8th October Tuesday Update on True Love


8th October Tuesday Update on True Love

Episode starts with Nani telling Mukta that if she does what Tej wants, then her wish will be his command!
Mukta asks what does he want from her?
Nani says, he wants to marry you.
Mukta is shocked. Nani says you will become Gunwanti ji’s ‘dewrani’ after marrying him, and then whatever you want, will happen.
When you become a ‘bahu’ in that house, you can make Gunwanti dance to your tunes.
Mukta has tears in her eyes.
Nani says, you can get Icha Maa’s rights back. She can re-enter that house with respect and dignity.
Tej is listening to all this.
Mukta says, you want me to marry him? This old man? How could you even think that?
You found this method for Icha Maa’s happiness?
Nani says, this is the only path in front of me. The straightest and the shortest. Your happiness is in Icha’s happiness and for me there’s nothing bigger than your happiness.
What you cannot gain after years of fights, you can gain in ONE DAY after marrying Tej. I showed you this path after a lot of thinking… now following it, is your own decision.
I cannot take decisions for your life without your permission.
There’s no hurry, Icha has already spent 18 years away from the house, she can spend 2-3 years more.
Go home and think properly. Take your time. Whatever decision you take, will be the right decision. Go home.
Mukta leaves the restaurant.
Tej gets up and comes to Nani. He’s angry and says what have you done? I almost caught the bird in my net, and you let her get away?
Nani says, she’s not a bird, but a delicate butterfly… if you hold it too hard, her wings will break. Let her fly here and there, then she will come and sit on your shoulder.
Then you can put it on your palm with love.
Tej yells, I don’t have that much time. Everyone in the restaurant stand up and look at him. But Tej asks them to mind their own business.
Nani says, this is marriage, not a child’s play… I have full faith that she will return. Tej leaves angrily.
Nani has flashback of Mukta asking her to apologize to Icha… only then she can stay in the house.
She thinks, I wish you wouldn’t have insulted me. I don’t have anything else with me apart from my pride, you shouldn’t have hurt my pride!

Vishnu sees Meethi praying in the temple. He comes and sits next to her. Then he sees the temple is closed. He tells Meethi, it’s time for the temple to have rest. Meethi’s eyes are closed she doesn’t open them.
Vishnu breaks a coconut on the floor and Meethi opens her eyes.
He offers the coconut to Meethi, she refuses. He insists and she takes it.
She asks do you really live here?
He says, yes this is my house.
Meethi says and your family members?
Vishnu says, I don’t have any. Father passed in a tragic accident when I was 8 years old. Mother couldn’t get away from that trauma.
He says forget my story, tell me where I should drop you today?
Bus Stop or College? He gives her a hand to stand up, she ignores it.

Mukta sitting on her bed turning the lamp on and off. She’s thinking of Nani’s words about standing equally next to Gunwanti ji, only then you’ll be able to do what you want. Then about marrying Tej and getting Icha Maa’s rights back.
She thinks should I take such a big step to get Icha Maa’s rights back?
Suddenly Nani comes to her room.
Mukta gets angry and asks her to leave the room. She says, you wanted me to marry that old man?
Nani says, did I tell you I wanted that?
Mukta says, then why did you make me meet him.
Nani says because you wanted Icha’s rights back, and you didn’t have any way left. When you try everything and it fails, then there’s only one way left – of sacrifice.
Mukta says, what games are you playing now?
Nani says, your Icha Maa also gave such a sacrifice. She gave away her wedding dress to your mother just before getting married and made herself into an unmarried widow!
Raam hi raakhey, this is called sacrifice.
The one who gave her entire life for your mother’s one single wish, you can become an example of sacrifice for that Icha Maa.
Until someone like you stands equally in Bundela family with Gunwanti, Icha won’t get her rights back.
Nani leaves the room and her words echo in Mukta’s head.
She holds her head and sits on the floor.

Damini gets tea for Jogi and Jogi asks for Mukta. Damini says she must be in her room, should I call her?
Divya just comes in the room and Jogi asks her why didn’t Mukta come down from her room the whole day? Is she feeling alright?
Nani says, she’s resting, I came down to make some juice for her.
Nani goes to the kitchen.
Jogi says to Divya, we have to keep Mukta away from Mausiji even now.
Divya says, what are you saying? Now she has apologized to Icha… at least trust her a little now!
Jogi asks Damini where Meethi and Icha are?
Damini says, Meethi will be coming back any time… and Icha…
Icha has gone to ask for Veer’s help for the pathshala.
Jogi asks her to have faith… he says, very soon Veer will find out that Teacherji is Icha and Icha will go and live with her family. Keep your spirits up.

Tej Singh climbs up the stairs all drunk. He remembers Mukta’s words… about how could she marry such an old man? Then Nani’s words trying to convince her to marry him.
He starts going to his room when he sees Daddaji’s photo at the end of the corridor.
He walks up to it and talks to the photo.
You died but people come to put ‘agarbatti’ on your photo. And here I am, there’s no one to light a light in my room.
A 20-year old girl isn’t ready to marry me even after finding out how rich I am. WHY??
You put conditions on my marriage just before dying… but it’s Tej Singh’s promise that bahu will come – Mukta Rathore will come.
After that, I will say such a thank you to you…
Veer sees him talking to the photo.
Tej puts some alcohol on the ‘deeya’ that’s lit in front of Daddaji’s photo to put the flame out.
Veer goes up to him very angrily and says aren’t you ashamed to drink alcohol in front of Daddaji’s photo?
He tries to take Tej away from there but Tej fights back.. Veer pushes him on the floor and starts walking away from him… Tej picks up the bottle of alcohol and smashes it on Veer’s head… then pushes Veer off the railing.
Veer falls down on the glass table below and it shatters.
Veer is unconscious and Tej is standing up there just watching. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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