4th July Thursday Update on Young Love

Anandi saying in court that Saachu lied to her family and went to the party but she didn’t give a authority to Saurabh to take advantage of her. Vivek asks, do you have any proof? Vivek says, Saachi is not at fault as her family is also lying with her. Anandi says, I am not lying. It is no necessary to have proof for the truth. Sumeet says, we have proof and submits the DNA report to the court. Judge see the reports and says it doesn’t matches with the sample which was taken after the rape. Everyone are shocked. Saurabh and his family smiles victoriously.

Sumeet checks the report. Anandi says, it is not possible and requests the judge to have done the DNA test again. Vivek says, innocent can’t be proved guilty and says he is innocent. He requests the judge to dismiss the case and free Saurabh with respect. Sumeet says, he can’t be free as Saachi is raped. Judge says, victim is raped and asks the police to get the DNA test of the other guys. He says, next hearing will be after DNA report comes. Saachi feels bad.

Ganga asks the nurse to check the patient after sometime. She puts the glucose drip on high. She comes to Dadisaa and says sorry. Dadisaa says, atleast you remembered about your son. She scolds Ganga and tells that the baby cried for an hour. Ganga says, I will change the uniform and come with you. Dadisaa asks her to go with Jagya.

Jagya sees the patient shivering and closes the glucose drip. He calls nurse and asks about Ganga. Vivek says, Saurabh is innocent. His mom praises Vivek for saving Saurabh’s life. Saurabh says, I have seen with my own eyes how you have fought the case. Vivek says, I fight the case for truth and it is my passion. I don’t fight the case for guilty people. Saurabh says, I have to be careful with you. He thinks Bhaiyya will be with you as he thinks you are innocent and Saachi will be punished.

Jagya comes to Ganga and tells her that the patient’s life was at stake because of her carelessness. He asks, how can you forget this basic thing. I won’t forgive you. Anandi asks Saachi to eat pasta else she have to force her like she force Amol. Saachi asks her to make her eat. Saachi recalls about the time when she insults Anandi. She recalls how Anandi supported her in court. Saachi cries and says you always thought about my well being but I thought you wrong. I deserve this. Anandi asks her to be patient and everything will be fine. Saachi says, Saurabh will be free from the crime. Anandi says, we can get Saurabh’s test done again. Saachi says, he will use his contact and proves innocent and I will cry all my life.

Saachi says, I invited this shameless thing. Anandi says, you hurt your family, but you have realized your mistake. You want to change yourself. Our family will help you. Saurabh will get punish. She requests her to think before doing anything. She tells her about the family love. Saachi thinks I don’t have any confidence in me. I hate myself. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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