9th July Tuesday Update on Young Love

Ganga getting worried for Mannu’s report. Dadisaa says everything will be fine. Ganga reads the newspaper about Vivek Kabra getting his brother punished for the raping a girl. Victim’s name was not published in the newspaper. Ganga says it is very bad that a girl is molested but honest people still here in this world like Vivek. Dadisaa says he was the same lawyer who fought Jagdish’s case. Dadisaa appreciates Vivek for supporting truth and shows sympathy towards the victim.

Neighbours comes to Saachi’s house and asks for flowers from Mali Kaka. He gives the flowers for puja. Then they ask about Saachi and ask, whether she was the victim in Saurabh’s case. Mali kaka says, I don’t know what you are talking about. Saachi hears it. Mali kaka asks them not to raise finger on any girl. She recalls talking rudely to Mali kaka and feels bad. Saachi comes to Mali kaka and folds her hands while apologizing. Mali kaka says, you are like my daughter. I can’t hear anything bad about you. Saachi comes back home. Everyone are tensed. Ira asks, where you have gone? Saachi says, I was restless so I went to the temple. She tells that she is feeling peaceful. Ira says, we are happy that you got peace, but don’t go like this.

Saachi promises them. She gives them prasad. Everyone is happy to take prasad from her hands and recall the old Saachi. Daddu says, I am missing my sister. I recalled her after looking at Saachi. He reminisces his childhood days. Saachi tells Daddu that Vivek ji has left his home and is shifting in the guest house. Daddu says, his parents might be upset. I never thought he would have to face about this. Ira asks, did you talk about the video. Saachi says, Vivekji said that it is kept as a evidence, incase Saurabh’s family appeal in the high court then that video will get me justice.

Jagya recalls about Doctor saying Mannu suffering from Leukemia and gets shattered. Ganga comes and tells Jagya that Mannu and Nandu love each other a lot. Jagya says yes. Ganga asks, did you get tired? Jagya says yes. Ganga tells about Vivek Kabra. She says, he fought your case. Once again he supported truth. She asks Jagya to call Vivek. Jagya says later. She insists him to call Vivek. Jagya calls Vivek and says I read article about that case. I can’t imagine that you have get your brother punished. Vivek says, this time Saachi was not wrong. My brother exploited her physically. I learnt a lesson from this and hopes Saachi gets out from this trauma soon. Jagya is shocked.

Jagya tells Ganga that Saachi is the victim of rape. Ganga is shocked and recalls Saachi calling them in the morning. They feel bad for her. Jagya says, we did a big mistake. She genuinely called us to apologize. Ganga says, we shall call her. Jagya calls her and says I talked to Vivek Kabra after reading the article. He thought that I know about you and said everything. He says, I am really sorry for talking rudely with you. We are proud of you as you raised your voice against the rapist. He asks her to start her new life and gives his best wishes. Saachi thanks him.

Ganga says, we are proud of you. I know that you are going through a bad phase but we will be with you whenever you needs us. I know Anandiji is with you. Saachi thanks her. Saachi cries badly. Ganga asks Jagya about the report of Mannu. Jagya lies saying everything is alright. Ganga says, everything will be alright.

Anandi comes to Saachi’s room and finds her putting chatai on the floor. She asks her what are you doing. Saachi says, I will sleep on the floor from today. This way I will do the penance for my mistakes. Anandi says, you suffered much. Why you are troubling yourself. Saachi says, I didn’t hurt only my family but also Jagya and Ganga. I almost killed Ganga and her baby on the baby shower day. Anandi recalls calling them. She is shocked.

Saachi telling Anandi that she almost killed Ganga and her baby on the baby shower day and Doctor saved them. Anandi is shocked and asks, what are you saying? She says, I went to meet her after the baby shower and tells everything how she cursed Ganga and her baby. Saachi says, I was praying for Ganga and her baby’s death. I was upset when I came to know that they are fine. She says, I have to penance for my mistakes. Saachi says, I am the worst heart person. Ganga and Jagya also forgave me. They called and said that they will be with me in crisis. Anandi is in tears. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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