6th September Friday Update on This is Love


6th September Friday Update on This is Love

The Episode starts with Ishita saying Raman is innocent, if you punish him, it will be wrong with Tania. Aaliya says let Dadi sleep, don’t disturb her. Neelu says I will give tea to Mihika. Aaliya says she is also sleeping, everyone is tensed regarding Raman’s matter, I won’t have tea, I will make porridge for Pihu, she likes it. Neelu says the milk got spoiled, I made tea by rest of the milk. Aaliya says I will go and get milk. Neelu says no, Ishita asked us not to go out. Aaliya says shop is nearby, I will come. Ishita says my husband isn’t responsible for Tania’s death.

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The lady says every woman thinks her husband is Lord, we know you rich people, you bailed your husband by using money, do you think you can buy the law by money, no, we will avenge Tania’s death, we will drag Raman by blackening his face. Raman shouts come on, drag me, blacken my face, I m warning you, don’t drag my wife. The lady holds his hand and pulls him. Mani gets police. Inspector shouts go from here, don’t force me to take an action. The women leave. Raman says thanks for your help. Inspector asks him to go home. Ishita and Raman leave.
Guard asks Aaliya to go upstairs, a few goons are coming in search of Raman. Aaliya runs upstairs. She falls on the stairs. The goons see her. The goon says she is Raman’s bahu. Appa asks what are you doing here, go inside. Guard shuts the door. Aaliya goes to call Amma.

The goons push the door and get in. They see Appa. The goon says he is Raman’s father in law, lets deal with him first. Aaliya goes to Amma. She says a few goons have come in lobby, Appa is there. Amma and Kiran run to see. Ishita and Raman hear the noise coming and think if they have come here. They rush upstairs. The goons beat Appa. Raman and Ishita get shocked. The goon says this person is Raman Bhalla, catch him. Ishita asks Appa is he fine. Raman fights with goons. Amma asks what happened. Police comes and catches the goons. Everyone takes Appa inside the house. Raman says I m really sorry Appa. Amma and everyone look after Appa. Raman gets dizzy and falls back. Mrs. Bhalla asks what happened. Raman says I felt dizzy. Everyone worries.

Mihika asks did you talk to doctor. Ishita says assistant said that doctor wants to talk to me personally. Doctor Singh comes and says sorry, I wanted to give you the reports personally and discuss something. Ishita says Mihika is my sister, you can tell in front of her. He says but… Mihika says I have to make a phone call and goes. Ishita asks him what’s the matter. He asks does your husband use any type of drugs. She says no, why are you asking this. He says we have found some traces of dangerous drugs in his blood. She sees the reports. He says its a chemical drug, the one who takes it suffers from hallucinations, memory loss and dizziness, I would have informed this to police, I know you, Dr. Batra praised you a lot so I thought to tell this to you. She cries. He says its okay, Raman will get fine, you will have to keep an eye on him. She says thanks. He goes. She shows the reports to Raman. He says what, why would I take drugs. She says but its found in your system, maybe someone gave you the drugs in food or drinks. He asks am I a kid. She asks what happened that night.

He says my regular bartender won’t spike my drink, I was having my drink, Tania met me and asked me to drop her home, she drove my car as I was drunk, when we reached her home, I remember…. FB shows Tania asking Raman to sit, she will get water. She adds some pill in the water. She smiles and gives him the water. He drinks the water. She tries to get closer. He says behave yourself, I need to go home, my wife…. he makes her away. FB ends. He says Tania gave me water, I started feeling dizzy, she was forcing herself on me and I left from her home. Ishita says thank God, you remember everything, Tania framed you, Simmi and Parmeet would have given her your mobile, I m sure they are involved in this, they shouldn’t stay here. He says Simmi is my sister, I know her, Parmeet is misguiding her, she isn’t so bad, everything will be fine when he goes away from her life. She says sorry, I also want the same. He says we have to bring this truth out, come with me.

Mani comes to police station and sees Raman. Raman says I was drugged that night, did you see reports, I couldn’t have done anything as you have accused. Inspector says relax, no one will trouble you now. Raman says I won’t relax, I will not care for anyone if if comes to my family next time. Inspector says this is Tania’s post mortem reports, Tania’s blood had drug traces, similar to the drugs found in your body, the shocking part is that she died due to choking. She says what. Raman says someone killed her and hung her to show that she committed suicide. Inspector says maybe. Ishita says who killed her, I have a request, can you release this report to the media. He says yes, I will release it in an hour, Raman you can relax now, you are a free man. Ishita says I hope my family isn’t troubled. Ishita smiles. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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