9th July Tuesday Update on This Is Love

Raman thinking of Adi and Ruhi’s words. Mrs. Bhalla asks what happened. He says Adi is my son, I treated him like an employee, I should have protected Adi and Ruhi, I m not a good father, there are many things which I have forgotten. She says no, don’t think so, I will get milk for you. The lady calls him, and asks what did you think, if you don’t kill my husband, I will tell everything to your family. He says this can’t happen, that lady maybe saying true, my family will break. Mrs. Bhalla says no, no one will leave you, come, sleep for some time, you have high temperature. Simmi smiles and asks does Raman have fever. She asks Ishita to stay away. Ishita says he is my husband, I will manage, he just has fever. She takes Raman to room. Raman says I can’t lose

my children, what shall I do. Ishita says you have fever, nothing will happen, I m with you, we will end all problems together, relax. She says Simmi will make him mad, I won’t leave her.
Simmi says Raina, tell me the progress. Raina says I showed him fake pics and told him to kill my husband, he was terrified and confused, I gave him a gun, don’t know he will agree or not. Simmi says he is mentally unstable, he will believe anything, one small mistake and game will get over, thanks, you will get your money, call Raman by new number. She ends call and says what will Ishita do now.

Its morning, Kiran sees Parmeet making an omelette. Shitija says I will miss my school bus. Kiran says I m getting late. Bala says I will drop Shitija and buy a sandwich on the way, don’t worry Kiran. They leave. Bala’s car doesn’t start. Shitija says I m getting late. He says I have to get mechanic to check this, take your bag, I will book a cab. Parmeet comes and asks what happened, what an old car, how will you buy a new car, Shitija come I will drop you to school. Shitija says let me go dad, my friends will see me when I go in this nice car. She takes selfie and says I have posted this pic, me and my fav car. Parmeet takes her and asks Bala to come. Bala goes with them.

Ishita checks Raman’s fever and says he has no fever, I will let him sleep. She says why is his coat heavy. She gets a gun in it. She gets shocked. She says I can’t even wake up, he won’t answer me, how shall I let this go, its Simmi’s plan, she knows Raman is losing memory, does she want to show that Raman was going to kill someone, he won’t remember anything, I won’t let this happen. She hides the gun. She says I won’t let Simmi succeed.

Pihu asks Adi to tell her. He says I have made a plan, I need your help. Aaliya asks plan. He says dad isn’t well, everyone is stressed here, dad and Ishimaa got married, but when did we see them happy last time, they deserve much happiness, what kind of son am I, I m not able to do anything. She says you are a wonderful son, we both are with you. Pihu says yes, we will do what you say. He says we will plan a different party. She says dad is injured. He says we will plan it at home, we will cook his fav food, we will do whatever he likes. Aaliya says sounds good, there should be a reason to party. He asks what, don’t you know it, its 25th anniversary of our company. She says I forgot. He says its fine, I have ordered gifts for employees, they will feel good. They praise Adi. Pihu says maybe dad recalls some memories, I will tell Ishimaa.

He says tell her not to tell dad, ask her to stop him in room till arrangements are done. Ishita says let Raman search for gun, then I will ask him about it. Pihu comes and takes her out. Ishita asks what’s this Adi. Adi asks is dad sleeping. Ishita says yes, this plan is good but….nothing, I m sure his employees will come here and tell his progress, he will feel happy, he won’t come now, he is sleeping, he needs this love, he will feel good. Simmi thinks let Raman realize this and then he will fear to lose this respect, he will get helpless to agree to Raina. She goes to help. She says I will make Raman mad. Ishita thinks to stay around Raman all the time. Raman asks what’s this noise. She asks him to change first.

Simmi says I will call you when you are ready. Raman comes downstairs and asks what’s happening, what’s the occasion. Adi says its 25 successful years of our company. He gets the cake. He says I want the employees to share their views about the company. Mr. Bhalla says I m proud of my son. Mrs. Bhalla blesses him. Adi says we all feel lucky that you are our dad, you are the best dad in the world. Raman, Ishita and Pihu cut the cake. Raman feeds cake to everyone. Adi and everyone give bytes to media and praise Raman. Adi says my dad is my hero, my mentor, I want to become like him, he was always there for me, he is our role model. Mr. Bhalla says Raman took this business to new heights by his hard work. Raman thinks they love me and trust me, that woman is blackmailing me, what shall I do. Simmi thinks what will you do now Raman.

Ishita wishes Simmi makes some wrong move, which shows her next plan. Ishita tells reporters to ask Simmi about Raman. Reporters ask Simmi about her brother. Simmi speaks good of him and says I m really proud of him. Bala says I can call my friends and ask for money, I will repay Parmeet. Shravan comes and asks him to come in the party. He sees the pic and likes it. He says I wish we had a car like Parmeet, but we have an old car. Bala says car is just for commutation. Shravan says we have no status to show off, so please… He goes.

Simmi sends Raman outside to get pics clicked. She calls Parmeet and asks are you ready, Raman is coming, all the best. Parmeet starts his drama and makes Raman hear his conversation. He asks what,

he lost his earned respect for one mistake, how can a successful businessman spoil his respect by having a one night stand, what about his family, the kids will despise their father, his life is ruined, a happy family has fallen apart by one bad deed, so sad, what can be done. Raman worries. Ishita asks where is Raman. Reporter says he is coming. Raina calls Raman and says you feel I will be silent if you don’t answer me. She threatens him. She says your respect will be ruined, your children will hate you, do you want this to happen, just do what I want. Raman says you can’t blackmail me like this. He sees reporters and gets angry on them. He snatches the camera and breaks it. Reporter asks what did you do. Raman says you were making my recording, get them out of here, I don’t want a camera. Ishita looks on worried. Simmi smiles. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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