8th October Tuesday Update on This is Love


8th October Tuesday Update on This is Love

The Episode starts with Ishita getting a parcel. She acts and asks Raman did he order anything. Raman says I think you have planned this, I didn’t order anything. Ishita says I didn’t order anything. Raman gets a remote and presses button. He sees the electronic wheelchair. Ishita says its for you, its delivered late, you can use it anytime, its at the tip of your finger, you can go anywhere you want, you are self reliant now. Pandit asks Sudha to do rituals.

Sudha says I will do the rituals, as Rajat is like my son. She does the final rites. She thinks like our family broke today, I will ruin Raman and Ishita’s family, this is my promise to you Rajat. She sees the burning pyre and cries. His family cries. Ishita says Rajat has committed suicide. Raman says how did he shoot himself, people think suicide is an easy way to wash sins, the family bears a lot after they go. Ishita says don’t know what is Sudha going through. Raman says it doesn’t matter to her, she will get a new surgeon. Ishita says Shagun told me, Rajat was Sudha’s younger brother, shall I meet her or send a message. Ruhi says no, she would be in shock.

Its morning, Raman wakes up and tries to call out Ishita and Ruhi. The remote falls. He tries to pick it. He falls down and shouts Ishita. The water leaks from AC. Sudha says my schedule will be the same, I want to work, else I will be just thinking about Rajat. She sees Bappa idol and says Raman and Ishita killed Rajat. Ishita comes there. Nurse says you can’t meet her, please go.

Sudha sees Ishita and asks what is she doing here. Ishita says very sorry, I heard about Rajat, I came here to offer my condolences. Sudha asks why, you wanted Rajat to get punished, he punished himself, what else do you want. Ishita says we didn’t want this, we wanted Rajat to accept his mistake and others lives don’t get spoiled. Sudha shouts stop it, I know why you have come, you want to celebrate my destruction, I didn’t break down. She asks staff to send Ishita out. Ruhi says wait, its not our mistake, its your mistake. Ishita asks Ruhi to come. Ruhi says we are sorry for your loss, why didn’t you stop Rajat when he had alcohol addiction, if you did this, my dad would have been fine and Rajat would have been alive. She warns Sudha and goes.

Ishita comes to room and gets shocked seeing Raman. She asks how did you fall down. Raman says its okay. She calls Aaliya and Ruhi. They help Raman and put him on the bed. Raman says I m fine, its okay. Ishita asks why did you not ring the bell. He says bell fell down, its okay. Ishita gets clothes for him. He changes. She says so sorry. Aaliya says even I m sorry, I should have come to check, Adi was crying. Raman says enough, you are making me feel helpless, I m fine, I had bath twice today, I want to show something, we will meet the best physio in town, I don’t want to sit to wheelchair all life, I want to walk. They smile. Monica calls Ishita and says Mrs. Bhalla discussed about Ruhi’s marriage, I have got a great alliance, if you say, I will come with pic and details. Ishita says fine, I will talk to Ruhi once and then confirm.

Ishita tells everyone. Ruhi says I m not interested in marriage. Mrs. Bhalla says check the guy’s profile once, we will take talk ahead if you say. Mr. Bhalla says yes, meet the guy once, and then we will accept whatever your decision is. Raman asks Ruhi to come to him. He says you want me to walk again, sometimes miracle happen, seeing you in bridal attire will be a miracle for me, I may start walking then, I want to do your kanyadaan by walking on my feet. Ishita asks shall I call Monica in evening. Ruhi agrees.

Monica gives them guy’s details and pic. Everyone likes the profile and discusses. Ishita says we want the guy to love her and take care of her. Raman says she is my princess. Sudha comes and says princess, my foot. They get shocked seeing Sudha at the door. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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