5th December Thursday Update on True Love


5th December Thursday Update on True Love

Rathore is driving and reaches at an isolated place.
He calls the Inspector saying, you told me that the call was traced from Madhuban Valley right. I have reached here. You send your guys asap…with an ambulance!

He gets down from the car and looks around. First he sees nothing but then spot light coming from afar. He says wherever there is light there are people. Thanks God, Mukta I am coming. He starts running back to the car.

Baraat is coming to the Bundela House with the band playing and people enjoying. Vishnu and Jogi are seated in the car. In Meethi’s room, all hear the sound and get excited. Meethi tries to go and see but Nani asks her not to. It is not auspicious to go and look at the groom before marriage. If nothing else then hear at least understand this much. Meethi becomes sad and sits back in her chair. Tappu tries to cheer her up by saying that you became so sad just because you cant see one glimpse of your groom. He will be with you for your whole life from tonight.
Damini says Meethi, sometimes one must believe in auspicious and inauspicious things. Grown up people do say the right things at times. Tappu becomes a little disturbed after hearing this.

Divya, Surabhi and Damini go to see the baraat. Nani wonders its 9 already….where is Mukta till now? Ram hi Rakhey, what more does God want? Whenever there’s some happiness in Damini’s life, sadness always come in the lives of our daughters. I am feeling very uneasy from inside. Ram hi rakhey…this servant’s destiny is connected with us.

All the guys are sitting around a fire just outside the place where they have locked Mukta in. The main kidnapper asks them not to sit here but go in and keep a check on that girl. Here, Mukta is worried that the fake Vishnu must have reached by now…what should I do now? The goons douse the fire and go back inside.

In Bundela House the baraat is dancing. Jogi takes Akash to dance as well and Divya and Surabhi smile seeing them happy.

Rathore finally reaches the place.

Iccha does the aarti and tilak of Akash while all smile broadly. Akash has an expression of mockery in his face while watching her so happy. She takes him inside and makes him sit in the mandap (pavilion/ gazebo).

Tappu asks Divya if she has any news where Mukta is. Its so late already. Her phone is not available since morning….don’t know where she is. She should have come by now.
Divya shares that she is worried about the same thing. I don’t know where she has gone.
Jogi was listening to their convo and leaves from their disappointed.
Tappu says I’m not having a good feeling about it.

Rathore gets down from the car and looks at that place.

Rohini compliments the groom’s look. Tej Singh comes to Mai and is worried where his dream girl is.
Mai mocks that she will come for sure…but at the right time. That too with some big drama undoubtedly. After all, she is Tapasya’s daughter.

Mukta is speaking to herself. Papa, please come fast. I have full faith on you that you will come. But please come fast and save me. Meethi’s marriage shouldn’t happen in any case….you have to come fast papa.
Rathore is moving forward towards the main entrance of the kidnapper’s den.

Jogi is trying Mukta’s number when Divya comes and asks if he could connect with Mukta. Jogi negates. Divya is very worried now…its so late. I wonder where she would be.
Nani is distraught.
Jogi says…I too am worried about the same. But more than worry I am angry with her. If she dint want to come, she could have told. We weren’t going to push her for something she dint want to do.
Nani says even Raghuvendra has left and hasn’t come by now. Call him at least. Divya asks him to do it. Maybe he has gone to bring her only.
Jogi does but Rathore has left his phone in the car only and informs the same to them.
All are more worried now.

The kidnapper ridicules Mukta that till now your father hasn’t come.
The other goons look at her lustfully and think how long will they be just looking at her from far. He says she is Akash’s bird….maybe he will take the first initiative. All laugh at her.
Footsteps are heard. All become alert now including Mukta.
The main guy orders the other guy to go and check. And if it is this girls father then take this gun and shoot him then and there only.

Rathore knocks from outside. The goon asks him who he is.
Rathore replies that his car has stopped abruptly. I am very thirsty; can you please give him water?
The goon replies rudely and closes the door on his face. When the kidnapper asks the matter, the goon was saying it when Rathore kicks the door and throws the goon on the floor.
Mukta becomes happy and exclaims Papa!
She now tells the kidnapper that I told you na. My papa will come. Now you just wait and watch.

