3rd September Tuesday Update on This is Love


3rd September Tuesday Update on This is Love

The Episode starts with Tania saying you were drunk, so I took you to my home, you planted your mobile in my washroom on video mode, on such an angle that you can capture me taking a shower, how disgusting Raman, I couldn’t even imagine you will do such a thing. He says you have gone mad. She says I got this mobile in my washroom, how will you hide the fact that you were at my home, you did this in such drunken state.

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Mr. Bhalla asks who are you, what’s this nonsense. Tania says I m Tania, I m dating your son since few months, ask him. Ishita and Roshni recall Tania’s pic. Tania says Raman met me at the pub, he looked disturbed, he fought with his brother. Raman says I told this to you. Tania says he was so drunk, I didn’t know I m inviting problems by taking him home. Raman says I can never do this, you know me dad. Bala hears her shouting and goes to see. Tania says you are lying, you planned all this, your daughters are grown ups, I can’t believe this. Bala says you know whom you are accusing, he is such a respectable man, we know him. Tania says come to my building and ask my security guard, you can check the CCTV footage, you can see how I helped him and how he took advantage of me.

Shagun comes and says I have come from NGO, what’s the matter. Tania says I lodged the complaint, this man is the culprit, promise me that you will help me get justice, send Raman to jail. Shagun asks are you sure about Raman. Tania asks did you come to support me or him. Aaliya says Raman can’t do this. Tania asks Shagun are you Raman’s relative, all of you are together, you rich people are such, what do I do, everything is over, I have no idea what I will do. Ishita says I wish if you could show us the footage. Tania says yes, come with me. Ishita asks Raman, may I speak to you in private. She asks what’s your take. He says she is lying, I can never do this, I don’t remember as I was drunk. She says why didn’t you think this before. He asks do you think I can do this. She says no, you can’t, but you don’t remember anything, I had seen your condition, you weren’t able to stand, you confessed that you don’t remember, I should go and check CCTV footage once. He says go and check. She says I want to believe that you aren’t wrong.

Everyone worries. Simmi asks do you still think for Ishita. Ruhi says you are still doing this. Simmi says I m stating the fact, when Ishita gets CCTV footage, she will send Raman to jail, she can’t see our happiness, she is Jagat Mata. Mrs. Bhalla asks can Ishita do this. Parmeet says this was amazing Simmi, its fun, no one can save Raman from going to jail, Ishita will send him to jail. She says we will open the champagne after Raman goes to jail. Mr. Bhalla says let them come, we shall know everything. Shagun, Ishita and Tania come home. Ruhi asks what happened Ishimaa, did you see the footage. Shagun says it was Raman in the footage. Bala asks are you sure. Tania says tell them I m not lying, show them the footage. She plays the footage. Everyone sees the footage. They see Tania taking Raman home, he is seen much drunk.

Raman says this doesn’t prove anything, the CCTV footage isn’t of your house. Tania says he is denying when I got the proof, I will tell you everything in detail, whatever happened yesterday. FB shows Tania asking Raman to sit. She gets water for him. He says sit next to me, I do everything for family, they forget everything, when will everything get fine. She says soon, don’t worry, you are not in your senses. He says you always wanted to come close to me, why are you getting away. She says no, leave me. He says you also wanted this since long. She says I didn’t bring you home for this, this won’t happen between us, you are in bad state, you should go home. He asks can I use your restroom. She says yes. He goes to washroom.

He says I m going to my friend’s house, call me. He leaves. She closes the door. She goes for a shower. She gets shocked seeing a phone and takes it to stop the video recording. FB ends. Raman asks what nonsense. Tania says how will you explain this, Shagun and Ishita have seen the video as well, I should go to police, I know my respect will be tarnished, but I will get Raman punished. Shagun says calm down. Tania says you aren’t doing anything. Tania says I m not greedy and afraid of your power and money, Shagun you work for NGO right, won’t you get justice for me, you aren’t doing anything, what if this happened with your daughter. Raman says mind your tongue. Mr. Bhalla slaps Raman. Everyone gets shocked. Tania signs Simmi and smiles. Mr. Bhalla scolds Raman. Shagun says I m ashamed to be related to you Raman. Mrs. Bhalla cries.

Ishita says enough, I can’t believe you all are thinking so, Ruhi you know your dad well, he respects women, I was standing silent to know what Tania wants to say, we have seen Raman going to her house in drunken state, he was disturbed because of Romi’s matter, he must have shared this with Tania, so she is using this, when he wasn’t able to stand properly, will he remember to plant phone to make a video, how can you doubt on him, even if Lord tells me that Raman did wrong, I can’t believe, he can never insult a woman, don’t you trust your son. Mr. Bhalla says I trust Raman, not his drinking habit. Shagun says I know Raman, he can do anything in drunken state. If he did wrong, he should get punished. Ishita says Raman can’t even think of this in his dreams, I know this about him, please have faith in Raman. Mrs. Bhalla says I m Raman’s mom, he is addicted to wine, he goes to pub every day, if you are supporting him, you will be proved wrong too. Raman gets sad.

Ishita saying Raman is wrong as he drinks a lot, but he isn’t so wrong, he goes to pub and meets girls. But I know why he is doing this, I will tell you, Raman used to meet this girl, he used to go on dates with her and clicks pics, he used to send me message and pics to make me jealous, to torment me, he wanted to take revenge on me, he was successful in doing so, but I m sure that he would have not send me those pics if he had some different intention, I know very well that he has no interest in Tania, I don’t care what you all think, but I can’t hear this that he is wrong, I will stand by him, I know he isn’t wrong.

Raman looks on. Romi gets a call and goes out. He says really sorry, you are from Gupta’s side. The man says yes, I have come to shift your luggage. Romi says it can’t happen today, there is an emergency at home, we will shift tomorrow. The man goes. Ishita looks on and thanks Romi for staying here for Raman. Romi says you are wrong to think so, I m doing this for mum and dad, Raman should have considered their age, you are wrong to take his side, he should regret his actions. She says I came to thank you, not to take Raman’s character certificate, others have made such mistakes in the past too, I felt good that you are supporting family, I m hurt to know Raman isn’t your family, it doesn’t matter, I m with him, we will manage. Tania says I will go to police now. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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