8th May Wednesday Update on This is Love

Raman seeing Ishita’s pics. Simmi says I didn’t see you. He says its Ishita’s pics right. Parmeet says yes, she used to look like this before. Raman says she looks different, we met her recently, how did we get her pics. Simmi says we didn’t wish to tell you. Raman says you would have told me if you knew her, we would have not gone to Budapest. Parmeet asks Simmi not to say. Raman asks why, tell me, I deserve an answer. Simmi says no one likes her, I hate her. He asks sure, she is a good woman, she is helping us, she is our investor. She shouts no, she is not a good woman, she killed Ananya. He gets a shock. He asks are you sure, we met her just now.

Simmi goes to Ananya’s pic and cries. Parmeet holds her. Raman says if so much happened, why can’t

I recollect anything, a child of our house died and I don’t remember, Ishita ji….. did she ….. Simmi says yes, she killed my daughter. Parmeet asks her to stop it. Raman asks what was she doing here. Simmi says she didn’t like me and killed Ananya to take revenge from me. He says why didn’t you not tell this before, I wouldn’t have not done a meeting with her. She says our business is in loss, Parmeet explained me that we should let you have this deal. Raman asks Parmeet why didn’t he tell him. Parmeet says we have to take care of family, people who left us can’t come back. Raman says I don’t remember all this. He goes to his room.

Raman recalls the past. He thinks of Ishita’s words. He imagines Ishita and smiles. She suddenly gives him a stare and shows her blood stained hands. He gets dizzy. He sees Simmi shouting. He holds his head and shouts Ishita. He sees wine bottles. He gets drinking. He gets memory flashes. He sees Ishita in mirror and breaks it by throwing the bottle. He asks her to leave from his life.

Ishita is on the way. She thinks of Ruhi. She thinks when will we start living as a happy family again. She looks for phone to call Amma. She says I forgot the phone in Raman’s car. She asks driver to take the car back. Mrs. Bhalla argues with a delivery guy. She says everyone is sleeping, take this sack back, get it in morning. He insists her to keep it. She says fine, leave it here. He thanks her and goes. Ishita checks Raman’s car and finds her phone inside. She thinks how to call Raman, I have to go there. Raman comes stumbling and looks for wine bottles in the hall. He goes out of the house and stumbles by the sack. Ishita holds him.

He looks at her and asks why am I seeing you everywhere, why are you troubling me, are you a dream or reality. She says its reality, your Ishita. He smiles and says Ishita. He recalls Simmi’s words and pushes her. He says stay away, don’t come close. She asks him to come home. He gets flashes and pushes her against the wall. He asks why are you coming after me, do we have a relation or not, what’s the connection. He falls over her shoulder. She recalls the similar old moment. She says you will never change Raman, and its good if you don’t change.

Yeh hai mohabbatein….plays…. She takes him home. She makes him rest on the sofa. Raman falls asleep. She thinks I never thought life will get us close again. Amma calls Ishita and says why is she not answering. Appa says she will come, don’t worry. She says she didn’t come home, you go and sleep, I will call Aaliya. Aaliya says no, I don’t know, Raman and Ruhi came home from clinic, I will ask Ruhi, I will tell you. She goes out and sees Ishita with Raman. She smiles. Raman says don’t go….. Ishita looks at him. Aaliya tells Amma that Ishita is with Raman, she will come home soon. Amma gets glad and thanks Lord. Mrs. Bhalla looks for specs. She goes out. Ishita smiles seeing her. Mrs. Bhalla gets shocked and happy. She says Ishita, my child, I can’t believe you are here. She hugs Ishita. Simmi comes and gets angry seeing Ishita. She shouts stop it….

Simmi shouting stop it. She asks how dare you come here Ishita, what are you doing mumma, are you welcoming her, you still have place for her in heart. Everyone comes out hearing Simmi and looks on. Simmi says our house got ruined because of Ishita, she is a murderer, you are hugging her. She asks Mr. Bhalla to see what’s happening. Ishita says enough Simmi, you crossed the limits, you grabbed their sympathy and ruined this house, bad happened with Ananya, it should have not happened, you made her death a drama, why are you blaming mummy ji, Ruhi had tooth pain, I came here to drop her home, my phone is left in Raman’s phone, I came back to get phone, I saw Raman stumbling and supported him, I got him here, why shall I tell everyone why I came here, this is my



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