13th February Wednesday Update On True Love


13th February Wednesday Update On True Love

Taps goes to Rathod and says that she is going to look for the child herself. He asks where she will go when she is unsuccessful. She reminds him that she has her own house as well. Rathod explains that his nani and mother had come here when she was unconscious; he asks her what she plans on telling them abt her child’s whereabouts He reminds her that they may never forgive her for her actions. Meanwhile, at the Mukherjee house, Damini and Ichcha decide to name the child Mukhta.

The next day at the temple, Gunwanti sitting in the hall looking all worried when Chanda comes there and asks Gunwanti about why Veer took such a big step of kicking Tappu and her baby out of the house on which Gunwanti has no reply ;Chanda then asks Gunwanti whether Veer came under the influence of Rathod’s words and so took this big step on which Gunwanti starts thinking in that direction.

At Jogi’s house,Nani gives the breaking news to Divya about Veer throwing Tappu and her baby out of the house on which Divya is in tears and all worried about where Tappu could go ;Divya in anger decides to call up Veer and question him for doing all this on which Nani stops Divya by telling her that she is not sure but she feels that Veer is not the father of Tappu’s child but its Mr.Rathod who is the father of the child ;Hearing this Divya is shocked and devastated when Nani tells Divya all about how Rathod came to their house and claimed the baby as his own and since then the seeds of doubt had already been there in Veer’s mind ;Hearing all this Divya in tears asks Nani that why couldn’t she do anything here on which Nani tells Divya that even Tappu was all quiet and was not ready to tell her anything ;Divya is completely devastated now and in emotional tone she starts worrying about where could Tappu go in this condition ;Nani wonders when she could go to Rathod’s house ..

Rathod consoles Tappu and makes her sit on the sofa ;Rathod then goes out of the house in his car and reaches the orphanage to get his baby back but he does not find the baby in the jhula and starts searching here and there but notices that the orphanage is locked ; Rathods keeps searching for his baby here and there and even asks few people on the road whether anyone has seen any baby but does not get any clue ;Meanwhile the police is shown searching for the thief ;Rathod finally gives up his search and is completely devastated …

Divya tells Nani that she has no idea what and how to tell Jogi about it because as it is she has to give an explanation for Damini and Ichha too and now on top of that she needs to tell him about Tappu’s matter as well on which Nani asks Divya not to mention those manhoos Maa-Beti’s name here becuase of whom all this is happening ;Both Divya and Nani realise that this time Tappu has done a blunder ;Divya finally decides to tell the truth to Jogi about Tappu once he returns home… Once Jogi returns home ,Divya with tears in her eyes tells Jogi about how Veer has kicked Tappu and her baby out of the house because Tappu has done a mistake ;Hearing this Jogi is all worried and asks Divya what Tappu did on which Divya finally tells Jogi about how Veer is not the father of Tappu’s child but Rathod is the father ;Hearing this Jogi is completely shocked while Divya is still in tears …