5th February Tuesday Update On This is Love


5th February Tuesday Update On This is Love

Ishita, Mrs. Bhalla and Amma getting drunk and talking silly. Ishita says we can’t drink and drive, we can’t go by car, but I have to meet Raman. Amma say we will go by taxi. They leave. Shagun asks the reporter to have her interview on front page of the newspaper, I will transfer payments till evening. Shagun gets a call and goes. Ishita, Mrs. Bhalla and Amma reach the hotel and shout for Raman. She asks manager for Raman, I have to meet him now. Manager says he just went. Amma says he is lying. Ishita says he left me, he does not love me. Reporter records the video. Ishita falls and says I will sit here, call my husband, I want him. Manager asks them to go. Mrs. Bhalla says my bahu is crying, you are asking us to leave. She shouts Raman, get loaded for us. Manager
calls police station.

Ishita asks inspector to get her out. Inspector asks her to be quiet. Raman says thank God we reached packaging unit on time, but dinner was incomplete. Kiran says its okay, we can go anytime later, I will leave. He says I will drop you. She stumbles. He says I will call Ishita, she won’t sleep till she talks to me. He gets a call and says what, fine. He says someone is playing prank, saying Ishita got drunk and did drama at hotel. He gets another call and says it can’t be my wife. Inspector says its not any joke. Raman hears Ishita and says yes, she is my wife. Inspector asks him to come fast to police station and take his wife and mum. Raman tells Kiran that his wife, mum and mum in law are in jail and goes. Kiran asks what.

Inspector gets them out of lockup. Raman reaches the police station and sees papers flying and chairs fallen. He asks which storm came here, inspector. He sees Amma singing and going. He says Amma, its me. Amma says Ayyo Raman, tell your mum her obesity is injurious to health. He says fine, where is she. Mrs. Bhalla sings Aaj mai upar, almari niche…. He asks how did she get over there. They argue. Raman asks them to stop it, where is Ishita. They ask where is Ishita. He sees Raman on the ceiling fan. Ishita says he has come, Piya tu aaja…. its so fun. Raman says we have fan at home, hang there. He asks inspector to call Ishita down by love. Inspector asks Raman are you seeing this. Raman says yes, I m scared of her fall.

Inspector asks is this your family. Raman says yes. Inspector says you take sanyas. Raman says if you have any empty cave, give me address. Ishita sings Tu sanyasi, mai teri sanyasan. Raman asks her to come down. Ishita says I swear, I did not drink, they made me drink. Mrs. Bhalla says I gave you cola. Inspector says get down else I will on fan. Raman says no, I will stop her, I will take her video, she scolds me when I drink. Inspector asks is this a joke. Raman says no, its a tragedy, I don’t like jokes. Ishita sings Tu kheench meri photo….. Inspector says take her home, they are from good family and such behavior. Raman says please get down. Ishita says no. Raman says I got something for you, come down. Ishita says I m coming. Raman gets them home.

He asks her to sleep and makes her rest. Ishita stops him. She says I love you. He says I love you too. She says 3-4 times, I love you, you are so sweet. He says you are getting romantic, I did not know this. She sleeps. He says you can just do this, you get a man to a well and tie his hands and legs.

Its morning, Aaliya makes lemon water. She asks Neelu to let them sleep, give this to them when they wake up. Ruhi says Ishita, Amma and Dadi are sleeping till now, I can’t believe it. Aaliya says Ishita was singing in drunken state, it was very funny, I need a favor. Ananya and Pihu’s school is starting, can you please make them ready, I will prepare breakfast and pack their tiffins. Ruhi goes. Aaliya asks Neelu to make uniforms and bags ready.

Pihu says Ishimaa will comb my hair. Ruhi says she is not well, guess the surprise I got for you. Pihu and Ananya like new water bottle and pencil box. They thank Ruhi. Pihu says I was not on Dadu’s birthday, I missed it, I was in summer camp. Ruhi says so what, tell your friends how you enjoyed in camp. Shagun asks Mani about newspaper. Mani says no, even maid did not come, I arranged the breakfast. He says so sweet, I told reporter to give us front page coverage about NGO party, we won’t invite Bhallas in the part, scores get even. Mani says I m sure it was a mistake. She says it matters to me, they should know how it feels. Maid comes with newspaper. Shagun checks for the party post. She sees a small coverage and says that reporter promised me, look at this, Bhallas are on front page, they always spoil my work, ridiculous. Raman sees newspaper and says congrats, we have three celebrities at home, see they made name shine.

Aaliya says I did not know this will happen if I throw vinegar bottle. Raman says they became stars. He gets a call and says yes, they are sleeping till now. Aaliya gets a call and asks Raman to talk. Raman laughs and says yes, they did this, I got them from jail. He jokes. Adi sees the news and says its very funny. He throws the paper. He asks Aaliya did you not see this, they did this when my launch date is close, you know how this affects business. Aaliya says we were joking. Dadi added alcohol in Ishita’s drink. He says if you knew, could you not stop her. Aaliya says it does not matter. Adi says Taneja is making issue of everything, he will get a chance to scold me again. She says what happened to Adi, he gets so angry, its not Ishita’s mistake.

