5th July Friday Update on Young Love

Saachi recalling about the court case arguments and gets depressed. She says sorry to her family for hurting them. I doesn’t deserve your love. I can’t face the world. They will taunt me and you have to face the humiliation with me. I can’t see it and is about to cut her vein with a knife. She recalls Anandi’s courageous words and her request not to do anything bad. She thinks, I can’t do it as I don’t want to hurt my family more. She says, it was my mistake but I never thought about it. Saachi cries and asks the God to show the way to get the justice. She says, I can’t sleep or die and he is sleeping peacefully. She thinks to confront him.

Saurabh comes home after partying with his friends. He sees Saachi coming there and asks, how dare you come here? Saachi asks him to accept his crime. Saurabh says, are you crazy that I will accept my sin and rot in jail. Saachi says, it is very painful. I can’t see my family getting ashamed. I want to live with respect. Saurabh says, your family think you are innocent. Saachi says, I will convince my family to take the case but you have to accept your sin infront of my family. Saurabh laughs and says you are dump. He says, you will have to pay. I will be free with respect. He laughs.

Vivek see Saachi crying miserably outside his home. He goes to her and asks, why did you come here? Saachi gets up and says I came to request Saurabh to accept his crime. Vivek says, stop your drama. You are really too much. Wants to win the case anyhow. It is not done. Saachi says, I don’t want to win this case. Vivek says, what is in your mind. Saachi says, I want to prove myself innocent and it will be justice for me. Vivek says, court will decide. I can’t give you permission to meet Saurabh. Saachi says, I met him and he laughed at my plea. She asks him to talk to Saurabh. Vivek asks him to go. Vivek says, I can drop you home. Saachi thanks him and says I will manage. She says, I wanted to tell you one thing. You are very different from your brother, truthful but you are supporting wrong this time. You might win in the court but this time actually you will lose. Saachi’s words echoes in Vivek’s mind.

Vivek comes to Saurabh. He says, I couldn’t sleep because of the recent happening but you are enjoying life. Saurabh says, I went to my friend’s birthday party. Vivek asks, did you meet Saachi? Saurabh says, she met me at the gate. She was forcing me to accept the mistake. Vivek says, she was saying as if she was right. Saurabh says, she asked me to take the blame as she will do as I says. Vivek says, I send her home. Saurabh says, we shall sleep now.

In the morning, Jagya wakes up in the morning and looks for Ganga. He sees her note. He thinks she has forgiven me. He reads the note. He thinks Ganga didn’t forgive me. He thinks to talk to her. Nandu comes and gives him another note. It reads come for breakfast at 9 am. Jagya asks Nandu, are you angry with me? Nandu signs yes. Jagya asks, did everyone know about it. Nandu signs yes. Jagya gets scared of them. He asks nandu to write on the paper.

Jagya asking Nandu to write on the paper about Ganga. Nandu writes Bhabhisaa is drying clothes on the terrace. Jagya goes to the terrace and teases Ganga purposely. Ganga wonders how the saree is moving from the rope. Jagya comes and says sorry in children’s style. He asks for forgiveness. He dances with him on song Kinne Ke Maare….. Ganga forgives him. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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