6th May Monday Update on Young Love


6th May Monday Update on Young Love

Gehna instructing Ganga to make the vegetable curry. Gehna leaves, Jagya comes and smiles. Ganga doesn’t see him and thinks she is Gehna, she asks for the spices one by one. Jagya gives it. He stares at Ganga making her feel shy. Gehna comes and teases him. Jagya makes an excuse that he came to drink water.

Saachi recalls Anandi words that she wants to be part of Saachi’s punishment. She says either forgive her or seperate me from everyone. She recalls Ira praising Anandi. Saachi praises herself and says she won everyone back through Anandi and says Anandi is a fool and she knows how to take advantage of her.

In Jaitsar, everyone are celebrating Bhai dooj. Gehna celebrates bhai dooj with Mannu on Bhairavi’s behalf. Dadisaa says that bhairavi is Mannu’s bua. Saachi does the puja and celebrates bhai dooj with Mahi. Mahi gives her a gift, but she says she is forgiven and that is the best gift. She tells Daddu that shiv bhaiyya went early morning without talking to her. Anandi says he will come and decides to call, just then Shiv comes with a fish in a bowl as a gift to Saachi. It says it will calm her mind. Saachi thanks him. She does the aarti, tilak of Shiv and offers him sweets.

Dadisaa instructs the people/servants to decorate the haveli.Bhairon and Basant comes and enquires about the decoration. Dadisaa calls for everyone and says that she was thinking that they didn’t celebrate Jagya’s wedding and accepted Ganga as well. They need to celebrate the wedding with the villagers. She declares that they will celebrate the function tomorrow. Nandu says means reception. Bhairon says they have to do the work fast. Gehna says that they will make the list and asks Dadisaa how to invite Anandi’s family. dadisaa says she will talk to them.

Dadisaa calls daddu and says that they have kept the reception for Jagya and Ganga and invites them to come. Daddu says they will come and he will inform Anandi and Shiv. Ira says she didn’t think they have to go there as they didn’t want Jagya and his family to feel embarassment because of them. Daddu says that they will feel bad if they didn’t go and says they have initiated and we have to go. Meenu says that it will not be good to take Saachi there. Alok says may be Saachi have to brunt the wrath of the villagers. Meenu says she will be with Saachi. Alok says he is busy. Daddu tells them not to tell anything to Saachi.

Anandi tells Shiv that Saachi shouldn’t know that they are going to attend jagya’s reception. Shiv does the mistake while writing the shagun envelope. She says she is scared to think if Saachi comes to know about it. Shiv says that Saachi have to understand why we are doing this. Bhairon and Basant are talking on phone regarding the decoration and food. Dadisaa instructs the servants to do the work. She plays with mannu. Mannu smiles.

Saachi asks for everyone. Meenu says Mahi is in his room and everyone went for the opening of the school. Saachi says she is not informed. Meenu asks her if she needs anything. Saachi thinks nobody informed her about the function. She comes to Anandi’s room and finds the envelope. She gets angry.

Saachi coming to Shiv and Anandi’s room and finds the envelope written by Shiv. She gets angry and recalls Meenu telling her about the inauguration. Meenu sees the box and opens to find the jewellery and her photos. She gets emotional. Mahi comes and says he is going? He sees her emotional and talks about his dead sister. Mahi too gets emotional and says Saachi is also his sister and her children will call her mama. He asks her not to cry and cheer up.

Saachi recalls Daddu, Shiv and Meenu’s words. She gets a call from her friend Ankita. She says she can’t talk as she is upset. Ankita asks what is the matter? Saachi says that once again Anandi makes her lose. She says that everyone went to attend Jagya’s reception and her own family ditched her. She says she can’t handle anymore and thinking to die. Ankita asks her to come home and says I will give you something which you solve your problem. Saachi agrees. Ankita looks at the bottle (may be wine bottle) and smirks. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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