9th October Wednesday Update on True Love


9th October Wednesday Update on True Love

Episode starts with doctors operating on Veer and Jogi/Icha/Mukta waiting outside.
Jogi takes Icha to another waiting area with comfy sofas and tells her I will go and check on Veer. Mukta consoles Icha that everything will be alright, don’t worry.
Mukta thinks, when I saw with my own eyes I believed it. Until Gunwanti ji is alive she won’t let Icha Ma meet Veer.
Jogi comes back and Icha asks him how Veer is?
Jogi says, operation has finished but Veer is not conscious yet.
Icha says, you’re hiding something from me… I have a lot of courage, papa. Nothing would happen to me, please tell me what happened to him. Don’t hide it.
Jogi says, Veer’s condition is still very critical.
Icha starts crying and Jogi hugs her.
She says, will he be better? Jogi consoles her and says yes. Don’t worry, everything would be alright.

Vishnu takes Meethi to a dhaba. He orders two lassis. Then tells the little kid who came to take the order that this girl is not an ordinary girl, she’s Indirapur’s princess. Whatever you bring for her, it should be clean and you should say pranaam to her every time you come and go lol
Meethi asks him what’s he whispering to the boy? The boy says, my pranaam to the princess and leaves.
Meethi says what did he say?
Vishnu says, whoever special comes here is treated this way.

Mukta brings coffee, but Icha refuses. Mukta insists.
Icha says I’ve only got courage in me, nothing else.
Jogi consoles her and Mukta goes deep into her thoughts.
Then she asks Jogi to look after Icha, and she will go and find out about Veer. She goes away from there.

Vishnu Meethi get their food and Meethi’s happy to see aloo parathey.
He puts too much butter on Meethi’s parathey and she screams. She says if I eat this much butter, I will become fat.
Vishnu says, Indians have been eating this for ages… I believe in eating well and exercising so your body and mind stay healthy.
Meethi has one bite and finds it too spicy… he gives her water and says, I forgot – how can Meethi tolerate spices? lol
The people of the dhaba come and apologize to Meethi… she says why are they apologizing to me, what did you tell them?
Vishnu tells the dhaba people that no need to apologize to the princess. Just bring us more food with less spices.
Meethi says what’s with this Princess business?
He says, is it possible to not call a princess, Princess?
Meethi goes quiet… and he smiles at her.

Chanda waking up Tej in the upstairs corridor. She asks him to drink black coffee and wake up.
He says, I feel dizzy.
Chanda says do you remember you’ve broken someone’s head?
He says, yes I remember – the bottle on Lalla’s head. He has the flashback and stands up to see below the railing. He gets panicked that he hit the bottle on Lalla’s head… he asks Chanda if he died… Chanda says, no he’s alive… but he’s being operated on.
If he dies, you will go to jail.
Tej gets angry at her and asks her to stay quiet.
She says, okay, so now I’m a witch?
I will remind you once again… I have served you for years, if you sting me, I won’t stay quiet. She leaves and Tej gets angry.
What did you do Tej Singh?
He thinks that old woman (nani) will help me.
He calls her up… Nani picks it up and says now don’t ask what reply Mukta gave.
Tej says, no I trust you… I just want to ask if you have any news for Veer Singh Bundela.
Nani says, I heard he’s in the hospital. Why do you ask?
He says, Veer Singh slipped and got hurt.
Nani says, did he get hurt on the head?

He says, I don’t know.
Nani says, you could have asked someone else too, why me?
Tej says, I wanted to talk to you about Mukta only, was looking for an opening.
Nani says, she has also gone to the hospital.
Tej thinks, what if she finds out I did this to Veer?
He asks Nani, why did she go? If Bhaujayee (Gunwanti) fills her ears against me, then?
Nani says, you’re in luck these days, it’s good she has gone with Icha to meet Veer.
If she stays there with Icha, she will see with her own eyes that how Gunwanti treats Icha and doesn’t let her meet Veer, then she will think about your offer seriously.
Tej says, what kind of a puzzle is this?
Nani says, it’s not a puzzle for the kids. Put the phone down.
Nani puts the phone down and says it takes some brains to understand a puzzle, Tej Singh.

Jogi/Icha come to Mukta and ask what happened? Mukta says, Veer Uncle has had a lot of bleeding, they need a donor.
The doctor’s telling Gunwanti, we can’t do anything yet… we need a donor, did you inform them?
Gunwanti says, yes Doctor. Don’t worry about anything, just save my son.
Icha starts going towards the theatre when Gunwanti stops her and says where are you going? Will you rest only when my son dies?
Mukta says what are you saying? What’s wrong if she’s trying to meet her husband.
Gunwanti asks her to stay quiet.
Icha begs Gunwanti to let her go and see Veer just once. She folds her hands and says just let me see him once, please don’t do this to me.
Gunwanti goes to Jogi and says, you promised me that no member of your family will meet any member of my family, then why all this drama? Please take her away from here.
Jogi says, Gunwanti ji, please stay calm.
Gunwanti turns away and starts going.
Icha begs her some more.
Gunwanti says, the last time you came, he lost his memory… this time will you take his life away?
Gunwanti pushes her away and Icha falls on her feet. Mukta’s looking at all this. Icha’s begging at her feet.
Gunwanti still stays no and goes away.
Icha’s crying and gets up and runs after Gunwanti. She starts fainting and Jogi/Mukta are too far behind to catch her.
Before she falls, someone catches her and they show it’s Rathore (WOO HOO!!!!!).
Jogi and Mukta are shocked to see him too. Rathore looks angry and is looking at Icha. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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