Meethi is shown coming downstairs. All look up to see her and admire her (she is looking gorgeous). She slowly descends the stairs while all become emotional seeing her in the bridal attire.
Akash notices everyone’s happy faces. Nice wedding music is being played in the background.
Meethi comes and sits next to Akash and the pandit starts chanting the mantras.

Rathores cleans the dust off his hands. He tells the other people that next time if someone asks for water…then you must give it. Its a thing of virtue….a noble deed. Mukta just smiles hearing him.
He continues that I have made that guy understand. In life one must do noble deeds as it increases the virtues, which make death easier for them.
Mukta calls out to him crying. While he looks at her, one of the goons tries to hit him. He stops him in time and beats him. Mukta watches in a daze.
All others become alert and hold up their weapons at him.

Rathore speaks to the main guy that you did the worst mistake….worst sin of your life by kidnapping my daughter.
He replies that you did the wrong mistake by coming here. Now you wont be able to go out from here alive…only your dead body will go out from here.
Mukta is dumbstruck now.

Rathore looks at him and then the knives and guns in their hands and then smiles.
He says, will you play with me with these toys that the kids play with. With Raghuvendra Pratap Rathore. First see my toy and he pulls out a grenade from his pocket and shows him.
The kidnapper is shocked now. Rathore moves his finger towards the cap.
Scared, the kidnapper asks him to stop or everyone including his daughter will be blown off in pieces. Rathore says no one but only you and I will.
He asks him to bring her daughter out. And no one will move before I and my daughter leave from here. Put the weapon down or…
The guy is super scared and asks everyone to put down their guns and get Mukta out of the lock up. The guy does as he is told and all drop their weapons in haste.
Mukta comes out and goes to hug her father. She thinks now my each and every second is very precious. I have to reach their before the marriage happens and bring out the real face of that fake Vishnu in front of everyone. I have to do it today only.

Rathore signalling the goons to release Mukta. She comes and hugs him while he has the grenade bomb in his hand. Mukta says, I believed papa that you will come.
The kidnapper says, you wont go out alive from here. Never.
Rathore replies now you should start counting backwards. He starts retreating…3…2…
The kidnapper becomes scared. Rathore signals Mukta stand in a corner and she obliges.
Rathore says 1…removes the pin and drops the grenade on floor. All the goons bend down on the floor to save themselves.

In Bundela House, the pandit starts chanting the mantras. All smile looking at them. Tej Singh is also looking at all this from the balcony. Pandit calls for the girl’s parents to come and do the kanyadaan of their daughter. Iccha and Veer smile.

Iccha signals Damini and Tappu guesses it and smiles. Damini goes to Jogi & Divya and says, Iccha and Veer want you to do the kanyadaan of Meethi. Mai is shocked. Iccha nods in approval saying, yes papa I want you to do it
Jogi says, dear I have done your kanyadaan and have got all the punya. Now its Veer’s turn. Only Veer should do Meethi’s kanyadaan.
Umed Singh looks at them proudly while Mai heaves a sigh of relief.
Jogi continues….yes, kanyadaan should be done by the bride’s father. You too wanted this right? Veer is back with you now the by grace of God. There’s no bigger virtue then kanyadaan.
Iccha agrees. Mai shakes her head in disapproval of her act of choosing Jogi and Divya for kanyadaan. Umed asks them to start the rituals. They both say yes in unison.
Tappu wipes a tear out of the corner of her eye.

Rathore looks at the goons and mocks that they dint hear it carefully. I told you in the beginning only…that this is a toy. He drops that on the floor.
The kidnapper shouts that it’s fake. He tells the other to go and beat him.
Rathore asks Mukta to wait for 2 minutes while he goes and calculate their sins and virtues.
Mukta nods ok.

Pandit ji asks Veer and Iccha start the rituals. They both do as they are told. Mangalam bhagwan Vishnu is playing in the background. Surabhi smirks looking at them.

Rathore is beating the goons black and blue while Mukta looks on in fear.

Akash glances at Meethi who smiles back shyly at him. The pandit asks the groom to make promise to the bride’s parents. Akash says…I, Vishnu, promise today (while looking at Iccha) that your daughter’s life will be filled with all the happiness of the world. I will fulfil all the duties of a husband. We will always bed together in happiness and sadness. I wont let any danger befall on my wife.
Veer & Iccha smile while Surabhi smirks. Akash repeats that I promise…..CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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