9th Nov Thursday Update on Young Love

Thursday Update on Young Love

9th Nov

Location: Anandi’s teacher’s function at DISHA MAHILA UTTHAN GRIHA
Anandi begins the saraswati vandana, by lighting the lamp, with others also joined in her prayers. The teacher enthusiastically encourages her students to be like anandi and begin with the celebrations. The teacher reluctantly admits that she had prepared profusely for anandi’s arrival. Ratan’s servant has also come to enjoy the programme along with mannu, ganga’s son. Meanwhile the programme is full on with various folk dances being performed much to the audience’s enjoyment. anandi too enjoys it along with the teacher. the people gather applaud in praises. Finally, anandi and teacher too heartily paricipate in the cultural programme by dancing on the stage together, after much insistence from the crowd.

The teacher shows anandi, the preparations that the girls did for anandi’s welcome, that she heartily appreciates. She is also told that laxmi was a child bride, but she didnt get the chance to study like her, but still due to her confidnece and determination, she went on to pursure dancing and is winning laureld world over. Anandi congratulates the girl on her achievement. She is told by the teacher that her story is an insipiration for the girls, as to how went to fulfill so many responsibilities in her life. She is asked by th teacher to share her story with the girls.

Scene 2:
Location: Jaitsar haveli
Jagiya says that he has decided what would ganga do from now on. All are waiting eagerly for him to spill it out. jagiya reminds basant complimenting ganga that she can take away people’s fears from the medicines and injections, and therefore she would make a very good nurse. Basant is happy at the proposal. But ganga is unsure if she can administer the nursing facilities requiring some qualifications. Jagiya says that the nurse doesnt only administer injections, but takes care of patients too. Ganga is still unsure if she would be able to do it. jagiya says that he would give her the training required for being a nurse and then she would be very fluent in her profession as a nurse. Dadisa too says that they have the fullest faith, in jagiya and if thinks so, then ganga shouldnt doubt herself.

Ganga, in her room, talks to her son’s photo, saying that it had to happen so worse, as god had kept this beautiful avenue for them, and hence seperated her from him. She says that now she would do work, and also make him a good person, by giving her education.

Ganga prays to the goddess that she cant bear anymore, and that she should no more be seperated from her son anymore.

Scene 3:
Location: Anandi’s teacher’s function at DISHA MAHILA UTTHAN GRIHA
Ananadi asking them to sit down, says that there’s so much hope evident in them, and that already half way crossed. she tells them that they were not at fault for what happened with them. But that they can move on in their life for the better. she says that when she was getting married, she felt like any other festival, unaware of her implications in her later life. But she realised that she was to leave with strangers, leaving her family behind, that her life was about to change. she says that she didnt know her good or worse, but the teacher knew that child marriage would strip her childhood off her, and noone else knew of this. She says that a true teacher is one, who not only teaches academics, but also taught her the truth and way of life. She says that the teacher taught her that education isnt just for herself but also for making a difference in other girls’ life.

Anandi tells the girls that it was the teacher’s confidence in her that got her to have faith in her abilities and she inspire her in going on to do things, not only for herself but also for her fellow girls. She inspires the girls that tomorrow they would exceed what she has done with her life, they can also be the chief miniter of Rajasthan or even the prime minister of India even. While all clap,CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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