you. Raman doesn’t answer. Simmi asks Neelu to get tea. She asks Aaliya to get towel. Raman reacts angrily. Parmeet says Raman is not a small kid, he can take care. Simmi asks why did you not go to doctor. Raman asks are you my caretaker, who are you to ask me. He goes to his room. He thinks I don’t need to tell anyone where am I and what I m doing. He sees Ishita giving him a towel. He goes to change. Yeh lamha….plays…. He thinks of Ishita and sees her everywhere. He lies in the bathtub and recalls her.

Its morning, Raman comes office. He helps staff. The girl says Sir is smiling after a long time today. He sits to work. He sees Ishita and says no, I know she is not here. They sneeze. He asks are you really here. She asks what. He says like yesterday, you were in my bedroom. She asks bedroom? He says no, you were in my mind, I was in bathroom. She smiles and says now you are embarrassing me. He says sorry, how did you come. She says we shall talk of work. He says sure. She says I got the contract. He bends to pick the file. Yeh hai mohabbatein….plays… They see each other. He gets back ache. She asks did your back problem not go, you should have stretches. He asks are you a doctor, how do you know I have back ache. She asks him not to think of this. He says I mean its strange. She massages his back. He says I don’t know about you and you know about my pain too. Parmeet comes in and sees her.

She asks Raman does his staff members not have any manners. Parmeet says I m not staff. She says do some work, we both have cold, arrange masala tea for us, no wait, get a hot coffee, no, kada will be good, arrange it, you make it, else ginger tea, go now, we have to discuss. Raman says yes go, anyways you didn’t tell me how did you know. She says I know a lot. Parmeet goes.

Romi comes to Parmeet and says Ishita showed your place, she insulted you, she has shown that you are a junior staff member. Parmeet raises hand. Romi stops him and says you and your wife have ruined our family and business, now Ishita has come, your game is over, chill. He goes. Parmeet gets angry and calls Someone. He says listen to me carefully.

Aaliya talking to her friend. She says no, I can’t stop myself from the cards game, I can’t come. Her friend lies and insists her to come. Aaliya agrees. Her friend tells the man that Aaliya is coming. The man asks her to make Aaliya win initially and then lose. He informs Parmeet that Aaliya is coming for the cards game. Parmeet goes for the meeting. Ishita asks everyone to check the files. She says Ruhi will handle this project. Raman claps and smiles. Ishita says Ruhi will consult Raman and take decision. She sneezes. Raman says bless you. Romi smiles. Ishita says Adi and Romi, I will expect you both to focus on this project, I want outsiders not to interfere much. Simmi asks what you do mean.

Ishita explains Raman that Simmi was a graphic designer, CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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