Raman says wow, photo came on front page. Ishita drinks lemon water. Raman says I did not come here by winning big awards, you came here. Ishita reads the article and says what will they think about me. He says relax, such small things happen. She asks him to read it. He says think what example you have set, Aaliya was laughing to have such Saas, talk to friends, I will go office. Taneja calls Adi. Aaliya says I m sure he called after seeing newspaper, I will talk. Taneja says this is the limit, she becomes Devi and roams in drunken state, its too much. Aaliya asks him to mind his tongue, everyone does small mistakes, you have to handle it, you can’t judge anyone, don’t say anything about Ishita, I will tell Adi that you called. Ishita hears this and apologizes to Aaliya. Aaliya says its not your mistake, it was just a joke, I have thrown vinegar bottle and this started, you looked cute in drunken state. Ishita says I don’t want to do this again. Neelu comes and says your mummy has come. Aaliya goes to Shagun.

Shagun arguing with Ishita for doing the drama and getting the first page coverage. Raman defends Ishita. He gets a call and gets shocked. He tells them that his conference is called off, because of Ishita’s drunken behavior, they are questioning company’s credibility. Ishita gets sad. Shagun says Ishita does not know anything than creating problem. Raman asks her to just stop it. Ishita says so sorry Raman. Raman says don’t worry, I will manage. He leaves.

Aaliya asks Shagun why did she say all that. Shagun says don’t explain me, Ishita is wrong this time. Aaliya asks her to go home. Shagun says I will not forgive Ishita so soon. Mrs. Bhalla apologizes to Ishita and says I spiked the drinks, I did not know this will happen. Amma comes and says I thought
why I m feeling drunk. Mrs. Bhalla says forgive me, I did bad. Ishita says I went to police station, everyone is seeing my mistake, what will be Raman’s respect.

Mrs. Bhalla feels sorry. Shagun comes and says amazing, you all don’t see her mistake, even if she does not invite me in party. Ishita says please we can talk this later, I apologized, we have to think how to solve Raman’s problem. Shagun argues with her. Roshni comes and looks on. Aaliya asks Shagun to stop it. Shagun asks Ishita to remember she is not any Devi, she should come on ground. Roshni says stop it, all problems are because of you, it was better you were not invited in birthday party, everyone enjoyed in the party. Shagun says how dare you talk to me like this. Ishita says enough, don’t raise hand on her, we will not bear an outsider slap our family member, its enough, just leave now. Shagun leaves.

Raman says investors called for a meet, if they withdraw support, I will be on road. Kiran says relax, don’t worry. Raman says you are saying don’t worry, this loss would have not happened if I did not postpone my launch. Adi comes and hears them. Raman says I wanted to see Adi’s success, his project launch was more imp to me, some loss is fine, I m ready to bear any loss, I did not know this will happen, you can withdraw from this project. Adi recalls his words and cries. Adi goes.

Adi says Papa is right, his project would have completed by now, just for me, he did this to make me successful, now he is going to bear big loss, no I will not let this happen, he did a lot for me, its my turn now. Aaliya stops Shagun and says Ishita is in stress. Shagun says you always support her, you don’t take a stand for me, even Roshni scolded me, is this my respect here, its best I don’t interfere in your life. She leaves. Aaliya turns and sees Roshni. Roshni says sorry, I did not wish to insult her, I could not bear her talking badly to Ishita. Aaliya says enough, its fine you took stand for Ishita, you don’t interfere in our family matters, you have no right. She goes. Roshni cries and says yes, I will not do anything such.

Ishita asks Raman did he final things with investors. Raman says no, don’t call again and again, please leave me alone, I m working. He goes to meet investors. The man says you are launching health drink, your wife has created drama getting drunk, think of company image, we came here to back out, but something happened that we are not backing out from this project, see this video. Ishita, Mrs. Bhalla and Amma apologize to the investors. Ishita says it was someone’s joke that became a punishment, Raman worked hard for this project, if he gets successful, it will be your success too, its said a woman is behind a man’s success, we three hold much value for him, we are ready to give public apology, don’t change that saying, forgive us and keep trust on him, we are very sorry.

The man says after seeing this video, we decided we will back this project, press conference will happen tomorrow. Raman thanks them. Kiran says it was close, you should thank Ishita. Raman says I know, she did great thing. Ishita says thanks, finally, I m so happy. Raman says you have sent video on right time and they changed mind, you know what to do. She says I was not able to see you in stress, you are this family’s lifeline, I m so relieved, I m sorry and I love you. He says I love you too. Yeh hai mohabbatein….plays…..

Ishita says this happened because of Adi, Raman called and said all investors are ready to back the project, thanks for brilliant idea Adi, why did you not let me tell him. He says it does not matter, he also did a lot for me and did not express, I got to know today, he got big loss by postponing launch date, he is ready to give life for me and I was competing with him. She says it happens, mummy shows love and Papa does not, I m happy you got to know this. He says yes, I m sorry. She says I have forgiven you and hugs him. Adi apologizes to Mrs. Bhalla. Ishita asks him to focus on his launch, Raman will be glad. He says yes, I want to make him feel proud. He goes. Mrs. Bhalla apologizes. Ishita jokes. She says you will not do such thing again. Mrs. Bhalla says never, I learnt big lesson, but I will not leave drinking. Ishita says once in a month. Mrs. Bhalla says twice. Ishita says fine, and hugs her. Aaliya jokes.