8th August Thursday Update on Young Love

Dadisaa telling his family that villagers need a good politician who thinks about the betterment of the village people. Jagya says, they are right. People should understand that Jaitsar have become a Zilla. Dadisaa proposes Jagya’s name as the political candidate. Jagya refuses citing hospital responsibility. He says, I can’t fight in the elections. Everyone smile. Dadisaa says, you didn’t become a doctor when you was born. You will learn slowly everything. Bhairov says, Lal singh and Ganga will take care of the hospital. Jagya says, but I am not interested.

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Dadisaa says, if you really feels that you can’t handle then I won’t force you. She asks him to think once. Sumitra asks him to try. Basant and Bhairov also support Jagya to take up the challenge. Dadisaa says, it is our turn to repay to this village. This village has given us so much. She says, Jagya has all the qualities which one needs to see in their politician. Jagya asks, you have promised the villagers, so I am ready. Everyone smile.

Vivek is talking on phone to the shop keeper about the sofa. He says, it was brought by someone. Vivek orders another sofa. He smiles and thinks Saachi will be surprised and happy.

Ganga looks at Abhi. She asks Jagya, what he is thinking? Jagya says, I am worried about the responsibility. Ganga says, I am hopeful that you will fulfill everyone’s hopes. She asks him not to worry about the hospital. Jagya says, still there is one problem. He says, you will be busy in the hospital then who will come with me. Who will campaign for me. Ganga says, I didn’t think about it. I have to think some solution. She sees him smiling and says I will campaign in the hospital itself. Jagya says, you will blackmail the patients? Ganga says yes. Jagya and Ganga smiles. Jagya holds her and gets romantic. Ganga says, I will drink milk and come. She goes to the kitchen.

Everyone start selecting the symbol for Jagya. They start looking at the photos of the articles. Mannu selects rising sun. Dadisaa is happy and says it is the right thing. Jagya says, you are right. Rising sun brings positive energy. They praise Mannu. Dadisaa blesses him.

Het Singh apply to fight for the political seat. He says, no one will come to give his name in the nomination. Jagya comes with his family and villagers. Het Singh gets shocked. Bhairov tells them that Jagya wants to fill in the nomination form. Het Singh gets even more shocked. He gets up from his seat and looks at Jagya.

He asks Jagya, whether he is leaving his profession. Jagya says, I have to clear the dirtyness around us and that’s why I have decided to enter politics. Jagya submits the papers. Het Singh’s son says that Jagya can be problematic for him. Het Singh says, he will handle Jagya. He asks his son about the girl standing with Ganga. He says, I went to Jail because of her. Jagya’s papers is submitted for the nomination. Jagya thanks him.

Jagya coming home after filing the nomination. He says, everything is done. Ganga says, he is ready to fight the election. Dadisaa asks about Bhairov. Jagya says, he went to godown. Sumitra is happy. Ganga says, Het Singh tried a lot but Jagya gave a good reply. Sumitra gets tensed. Dadisaa says, he can’t do anything. Jagya says, he was surprised to see me there. He tells everything in flashback. Sumitra gets worried for Jagya’s safety. Dadisaa asks her not to worry. Dadisaa says, he was shaken to see Jagya.

Sumitra says, Het Singh is dangerous. She asks Jagya to rethink his decision. Jagya says, nothing can happen to me. He has 3 Devis in his life. Dadisaa, his mom and his wife. He says, I am not scared of anyone. Dadisaa says, Devimaa’s blessings is with you. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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