5th July Friday Update on This Is Love

Raman and Ishita catching Parmeet red handed. They scold Parmeet. She says I knew you will attack Nikhil, so I made Shagun’s lawyer call you, I knew you will hear this, we changed the plan mid way. FB shows the moments. She thanks Raman and says we would have caught the mastermind behind Pihu’s kidnapping. Parmeet says they are lying. Raman says we have seen you, shut up. Inspector says inform us when Nikhil gets conscious, we have to take his statement. Raman asks why, we have seen him. Simmi says Parmeet is not calling or messaging, Raman and Ishita didn’t return, I will leave a message. She gets a call. Constable says Parmeet got arrested, I can’t tell you anything. She gets shocked.

Everyone at Iyers have a talk. Shravan comes and says my friend ordered pizza. Bala says we were waiting for you, Amma made curd rice for you. Amma says its fine. Bala warns Shravan against doing this again. Kiran asks Bala not to get hyper. Shravan says I can’t eat boring food every day. Bala scolds Shravan. Shravan says we never go out. Amma says wrong, we went on your birthday. Shravan says what’s the problem if we eat out once a week. Appa asks Bala to take children out. Amma says yes, it will be a change for all of us. Shravan and Shitija hug Bala. Amma says have curd rice as for now.
Inspector says we will keep Parmeet till we get Nikhil’s statement. Simmi comes and asks what happened. Raman asks her did Parmeet call her. He says I was also shocked, Parmeet kidnapped Pihu, your husband is behind that conspiracy, I saw him at the hospital, he was trying to kill Nikhil. Simmi slaps Parmeet and says how dare you hurt my Pihu. She scolds Parmeet for kidnapping Pihu. She says my family trusted you, I stood by you as I felt you are true, but you cheated me too, why did you do this. Ishita thinks did Simmi really not know this. Simmi asks inspector to punish Parmeet. Parmeet defends. Simmi says I don’t want to see your face, leave from here before I do something. Inspector says Nikhil has slipped in coma.

Raman says but we have seen Parmeet there. Parmeet says I just went there to threaten him, so that he doesn’t do anything against my family. Parmeet and Raman argue. Inspector says we have to release Parmeet, we have no proof. Simmi asks Raman to come home. They leave. Parmeet thinks what to do now. Shravan asks Bala for Rs 1000. Bala says I gave you 500 rs yesterday. Shravan says basically, my expenses are in canteen, my friend paid for coffee, I have to return it. Bala says invite friend home for coffee. Kiran says children go out and hangout. Bala says you go to branded coffee shop, even I can’t afford it. Kiran says he only asked for 1000rs, I will give him. She gives him money. Bala says spend it wisely. Shravan thanks them and goes.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Simmi what happened. Simmi goes. Mrs. Bhalla asks Raman to say something. She asks Ishita what did she do now. Raman says don’t get after her everytime, Ishita didn’t do anything. Parmeet comes home. Raman scolds him and catches his neck. Mrs. Bhalla asks did you go mad. Raman says yes, Parmeet kidnapped Pihu and went to kill Nikhil. Mrs. Bhalla asks how can this happen. Ishita says Raman is saying right. Simmi gets Parmeet’s bag. Simmi says Raman did a lot for us, you did this. She asks Parmeet to leave. Ishita thinks if this is Simmi’s new drama. Bala asks Appa didn’t you sleep. Appa and Bala talk about house mortgaging.

Bala says I m tensed, the new branch didn’t have students enrollment, income is going in expenses, I don’t know how will we manage, Shravan’s demands are increasing, Shitija wants self defence classes, I don’t know how will I fulfill this. Appa says you just started this, keep in mind, Amma shouldn’t know that this house is mortgaged. Bala says don’t worry. Appa says I m an accountant, show me your ledger. Bala says good idea, I will make coffee, I have to give you salary as well. Parmeet asks Simmi to trust him, Pihu is like his daughter. She asks him to shut up. She yells at him. She makes him out of the house and cries. She says I feel insulted and goes. Mrs. Bhalla asks Mr. Bhalla what’s happening. Mr. Bhalla says Simmi took the right step. Mrs. Bhalla cries. Amma sees Appa and Bala and asks what are you doing. Kiran asks Bala why didn’t you come to sleep. Appa says we were talking about new budget. Amma says at this time. Parmeet comes and says I have come to stay here. They get shocked.

Ishita comes and asks him to leave. Parmeet reminds he is the financer and gave loan to Bala. He says Bala kept house mortgaged to me, I will stay here till I get money. Ishita gets shocked.

Parmeet saying I m the financer who gave loan to Bala, I will be staying here till I get my money. Ishita and Amma ask what is he saying, how’s that possible, how can Bala do this. Amma says this is my house, how did you get the papers. Ishita asks Bala to tell the matter, this man is fraud, don’t be quiet. Parmeet says you are innocent people, Bala doesn’t know I m the financer, he is an idiot. Amma says he can’t get papers. Appa says I gave papers to Bala, I didn’t know this is Parmeet’s ploy. Amma asks how can you do this, this house is not of you alone, you didn’t inform me, you used to tell me everything. He says please listen to me, I did this for our children, we are parents, we have to help them. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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