4th July Thursday Update on This Is Love

Ishita wonders how to find pills. Pihu asks Ishita to help her with homework. Neelu was taking milk for Pihu. Raman says he will take it. He comes and sees Ishita teaching Pihu and smiles. He knocks. Pihu takes him inside and says she is doing her homework. He says it’s late now and time to sleep. She asks both him and Ishita to make her sleep tonight. Ishita tells her a story. Raman watches Ishita. Pihu falls asleep. Ishita looks at Raman and he looks away. He leaves from there.

Mani tells Shagun that Ishita will never agree. Shagun says but after what Nikhil has done with Ruhi, Ishita would want a harsh punishment for him. If they make Nikhil their witness, then his punishment would become less which they can’t let happen. Mani says and what about Param? Param and Simmi’s

crime is very big. They both hurt Raman and entire family so much. Shagun agrees with him and says Ishita is unable to find any proof against them. Maybe they should take Nikhil’s help. They will have to convince Ishita. Mani asks her to talk to Ishita and let her take final decision.
Raman was preparing to sleep on couch. Ishita comes and says she will sleep on couch. He can sleep on bed. They argue. He stops Ishita by holding her hand and says she deserves a good night sleep. She has helped many people, including him. He should make a recording for sorry, thank you. He already said sorry to her and now it’s time to say thank you for taking care of Pihu. Ishita says she’s her daughter, what thank you in that. Raman asks what? She says she married him, so Pihu is her daughter now. Ishita tries to find out about pills, but he gets serious saying not again. Ishita changes the topic. He asks her to go to sleep now. Ishita loses her balance. Raman catches her in his arms. He moves her hair away from her face. He gets unclear flashback from past of similar moment. She tells him if he has any questions about past, then he can think a little. He says he has no questions and leaves from there saying he needs fresh air.

Param tells Simmi about Ishita threatening him that they will be thrown out of the house in two days. Simmi says she can do nothing. Raman is under their control. She smartly married Raman, but she can’t win every time. This time, she will play such a game that Ishita will remember it for her life. Raman will throw her out himself.

Toshiji is working in kitchen. Ishita offers help, but she refuses. Simmi comes and offers help as well, but Toshiji says no. Simmi taunts Ishita that members of this house keeps increasing and want to do no work. This house is no more Bhalla house, but a guest house. Ishita taunts back saying finally she realized that her and Param have been living as guests since so long. Toshiji defends Simmi saying it’s her brother’s home. If someone has to leave, then it will be her. Ishita says she is legal wife of Raman, how she can go. And Simmi you still understand, but what about Param? Ishita continues taunting that he is eating free rotis. Raman was there. He tells Ishita she can’t talk like that to Simmi. This house is Simmi’s as well. And both her and Param took care of the house when it was about to break, so he won’t hear anything against them. He leaves. Toshiji also scolds Ishita and goes. Simmi tells Ishita that she can’t do anything to her and Param because Raman is on their side. She challenges her that Raman will throw her out in two days, not her and Param. Ishita says we will see.

Ishita makes pasta for Pihu. Raman calls Neelu for help. Ishita tells Neelu that she will go. Raman is not able to find file. Ishita tries to help, but he says he called Neelu and asks her to go. She tells him that she is his wife. Raman says, then first learn to respect his family. She tries to help again, but he shouts and asks to leave. Ishita comes to Aliya and Ruhi’s room. Aliya asks what happened. Ishita says she doesn’t know how to win Raman’s trust. He keeps taking Simmi’s side and doesn’t know that she is giving him wrong medicine. She tried a lot, but can’t figure how Simmi is giving him medicine. Mihika brings ice cream saying someone sent for her. Neelu comes with more gifts saying someone sent for Mihika. Mihika reads the card and it says “I will wait for your answer”. Mihika says she doesn’t know who is sending all that. Ishita, Aliya tease that she really doesn’t know? Romi loves her so much. They tell her to call him. She calls and says he didn’t send the date location. Romi asks her to come to her favorite restaurant. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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