8th July Monday Update on This Is Love

Raman saying lawyer will tell us about Parmeet. Mrs. Bhalla comes and says Simmi isn’t answering, she isn’t at home. He calls Simmi and asks where are you. Simmi says I m at temple, I was little disturbed. Mrs. Bhalla says she should have told me. Ishita thinks. Shagun says I don’t trust her, she maybe planning something. Ishita asks what did you wish to tell me. Shagun says I have seen Simmi some time back. Ishita says okay, there isn’t any temple, Simmi didn’t go to temple, where has she gone. Simmi hugs Parmeet and says so sorry, I slapped you in front of everyone. He says I know why you did this, you have to be in Bhalla house and keep an eye on Ishita.

She says I love you a lot, I want to get rid of Ishita, you started staying with Iyers, great. He says I didn’t had to stay away from you. She says lets go on a long drive, I m very sad. He says I know you are very sad. She says thanks for long drive, I will go temple and take prasad now. He calls her clever. She gets down the car and sees Ishita. Ishita asks what’s the matter, temple was just an excuse, you wanted to meet Parmeet. Ishita and Simmi argue. Ishita says Raman needs to know this. Simmi says yes go to him, how can I leave him in peace, he has to leave from the house, I m thinking to send him to a dangerous place. Ishita asks what do you mean. Simmi says think about it, you are a clever woman, find out, you have killed my daughter, I made your daughter’s life hell, you have thrown my husband out of house and separated us, I will make Raman away from you, he will have to leave the house, where will he go, straight to the asylum. Ishita gets angry and says nothing will happen to Raman.

Simmi says stop me if you can, you have five mins, Raman will get a phone call, if he receives it, nobody can save him. Parmeet looks on. Raman gets a call on landline. He talks on mobile. Simmi asks Ishita to do something if she can. Ishita runs. Parmeet asks what’s the plan, you didn’t tell me. Simmi says let me get the good news first, then I will tell you. Ishita is on the way and says I hope Raman doesn’t answer the call. Raman answers the call and gets shocked. He drops the phone. Simmi says I will see how Ishita saves Raman. Raman says how can this happen, maybe, I don’t remember things. The lady calls again and says you have to meet me. He asks who are you. She says you will know everything, just come and meet me. He agrees.

She asks him to meet at cafe. Simmi tells the lady to meet Raman and keep informing her. Parmeet says tell me your plan, what are you upto. Simmi says Ishita made a big mistake by ousting you, now there will be an open battle, Raman will himself ask us to leave him to asylum. He asks why. She says just see my master stroke. Raman says who is this woman, I can’t tell anyone, I can’t recall anything. Ishita comes. He says there is no client meeting today. She asks did you get any phone call. He says don’t ask me stupid questions, this isn’t a call centre. She asks why are you nervous, what are you hiding, please tell me. He says stop interrogating, I have a lot of work stress. She says then look into my eyes and answer me. Shweta says clients have come. He says I have to go for meeting. He goes. She says Raman got the call, so he is worried, I have to find out whose call was it.

Bala says how did I make this mistake. Appa says don’t stress, we will try to get loan from another bank. Kiran asks Bala did he find any solution. Bala says I have to return total amount. Kiran asks how. He says I don’t know. Appa says don’t worry. Amma gets jewelry and says sell this, I want my house back, I have decorated this house myself, I want to live and die here, its my house. Bala says sorry Amma, I promise you, I will sell myself and arrange money to get this house released, forgive me. Amma cries and goes. Appa says Bala, everything will be fine, we will manage. Mr. Bhalla asks about Raman. Ishita says he is working in room. Raman comes and says I have a meeting with clients. Adi says I will drop you. Raman says no, I will manage. Ishita thinks to check who is he meeting, this maybe Simmi’s plan. She makes an excuse and goes.

Ishita follows Raman. They come to coffee cafe. Raman says I reached where you called me. Ishita sits behind. She sees Raman gone and looks for him. He sees her and asks are you following me, stay away from my life. She asks how does it matter if I m here. He says I came to meet the man who has your Appa’s house papers, fine stay here, I will leave. She asks really, sorry, thanks. He sends her. She leaves. He says sorry I had to lie, how shall I tell you whom did I come to meet. Aaliya comes there. She thinks why isn’t Adi ready to become Papa, what can be the reason, maybe he has called me here to discuss this, I hope everything gets sorted. Raman gets a message. She sees Raman and calls him out. She asks how did you come here. He says I had a meeting, don’t tell anyone at home that you saw me here. He goes. She thinks why did he say this. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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