4th October Friday Update on Young Love


4th October Friday Update on Young Love

The episode starts with Vivek coming back home. Suman tells Vivek that she feels he did wrong with Saachi. She says, everyone will come to know about Saachi’s doing. Saurabh asks, what about Vivek bhaiyya. How can he live with her. His decision is right. I think Vivek Bhaiyya should divorce Saachi. Suman says, he will take divorce. Saachi ruined your life and sent you to jail. Saurabh says, truth will be out soon and I will be freed. She tells Vivek and Saurabh that she is at peace now. She asks Vivek to get Saurabh free from jail. Vivek listens to them and says he is not in a position to think anything. He needs sometime. Saurabh and Suman smiles.

Jagya tells Ganga that he knows why she is upset. He says, you are tensed thinking about Gauri’s parents accusations. He says, I feel I am responsible for Gauri’s condition. Ganga asks why? Jagya says, he knows where he was wrong. He asks her to forget their words and treat Gauri like any other patient. Ganga promises to fulfill her duty and says she doesn’t care about Gauri’s parents words. You went to apologize to her. Don’t blame yourself. I will go there as a nurse and not as a woman. She promises him.

Daddu tells everyone that he is tasting Saachi’s hand made tea after a long time. Saachi thanks them. Ira tells everyone that Saachi has changed a lot. She learnt to cook everything. Meenu says, she cooks with so much interest. Daddu says, we shall celebrate. Anoop says, we will celebrate for Gulli and Hardik’s marriage. Alok says, as Basant ji died we couldn’t celebrate. They decide to arrange a party for Daddu’s birthday, Saachi’s change and Hardik-Gulli’s marriage. Daddu says, I think we shall ask Kalyani Ji before organizing any function as her pain is ours.

Just then Dadisaa calls them. Ira picks the call and tells her that they were talking about her. Daddu takes the call and asks about her and family. He tells her that they want to have some small celebration at home and says will it be alright. Dadisaa says, don’t think like that. Life doesn’t stop if anyone leaves. Basant wanted everyone to keep smiling else his soul will be pained. She asks him to go ahead with the celebration. Daddu gets impressed and says you removed our confusion. He gives the call to Anandi.

Anandi asks Dadisaa about Gehna and Nandu. Dadisaa tells her that they are fine. Dadisaa asks her about Gulli. Anandi says she is fine. Dadisaa tells her that Gauri is in Jaitsar and says everything. A flashback is shown. Anandi gets shocked hearing that. She asks about Gauri’s condition. Dadisaa says, she didn’t get conscious till now and prays for her. Anandi asks her not to worry. Dadisaa disconnects the call. Anandi gets disturbed.

Shiv brings tea for Anandi. Anandi asks, why did you bring it. Shiv says he though she likes to drink. Anandi says, I would have make it. Shiv says, it doesn’t matter who made the tea. He asks her why she looks tensed. Anandi tells him that Gauri is in Jaitsar and in hospital. She is injured in an accident. She says I don’t have any complains with Gauri, but her entry in Jagya and Ganga’s life is shocking. They both are sensible but I am worried. Shiv says, they both are understanding and Dadisaa will handle everything. He asks her to drink tea.

Gauri’s father says he doesn’t want Gauri to be treated by Jagya and says he gave her immense pain. Gauri gains consciousness and gets restless. Shivani calls the nurse. Jagya comes and asks her to calm down. Gauri recognizes his voice and calls him Jagat. Jagya is shocked. She asks, are you Jagat? Shivani asks her to calm down. She asks Shivani, is he Jagat. Jagya replies yes. She asks, why you came here? She asks, what have you done with me.

Shivani tells her about her accident. Gauri asks her parents to take her home as she do not want to stay there. She says, she got only pain by Jaitsar people. She doesn’t want to say. Jagya tries to make her understand that she can’t travel in this condition. He says, I am talking as a doctor. Gauri says, I am talking as a woman whom you have given pain. She says, I don’t want to see you. Go from here. Jagya is shocked. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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