3rd October Thursday Update on True Love


3rd October Thursday Update on True Love

Episode starts with Tej and Nani in a restaurant. Tej passes her a plate with a burger and Nani just looks at it.
Tej asks her to eat it… he doesn’t have a small heart.
Nani’s about to take a bite but then puts the burger down. She says, I never take a debt on myself, nor do I live on anyone’s charity (what was she doing in Jogi’s house for so many years?). I will pay you back one day… for sure, raam hi raakhey.
Tej says, Naniji, whatever is given, is given by Ramji only, why are boiling your blood?
He instigates her and says, the people who you were hitting me with a stick for, put the stick on your head!! That’s why you’re on the road now… whoever helps you when you’re in trouble is the one you should call your own. He passes the cold drink to her too.
Nani looks at him, is about to eat the burger and thinks a person like him will never be helping me for free. What does he want from me?

Meethi sitting on some rocks near a lake and thinking about Mukta telling her that Nani is gone.
She says, she was the only one who helped me and used to listen to me. Now even she left the house, now I don’t have anyone… no one  She throws pebbles in the lake and cries.
Vishnu comes behind her on a bike and Meethi says, you have come?
He says, who’re you fighting with?
Meethi says, do you think I will be surprised to see you like every time?
He says, that means you’ve accepted the fact that wherever you are, I will be there too.
Meethi says, no I know no one will be with me forever… I’ve believed that.
He asks where’s your companion? the Beer can? I can’t see it in your hands.
Meethi says, even that doesn’t help ease the pain.
Vishnu says, what’s the problem? You’ve got everything in life.
Meethi says, at least you don’t lecture me… you think your talks ease my pain?
Vishnu says, you think all the pain and suffering is in your life? Not anyone else’s? Let’s go and find out.
Meethi says, I don’t want to go anywhere.
He says, you are going with me.
She says, for your information, the college is closed.
He says, there’s one college which is still not closed… where you learn a lot from life. I will wait for you, and like every time I won’t force you… I will just wait for you.
He goes on the bike and after a few seconds, Meethi gets up and goes to him too. She sits behind him on the bike and they leave.

Tej brings Nani to a room (looks like a cheap hotel room). A man puts Nani’s suitcase in the room.
Nani comes in but puts her sari on her nose that it smells bad. She says I can’t stay here… it’s so dirty.
Tej says, you want to live in Taj Mahal? Should I make one for you?
Nani says, I can’t stay here.
Tej says, I’ve lived in places worse than this.
He says, I’ve paid for 3 days, and you can eat whatever you want, whatever is available in this place.
Nani says, why are you helping me so much and doing all this for me? I know for sure that a person like you won’t even help his own mother without any selfish reason.. and if he brings desi ghee for his father’s funeral, he’ll make halwa out of it and eat it.
Tej laughs and says, you recognized me exactly right… a person recognizes someone from their own kind (LOL!!!!!!!)
Nani gets angry and says, Tej Singh, I’m not half-Thakur like you… don’t misbehave with me ever. Tell me what you want?
He says, now you’re talking give and take, and business Thakurayin?
Nani says, when you’re out with a bowl begging, what’s the point in hiding the bowl? Tell me what you want?
Tej tries to stay but cannot say, stammers…
She says, what are you stammering at? Tell me what you want?
He says, I want to marry Mukta Rathore.
Nani says, I will pull your tongue out if you take Mukta’s name.
He holds her hand tightly and says, I need your help and blessings in this good deed. He takes her hand and puts it on his head forcibly like she’s blessing him… and says what do you think?
Nani gets angry and says, go away from here or else?
He says, else what?? You forgot this is not your room? This is a room I paid for…
Nani says, you’ve gone crazy, go get your brain looked at. You will marry Mukta?? Have you seen your face in the mirror?

He says, what’s wrong with me? There will be a long line of girls to marry me… but this heart loves Mukta.
Nani says, to hell with your heart. You’ve gone senile.
He says, men never grow old. I want to marry her, I will keep her with lots of love.
He sits down and says, marriage will happen… think of it as a done deal… now you decide whether you’ll help me or not?
Nani says, it won’t happen till I’m alive.
He says, you’ve got a long life and no one’s there to look after you?
Tej says, if you help me, I will help you.
Nani says, if you said this in front of Jogi, he would have strangled you right there.
He says, I met him and talked to him. He’s a very shareef man… he didn’t shoot me with a bullet..
She says, you should be ashamed. Looking at a 19-20 year old girl.
He says, I don’t want to hear your comments… I put a proposal in front of you… if you agree to it let me know… otherwise, jai raam ji ki.
Nani copies his action and folds her hands in front of him and says jai raam ji ki too.
Tej starts leaving then turns around and says… have you seen that spring toy?? The more you try to bend it, it comes back up as soon as the hand moves away.
My heart is the same… the more you say NO NO, my heart says YES YES. That’s why I’m asking very politely for you to think… there’s no lack of time. He asks her to eat something, when the stomach is empty, the mind stops thinking… that’s also a give-and-take situation… think about it.
He finally leaves.
Nani is angry and thinks how can I get rid of this Bhootnath lol

Mukta buying some vegetables and looking for an auto, but can’t stop one. A person on a bike tells him there’s a strike going on, none of them will stop… you want to sit on my bike, I will drop you. Mukta says, I will slap you and he ignores her lol

Veer in his car talking to his lawyer on the phone and says no one should bother Mukta Rathore on this case and there should be NO questions regarding her character. Be careful.
He sees Mukta walking on the road and asks the driver to stop the car and reverse.
He gets off the car and Mukta greets him. He asks her how you are? She says, I’m fine.
He says you’re walking home carrying all this stuff and the rickshaws are on strike… Can I drop you?
Mukta says, I’m used to it and the house is not far.
Mukta thinks of Kanha’s words that you won’t meet Veer and tell him anything.
She says no thanks.
Veer says, you can’t talk to me, and can’t take a lift from me, is that the reason? Mukta starts walking and drops the vegetable bag.
Veer says, how will you carry all this stuff?
If I ask my driver and car to drop you, will that be okay?
She again says no thanks.
He says, because of the way my family has behaved with you… I think you don’t trust me any more.
She says, I trust you a lot and my whole family trusts you… but I promised Barey Papa and Kanha bhayya and I can’t break that promise. She starts walking and turns around and says Teacherji also trusts you that you will take the side of the truth. She walks away from there.
Veer thinks, I won’t let her trust break, even if I have to stand against my son for that.

Tej is instructing three people with musical instruments and telling them to play the instruments when he signals them… He pays them some money. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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