4th June Tuesday Update on This is Love

Everyone caring for Mr. Bhalla. Simmi scolds Ishita. Courier comes. Raman says its the property papers on Parmeet’s name. Ishita asks Parmeet what does he have to say now. Romi asks Adi to support his wife. Adi says I know its Aaliya’s fault, it doesn’t mean she is bad, she cares for everyone, Mihika didn’t behave right, we stayed in jail to find out loan shark. Romi says you just be with Aaliya, Mihika got mad after she came close to Simmi, Parmeet has brain washed Simmi, both of them are mad, you continue supporting Aaliya. Raman asks Parmeet about the papers. Parmeet starts the drama.

Parmeet says no one can take this property without Mr. Bhalla’s permission, no one can mortgage the property. Raman says Parmeet is right, its written there. Shagunsays Mani called loan shark, Parmeet answered the call. Mani says I m not a fool that I don’t recognize his voice. Parmeet says yes, I have answered that call. They all get shocked. Simmi asks what are you saying. Parmeet says I was in a business party, I saw a phone ringing and answered it, the caller disconnected the call, that wasn’t my phone. Ishita says then you have switched off the phone. Simmi asks why are you asking this. Raman says I want answers.

Parmeet says a person can prove this right. He goes. Simmi scolds Ishita. Parmeet gets Ruhi home. He says the eye witness will tell you that I m saying the truth. Ishita looks at Ruhi. Ruhi says Parmeet is saying the truth, I was with him in the party and I have seen everything. Ishita asks why are you doing this, why are you lying. Simmi says why will she lie. Parmeet gets a man. He says this man is a fraud, he does illegal work. The man says please leave me, I did all this on Ishita’s saying. They all get shocked. Shagun says what nonsense. Ishita says I don’t know you. The man asks her why is she lying, she has helped me and asked me to frame Aaliya, to give her the loan. Raman asks what’s all this. Simmi says just you are saying true right.

Raman says after what you did with Pihu, you should be ashamed. Ishita says he is lying. Raman gets dizzy. He falls down. They all get shocked and rush to him. Mr. Bhalla gets stressed. Romi calls the doctor. Simmi says its all because of you, leave him and go. Ishita holds Raman and cries. Simmi asks what’s the need to call doctor, Raman is fine, he will get fine. Mani says its imp. Romi says an ambulance has come. They take Raman to hospital. Simmi asks doctor to check Raman well. Ishita says I think this happened because of pills. Simmi asks her not to say all this and leave them alone. She says this happened because of Ishita. Doctor says we are trying out best. Mr. Bhalla asks them not to tell anything to Mrs. Bhalla. Parmeet and Simmi get worried.

Ruhi cries and says why can’t I help Ishimaa always, sorry Ishimaa. I had to lie about this, if Simmi was not there that night, don’t know what would have happened.

Ruhi saying I had to lie about Ishita, I owe a lot to Simmi, I had to return this favor to Parmeet, if Simmi wasn’t there that night, don’t know what would have happened. FB shows Ruhi and Nikhil coming to a hotel room. She says I don’t like coming to a hotel for meet. He asks her to sit. He says we love each other, your mum has gone to jail too. He asks her to have a drink for the sake of their love. She refuses. He reminds her what they have gone through for their love. She says I remember everything, things aren’t the same, Ananya is no more, Ishita is in jail, dad is getting unwell, I just need some time, let me go home. He says fine, just one drink, we will play some music. He tries to get close to her.CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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