3rd September Tuesday Update on Young Love


3rd September Tuesday Update on Young Love

The episode starts with someone informing Aarti’s father that Aarti is not in her room. Other lady suspects Ganga and says she took a boy with her. Aarti’s father asks his men to search for the women and his daughter. Aarti’s mother prays for her safety. Ganga runs with Aarti. Aarti tells her that she doesn’t know the way out. Some people starts searching for them. Ganga hears Dog’s barking and hides somewhere.

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She calls Jagya. Jagya picks the call. Ganga tells him that she is in trouble and needs his help. She tells everything. Jagya calls Basant and informs him everything. Basant says, he will reach there with Police. Gehna comes and wonders where Basant went. Ganga asks Aarti not to cry. Aarti says, she wants to go to her mom. Ganga says, we have to go from here else they will marry you forcibly. Jagya is heading towards the village. Basant too going with the police.

Villagers see Ganga and shots at her. Aarti gets scared. Ganga asks her to run with her. They catch Ganga and Aarti. Brijesh tells Rasika that Shiv is stupid to reject you. I am shocked. Narendra comes and wonders where is Rasika. He opens the room and hears their conversation. Narendra gets shocked. Rasika says, she tried to get close to Shiv, but he didn’t give her a chance.

Narendra shouts at her. Rasika lies to him. Narendra says, I heard everything. You framed Shiv wrongly. He says, I loved and trusted you, but you murdered my feelings. Brijesh interfers. Narendra asks him to shut up and tells Rasika that he will expose her. Aarti’s father slaps his wife for ruining his respect. He asks her to make Aarti sit in the mandap. Ganga feels helpless. Aarti refuses to marry and cries.

Someone informs Shamal about the bride coming back. Ganga asks Aarti’s father not to marry Aarti at a tender age. She pleads with him. He shouts at her. Ganga says, you are doing a crime. Aarti’s father says that no one will go to police. Ganga tells him that she will go to the police. Aarti father points gun at her.

Aarti’s mom pleads her husband to let Ganga go. He asks Panditji to start with the rituals. Narendra recalls Rasika lies and feels bad. He recalls insulting Shiv. He recalls Shiv’s words. He says, he supported Rasika all the time. Shiv is bearing the insult because of her. He repents.

Jagya comes there and gets shocked seeing Ganga at gun point. Aarti’s father asks him to stay there. Jagya walks. He threatens to shoot Ganga. Jagya asks them to stop the wedding. He tells Panditji that he will go to Jail. He gets shocked to see Shamal bhai there. He asks, you are here? Shamal greets him. He says, I came to bless the newly weds. Jagya asks, you came to attend the child marriage. Shamal says no. Jagya says, they are kids. Shamal acts innocent. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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