8th May Wednesday Update on Young Love

Jagya talking on phone with Lal singh and says he will reach soon. He tells Ganga that his love will never fade. Jagya asks her, when she will join her duty. Ganga says she has to take the elders permission and says they might not like me doing the nurse duty. Jagya asks, what do you want? Ganga says she wants to work. Jagya says he will talk to everyone.

Anandi asks everyone to start the breakfast and says she will call Saachi. Alok says not needed and asks her not to bring Saachi. Anandi comes to Saachi’s with the breakfast and asks her to open the door. She tells Shiv that Saachi isn’t opening her door. Ira and Meenu rushes to her. Anandi asks him to handle her with love. Shiv opens the door with his leg. Saachi shouts at him. Shiv asks what is this nonsense and says we have faced enough. Saachi asks him to go as they don’t want to see their face. Ira asks Shiv and Anandi, not to waste their time and leave Saachi alone. Ira is disgusted with Saachi’s behavior.

At the dining table, Jagya tells everyone that he needs to talk to them something important and says Ganga wants to join her duty in the hospital. everyone stays silent. Ganga says if you don’t want me to do, then I won’t do. Jagya says we have influence her to achieve this position and we should not stop her. She came top in the nursing course. Dadisaa says we have our own hospital and if your wife works there, whether it will look good. Jagya says patient doesn’t look who is taking care of him. He says it will not be good if Ganga stays at home. Bhairov says he is with Jagya. Sumitra agrees with Jagya. Dadisaa asks, who will take care of mannu. Sumitra says they will take care of Mannu. Dadisaa agrees and gives permission to Ganga. Ganga thanks them and says she will try to fulfill her duty both at home and hospital.

Anandi tells Chanda that you should have inform me then. Chanda says I tried but you was not there. Anandi says yes, I went to Jaitsar. Chanda informs her about the baby found in the trash dustbin. Anandi comes to the orphanage and looks at the rescued baby. She gets touched and says how can people throws their children. Doctor tells her that the baby was bitten by the rats but she is fine now. Anandi asks the kids to name their little sister. They suggests name such as gudiya, and anuja. Anandi says it is gud and named her Anuja.

Jagya is playing with Mannu. Ganga comes and thanks him for making the family agree. Jagya says he have to do it and asks, what you like most in your duty. Ganga says she likes to take care of patient and after her patient gets well, she feels happiness. Jagya says, it means you wants to give happiness to them. Jagya tells her that there is one patient of yours, who is very ill, how can you ignore him. Ganga asks who? Jagya says me…. Jagya asks her to take care of him as she is his wife. Ganga nods in a yes. Jagya is about to get intimate with Ganga, but just then Mannu comes and sits in Jagya lap. Jagya thinks to make arrangement for Mannu’s room.

Anandi is working on the Laptop. Shiv comes, Anandi asks, how was your day? Shiv says as always. Shiv asks her to sit and says they are not getting time to talk to each other. He asks about the baby in the orphanage. Anandi tells him that she is fine and Chanda rescued her. Anandi tells that she felt good and forgot her troubles. Shiv says you likes kids company. Anandi asks him to come to the orphanage with her. Shiv jokingly asks,do you want to adopt the kid. Anandi says yes and says she wants to adopt. Shiv asks, don’t you want to give birth to your own child. Anandi says she wants to have the baby but says she wants to adopt the baby to give her a better life and upbringing. Shiv says he will talk to his family. Anandi gets excited. Shiv tries to get romantic. Anandi feels shy and leaves.