5th June Wednesday Update on Young Love

 Ira telling Saachi that I need to forget my sorrows for the family’s happiness. Shiv says, maa didn’t tell anything but I can feel what she is going through. I have to maintained distance with my own father as I don’t want to hurt my maa. Sometimes I feel to run away from home, away from all the relationships. Anandi says, I can understand but if you do like this, then we will be away from our love once. You have to be infront of them and assures that we love them. We have to support Papa in his struggle to be fine. What matters to us is his well being.

Meenu calls for Anoop and finds him asleep. She shouts, Anoop wakes up in shock. Meenu asks him to relax and says you are at home. She gives him tea. Anoop drinks the tea and asks, did you add pepper powder in it. Meenu says yes, it is good in winter. Anoop praises the tea. Anoop says, Hina also used to make good tea. I thought her as my wife but she was not my wife. Later I came to know that the terrorist threatened them and compelled them to join their drama. Meenu asks, did you accepted her as your wife. Anoop says, we didn’t have any relations of husband and wife. I lost my memory but Hina knew everything, whenever she came to me, she used to cover her head with dupatta. We never crossed any limits. Anoop says, I am getting head ache. Meenu says, I will massage your head. He says, your hands and tries to recall. Meenu recalls the past moment. Anoop says sorry for touching her hand. Meenu says, I want you to remember everything. Anoop says, your hands (silk) resham resham. Anoop says, but why I was saying that.

Jagya asks Ganga to make tea. Ganga says, Dadisaa asked me to rest. Jagya gets angry and asks, if you can cut the veggie then why don’t you make tea. Ganga says, I will ask someone to make the tea. Jagya says, I don’t need it and says I brought a gift for you. Balwadi kids sent this with me. Ganga sees the sketch and gets happy. Saachi gets coffee for Anoop and says, Choti maa asks me to give it to you. She asks, are you thinking something. Anoop says no. Saachi says, you don’t remember anything to think and says, I pray for you to get your memory back. Anoop takes a sip of coffee and says, I used to have tea at Jaitsar hospital and praises Jagya and Ganga. Saachi gets angry and says Jagya betrayed her and Ganga is a fraud. She says, he got engaged to me but Ganga managed to marry him. She says, they ruined my life. Anandi comes and shouts at Saachi. Saachi says, you came to defend him as he is your ex husband. Anoop is shocked. Anandi keeps the snacks at the table and leaves.

Anoop asks Meenu, whether Anandi was Jagya’s wife before. Meenu asks, who told you? Anoop says, Saachi told him and says, it was strange as Shiv married her. And it was also strange as Saachi holds Jagya responsible for her life. Meenu says, Saachi is responsible for her condition and says she tried tor ruined Jagya’s life. Your thinking is right about Jagya. She says, this is Anandi’s second marriage. Shiv and Anandi are a good life partner like us. Anoop leaves. Meenu wonders when he will get back his memory.

Gehna asks Dadisaa to start having food. Jagya says, I will go to Ganga. Bhairov says, I was thinking about Anoop ji as he didn’t remember anything. He asks, can’t you help him. Jagya says, his case is concerned to neurology. Basant says, you treated him when he was in Jaitsar. Jagya says, it seems he had some kind of shock. He might have faced a lot in these years. There are full chances of his memory gain. He calls Anandi. Jagya says, we were discussing about Anoop ji and says, sometimes it happens if old things recreated in front of the person then he may get his memory. He says, we all want him to be fine soon. Dadisaa asked me to tell you. Anandi says, it is a good idea. Anandi thank him and smiles.

Anandi and Mahi coming to Meenu and says they have thought of an idea to get Chote papa’s memory back. Meenu says, I tried to make him remember. Mahi says, papa used to take Udaipur’s place names. Meenu tells about some place where she met Anoop for the first time. Anandi asks about Pichola lake and asks what had happened there? Meenu says, I don’t want to remember that day, I gets scared to remember that lake. She says, your papa asked me to come to Pichola lake and we went there. She tells something which shocks Anandi and Mahi. CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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