7th May Tuesday Update on Young Love

Basant and Bhairov welcoming the guests. Dadisaa welcomes the guests and then comes Anandi with her in laws. Dadisaa smiles. She greets everyone. Anandi hugs her. Dadisaa asks how are you. Anandi replies she is fine. Anandi tells her that she will meet maa. Daddu gives a bouquet and says some poetry about life is all about smiling forgetting the sorrows. Dadisaa asks about Alok and others. Daddu tells her that Alok is in the meeting, Meenu is at home and also tells about Saachi. Dadisaa tells him that it is good that they didn’t bring Saachi. Daddu asks about Jagya and Ganga. Dadisaa asks them to sit. Shiv greets the guests/villagers. They starts gossipying that Shiv and his family framed Doctor saheb and he came out of the mess. They praises Jagya. Shiva hears silently. Saguna family comes as well for the celebration. Gehna greets Ira. Dadisaa asks Gehna to call Ganga and asks her to come downstairs. Gehna obliges.

Jagya looks at bride Ganga and smiles as she looks beautiful in the dress. Ganga asks, whether he will do according to his sayings. Jagya changes the topic and asks how is he looking? Ganga nods in a yes.He thanks her. Alok and Meenu gets tensed about Saachi. She calls her friend Payal but she says she didn’t know about Saachi and she will talk to her other friend and let her know. Meenu says she is not at home. She asks her to talk to Ankita and ask about Saachi. Meenu asks for Ankita’s number.Alok calls Ankita but asks about Saachi. She denies that she didn’t know anything about Saachi. After disconnecting the call, she says Saachi will give them shock tonight.

As Ganga walks down the stairs with Jagya and Gehna, Nandu calls aloud that his bhabhi saa is coming. Jagya teases Ganga about the supposedly next steps. Sumitra greets her and makes Ganga sit for the reception. Everyone looks happily at the newly weds. Some neighbours asks for the dance performance..

Gehna dances on the song Aaj hamari bahu mahal se utri…… maari saasuji pooche aaye bahu….. Sumitra too joins her. Ganga sings the song. Dadisaa takes her to Gehna and Sumitra and hugs them. Anandi and the rest of the ladies joins the dance. Saachi comes and starts dancing. Everyone stops and looks shocked. Saachi calls buddi/old lady to Dadisaa and greets her. Everyone are shocked with her language. Saachi says she is Saachi, favourite bride of everyone. She says sorry and says you all might be happy that Jagdish married Ganga and not married a bad girl like me. She goes to Ganga and congratulates her for getting Jagdish, his wealth, his haveli and the village people as a family.

Saachi speaks badly about Jagya’s family. Everyone passes comments on Saachi and says she is drunk and speaking badly about the family. Ira gets angry and asks Saachi to stop. She says she is celebrating. She tells Ganga that she has won as she is very clever. She shows her hand and says she removed Jagya’s name. She says you took Jagya from me. She comes to jagya and tells him that she is having a small complaint with him. She says you made me your patient but didn’t do my treatment. Shiv asks her to stop the nonsense. Saachi says she is speaking the truth and you like people speaking the truth. Dadisaa asks Saachi to calm down. Saachi says you are the leader of all hypocrites. Daddu gets angry.

She says to Dadisaa that you are dancing as you got a village type bahu. She will do your massage and says your bahu brought your great grand child with her. She says what a scheme, child is free with the bride. Ira slaps her.

Saachi telling Dadisaa that her daughter in law brought her great grand child with her. She says what a scheme, a child is free with a bride, not to miss this offer. Ira gets angry and loses her cool, she slaps her. Saachi says you insult me to the core. She then says congrats to Sumitra and says that village type bahu became your daughter in law. She asks Sumitra to tell Ganga, how much hatred she had for her in her heart. Ira angrily takes her with her with family in tow. Anandi also leaves silently. While everyone are shocked with Saachi’s drama.

Ganga cries, Jagya consoles her and says Saachi hurts everyone including her family. They might be feeling shy as their daughter made them feel so low and insulted. Ganga tells that she isn’t crying because Saachiji insulted her,she says she is crying because she feels she is responsible for her present condition. She says she drank alcohol and came to the function. She says, I don’t want to become reason of someone else pain. She says how can I get peace. Jagya tells her that she is not responsible for Saachi’s doings. He says you have not done anything to her. She is responsible for her own doings and no one else. You are not responsible for anything.

At the Shekhar’s house, Alok stops Saachi and thanks her for the humiliation, they have faced because of her. He says he can face even more humiliation and insult and can even stay alive after the insult. Ira asks, why you are talking to her. She doesn’t care for anyone’s pain, troubles because she is important for herself. She says she is not only selfish, stupid but also a bad thinking girl. She says she is happy that jagya didn’t marry her else he could have to face the same humiliation which they are going through. She folds her hands and apologize for giving birth to her and facing the insult. She promises everyone that no one will have to feel ashamed because of her and she will make sure that she didn’t do anything. She takes her forcibly to her room. Anandi asks Ira to leave Saachi and says she will talk to her.CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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