5th December Thursday Update on This is Love


5th December Thursday Update on This is Love

Raman saying that guy sounded to be saying true, I think he is greedy and will tell us about Ishita, nobody should know this, we have lost chances before, Sudha shouldn’t know about it. He tells his plan. Ruhi asks him not to worry. Ishita shouts for help and says I have a headache. Yug says shut up, else I will kill you. She thinks of Adi and says I m much troubled, I m hungry.

Yug goes and gets a butter knife to threaten here. She says don’t kill me with your butter knife, I will do whatever you say, can I get some water. She smiles. Yug says stay quiet. Ranbir gets water. She asks for some food. Vishal gives her some biscuits. She asks for Sambar and rice. He says this is protein, it is better than Sambar rice. Yug feeds her. She looks at him.

Yug asks her to have more if she wants. He goes. Ranbir says maybe she got afraid of us. Yug says she was staring at me, don’t become fools, I m going out for some work. Vishal asks him to get eggs and chicken. Ranbir asks him to get bread. Yug says I m going to meet Raman, I will get money, don’t tell him. Ishita wishes Raman comes soon. Raman gets Yug’s call. Ruhi takes phone. Yug says Raman has disconnected my call, why. Ruhi calls on the number. The man says this is public booth number.

Ruhi says I just got a call from here. Yug says I did pay to PCO owner. He comes back and says that was me, give it to me, thanks. He says I had called Raman. Raman says yes, Ishita is with you, don’t call on my number, its getting tapped, I have money with me. Yug says don’t call police. Raman says just tell me where to come. Adi says meet me at the cafe. Raman agrees.

Yug says Raman will understand that we won’t get traced. He pays money to the man and gets filmi. He goes. Ranbir makes tea. He asks where is Yug. Vishal says he will come, give tea to her. She asks why are you wearing cute masks, I have seen your face. They ask when and remove mask. She says just now, you guys are sweet. She drinks the tea and asks can I get some biscuits, it can cause acidity. She thinks its best time to get info about Yug.

She says your smile is nice, I m a dentist, I can identify good smiles, you look from good family. Vishal thanks her. Ranbir gets protein biscuit for her. She says you can talk to me with ease, I know you aren’t professional kidnappers, who asked you to do this, police and Raman are finding me, you will be tagged kidnappers. Vishal says no. She says you are nice guys, what about your friend.

They have a talk. She asks who planned this kidnapped. Vishal says Ranbir’s friend did this. She thinks who can it be, they took a big risk. Ranbir gets a call and goes. Rohan and Karan clean the house. Rohan calls Ranbir and asks is everything fine, is she fine, take good care of her. Ranbir says she is fine, when are you coming to take her, my brother will throw me out if he knows this, take this lady away. Rohan says she is like my mum, she should get whatever she wants, don’t call on this number.

Raman comes to cafe. Yug says this is Raman Bhalla, he got money in duffle bag, I will get rich, all the best. He smiles. He goes to Raman. Bala comes and calls him out. Yug goes back. Bala says I had a meeting here. Raman says even I had a meeting, sit. Yug asks is he undercover cop. Bala asks did you find about Ishita. Raman says no. Yug says maybe he is some friend, I will wait until he leaves.

Shagun asks why did you not tell me, where is Ishita. Amma says she got kidnapped. Shagun asks her not to worry, she has spoken to someone, who can find Ishita. Mihika asks Shagun not to talk in front of Sudha’s sons. Shagun asks Karan and Rohan where is Ishita. They say we don’t know. Shagun says don’t act innocent. She gets slapping them. Shagun says this family is innocent, but I m the opposite, I m warning you, find out from your mum, where is Ishita. Rohan says I will try. She says you have no idea, you are dealing with me. She gets a call and asks Aaliya to keep an eye on them. She goes.

Ishita saying your friend didn’t come. Vishal says he is salesman, he sells sims. Ranbir says he has no family, he stays with his uncle who doesn’t care for him. Vishal says he can sell sim to anybody, he is talented. Yug says Raman has got someone with him, he is acting too smart, I will teach him a lesson. Bala says Amma said Shagun had come home and beaten up Rohan and Karan. Raman says Shagun has done right thing. Yug calls him and says I think you don’t love your wife, you got someone with you. Raman says no, he is a relative, he met me here, trust me, I had come alone. Bala asks what happened. Raman says I have to go, stay here. He goes. Bala sees Yug when he picks his keys. Bala asks him to listen. Raman says I told you to stay inside. Bala says you won’t

believe who I saw. Raman asks what if that guy does something to Ishita, I told you not to come out. Bala thinks did I really see Adi, how is this possible. Ishita thinks he went to meet Raman, why didn’t he return, I will trick them and leave. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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