6th September Friday Update on Young Love


6th September Friday Update on Young Love

The episode starts with Ganga telling Shamal bhai about the opium founded in his medicines. Shamal asks, from where you got it. Ganga tells him everything. Shamal takes the bottle and leaves. Ganga follows him silently.

Shiv comes for the enquiry meeting. His superiors say that they are feeling bad for doing the enquiry. He asks about his opinion about Rasika. Shiv says, he have been professional with her, but she was the attention seeker and used to come near him. He says, she was having bad married life. Someone says, it means you gave her a chance to come close to you. Shiv says, I didn’t give her a chance, but listened to her talks.

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His superior interogates him. Shiv says, I am not the one who looks at other women. For me, my wife is the most beautiful woman. His superior says, they will take his office staff opinion and asks him to go.

Shamal comes back to the Jaitsar Ayurved. Ganga follows him and hides seeing the guard. She comes to the medicine godown and sees the workers doing the illegal work. She captures them. Shamal calls someone and slaps him. He tells about Aartis’s condition and asks, why did you keep the opium bottle in your house. He apologizes. Ganga records the conversation. One cartoon falls down. Ganga ducks. Shamal follows her, but doesn’t see her face. She escapes.

Subhadra is praying Om Namashiva…..with some ladies. They request the God to remove the troubles from Shiv’s life. Anandi and Shiv comes. Subhadra tells her that she called Bhagan Mandli for him. She asks him about the enquiry. Shiv says, everything is fine. Anandi says, we are hopeful that Shiv will be cleared of the charges. Subhadra says, I believe that woman should be at home. One woman says, Rasika is beautiful. Any man can fall for her.

They ask Shiv about the truth. Shiv is shocked. Anandi says, Shiv doesn’t do it. Anandi asks them, whether they came to enjoy or do the bhagan. Subhadra scolds Anandi. Meenu interfers. Subhadra asks her to shut up. She says, people will speak if anything comes on TV or newspaper. Shiv asks Anandi to come. Subhadra apologizes to the bhagan mandli. They start singing Om Namashiva. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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