8th Nov Thursday Update on True Love

Thursday Update on True Love

8th Nov

Veer-Ichha continuing with their romance on the terrace while Tappu is getting all jealous witnessing their romance … Next morning Ichha meets Satya and thanks him for all that he did for them last night on which Satya gives credit to Veer and his love for her ;Tappu sees Ichha-Satya interaction from the drawing hall and tells Nani that she was right about Ichha getting into the good books of SatyaSaanchi and all roaming around her always ;Ichha then gives Veer’s car-key to Satya since Satya’s car had gone for servicing on which Satya is pleasantly surprised that Veer remembers giving him the car-key despite an eventful night with wife ;Satya also compliments Ichha by telling her that she and Veer r a made for each other couple ;Hearing this Tappu gets even more jealous and frustated …Ichha once again thanks Satya for everything that he did for them last night…

Satya then comes to meet Mai in the puja-room to take her blessings and leave for office when Mai asks him to hv breakfast and then go but Satya tells Mai that today he is in a hurry and so he will hv breakfast some other day when Mai asks him what is his favourite food on which Satya gives one mysterious evil look and tells Mai that he loves besan ka chewda which his mother used to prepare during his childhood(something like that..din’t hear the food name properly) ;Hearing this Mai is shocked and also feels a bit nostalgic for some reason (mayb because its Vansh’s ¬†favourite as well ..don’t tell me Satya is Vansh with plastic surgery …I mean why Satya gives that evil look and why all his favourites were also Vansh’s favourites starting from chess game to food now );Satys then takes Mai’s leave… Satya is driving Veer’s car when suddenly the car’s brake fails and Satya is unable to control the car on the highway ;A truck is shown coming from opposite side because of which Satya moves the car towards the left side and so the car goes off the road and dashes with a tree ;Satya survives with a slight injury on his hand ..

At Bundela house Mai and Daddaji r discussing about how Satya reminds them of Vansh since both hv similar likes and dislikes but Kasa Kaka is not convinced and indirectly tells Daddaji that there is a huge difference between Sona and Peetal as both r not same ..Just then Satya enters the house when all r shocked to see his injuries ;Ichha in a worried tone asks Satya what happened on which he tells everyone about the small accident ;Hearing this Mai decides to show Satya and Saanchi’s kundali to some good astrologer since two back-to-back accidents doesn’t sound good ;Saanchi comes and hugs her brother in a panicdriven state when Satya tells her that he is fine ;

Mai then orders Kasa Kaka to get some medicine for Satya but Kasa Kaka is still not too pleased with the way entire family is showering blind love for Satya …READ NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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