7th August Wednesday Update on This is Love

The Episode starts with Amma asking Raman to explain Shravan. Raman asks her not to worry. He goes to talk to Shravan. He says you call me your friend, won’t you tell me, I have come to help you, tell me how did you get that card, I know someone else gave you that card to use, I trust you, you can’t steal it, just tell me who gave you, fine don’t tell me, just sign me yes or no, I will say the name, did Parmeet give you that card. Shravan nods. Raman gets angry. He says you know Parmeet’s nature, he blackmailed your dad to stay here, how could you believe him.

Shravan says my friends used to tease me, I m sorry for all my deeds, I did this for money, I m stuck in a big problem. I borrowed money from friends, how shall I repay them. Raman says sit, take the money from me and clear

your debts, promise me you won’t meet them, we will start afresh. Shravan says I have lied to you as well. Raman says I know you didn’t take money for laptop, forget everything, take this money, clear debts, no need to return money, the money is not for bad habits, its because I trust you. He goes. Shravan laughs and says what a drama was that, I don’t need Parmeet anymore, I have got someone who will lend me cash, I have become rich again.
Neha gets Ishita’s call. Ishita asks what are you doing now, I wanted to know about your recruitment, did you get appointment letter. Neha says yes. Ishita asks can you send me a pic of that letter. Neha asks is there an issue. Ishita says no, I was asking you for it so that you are relieved from duties easily. Neha says okay, I will send you. Ishita gets the pic. She sees the fake appointment letter. She says they are trying to dupe Neha now, I have to tell Raman, he has to answer. She gets Mani’s call. Mani says come to my place, I have to talk about Adi and Aaliya, its urgent. She says I m coming.

Mani says I made a mistake by getting Adi married to Aaliya. Ishita says don’t say this, Aaliya belongs to our family, I accept Adi’s mistake, if he is wrong, Aaliya shouldn’t be punished, leaving home isn’t a solution, Aaliya should go back. She asks Aaliya to talk to Adi. Aaliya agrees. Ishita promises Mani that she will sort out everything. Aaliya says no, I will solve this. Mani blesses her. Roshni says I should have not come. Adi says we didn’t do anything wrong, I need a friend like you. Raman comes and asks Adi to come for a talk. Adi asks Roshni not to go. Raman says walk in right now and goes. Roshni cries and goes. Adi says you are seeing flaws in me, Aaliya doesn’t trust me, she insulted Roshni. Ishita gets Aaliya home. Aaliya asks Adi can we talk in private. They go.

Ishita says Aaliya wants to sort the matter herself. Raman says its good, what’s this, they are struggling with trust issues, how stupid is this. Ishita says how can this happen, do you feel you need to be transparent about some matter. He asks what is it. She says Sonakshi, come with me. She shows the letterheads. He asks why are you showing me this. She asks him to see name and logo. She says one is fake, someone is making a fraud. He says someone is using my company name, they have used my name and sign. She says Neha also got an appointment letter, she thinks you are helping her. He says I didn’t send any letter to her. She shows him.

He says someone from our company is involved, we can get into a big trouble. She says you appointed Sonakshi right. He asks am I lying to you. She says I heard you talking on call. He says don’t judge without knowing entire truth, I was asking my friend why did he send Sonakshi to London, we don’t know about her, I m equally shocked. Aaliya says we won’t talk now, I got you to room so that Raman and Ishita don’t get tension, we can maintain a good relation, we can pretend, we can solve problems later. Adi says it was your mistake, you vented my anger on Roshni, why, I won’t forgive you till you say sorry to Roshni. She goes to sleep.

Ishita says I m sorry. Raman says I m upset that I couldn’t notice this. She says its not your mistake. He says someone dear has done this knowing my unstable mental state. She says I doubted on Parmeet, but Ruhi said he is not the one, from where shall we start. He says we will need Arushi’s help. She says Arushi doesn’t trust you, I tried to explain her. He says its obvious that she won’t trust me, she might believe us, we have to visit her home and talk to her. She says as you wish. He says I won’t spare this person.

Roshni comes home. She says I hope you and Adi…. Aaliya says its okay, I don’t regret, I won’t say sorry, its not my mistake. Roshni says we had to lie to police, trust me, we had no option. Aaliya asks why do you have marriage pic with you, do you still love Adi, you need to stay away from me and Adi. She goes. Amma looks on. Ishita and Raman come to meet Arushi. Raman says she might get afraid seeing me. Arushi opens the door and asks why did you come here, go from here. Ishita says listen to him once. Arushi says leave me alone. Ishita says he wants to help you. Raman says I wanted to help Sonakshi, I couldn’t help, I called a friend and asked him to give job to her, I thought she was in Delhi, then I came to know she was in London, I got annoyed with my friend, Ishita heard this. He recalls his talk with his friend. He says I accept whatever happened with Sonakshi was wrong, I want culprit to get punished, you have to help us. Ishita says trust Raman, we need your help to get justice for her.  CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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