9th October Wednesday Update on Young Love


9th October Wednesday Update on Young Love

The episode starts with Gauri asking about Jagya before her operation. Jagya says, he will be there with her during the operation. She is taken in the operation theatre. Ganga tells Dadisaa that Jagya’s phone is switched off. Gauri’s operation starts. Shivani gives strength to Gauri’s parents. Jagya comes out and tells that operation is successful and after two days her eyes will be operated.

Ganga misses Jagya and sleeps holding his pic. Jagya calls Ganga in the morning and asks about her. Ganga says, she is fine. Jagya tells her about Gauri’s final surgery. Ganga asks when he is returning home. He says, he will return soon and asks her to take care of herself. Ganga tells Abhi and Mannu that their bapusaa will be back soon and asks them not to be sad. Dadisaa looks on tensed.

Gauri’s mom tells Shivani that Gauri’s bandages will be removed today. Shivani asks her not to worry. Nurse removes the bandage from Gauri’s face. Everyone anxiously awaits to see her new face. Gauri opens her eyes and sees her face in the mirror. She gets shocked to see her new face and recalls her old face. She says, she can’t have someone else face. She throws the mirror in anger. Shivani tries to calm her down and says we told you about the surgery consequences. Gauri cries and faints.

Doctor tells them that patients reacts the same way. He says, it is not good if her BP increases. He asks them to keep in mind that Gauri can’t bear any shock and asks her to keep her happy. Jagya assures the doctor that they will keep her happy and will make sure that she doesn’t get any kind of shock.

Gulli takes clothes from Anandi’s hand and says she will keep it in the room. Anandi tells her that it is Hardik’s clothes. They crack a joke and laugh.

Gauri wakes up after a while and says she is fine. Her parents are relieved. Gauri says, she acted violently and she should understand her situation. Doctor says he can understand. Her mom tells her that she will always be her beautiful daughter. Gauri says, she needs time to accept the new face. Doctor says, patient will recover in 6 weeks. You needs constant medical attention for these 6 weeks. Gauri says, my parents have to go to village to collect the harvest. She says, she will accompany them. Doctor says, you needs medical attention all the time, which is not possible in your village. He advise Jagya to handle her case.

Shivani says, Gauri can stay in her house. Doctor says, he will not be available so wants Jagya to handle her case now. Gauri says, she doesn’t want Jagya to be troubled. Jagya says, he will talk to his family.

Subhadra tells Hardik that she can’t understand why he is searching a job in India when he can get much more salary in America. Hardik replies that he gets love in India and he wants to settled in India. Shiv asks, about his interviews. Hardik says, he didn’t get any job yet. Shiv says, he talked to someone about his job and asks him to carry his certificates. He says, it is not high profile job. Subhadra says, Hardik won’t do that job. Hardik says he is ready. Subhadra asks him why you wants to do small job. Hardik says, work is work and not small or big. I will go for interview wearing my favourite shirt.

Gehna is in kitchen and looks sad. Dadisaa comes and says you took Cauliflower vegetable again. She says, she doesn’t like it. Nandu comes. He says, he don’t want to eat that. Dadisaa says, she will prepare something different today. Nandu offers his help. Dadisaa agrees and asks him to peel the potatoes. She begins to cook the dish. Nandu assists her. Dadisaa makes Jeera Aloo dish for Gehna. Nandu asks her to taste it happily. Gehna tastes it and hugs Nandu. Dadisaa looks at them smilingly. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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