A Touch of Love December Teasers 2022


A Touch of Love December Teasers 2022

Thursday 1 December 2022

Episode 565

As Thapki drives down to the venue of the competition, Sankar and Neha follow her with a plan to kill her. Soon Thapki’s car loses control.

Episode 566

Bihaan is locked within a poisonous gas chamber. Thapki has to answer five questions correctly to have him released. Will she be successful?

Friday 2 December 2022

Episode 567

Thapki volunteers to be a part of the game and risking her life, Bihaan is in a dilemma whether to play the next round or not. What will Bihaan do now?

Episode 568

Thapki helps Bihaan to hit the target successfully, and he advances to the next round. Kabir makes an effort to beat Bihaan in the game by asking him to take a lie detection test. Will Bihaan triumph over Kabir’s game plan?

Monday 5 December 2022

Episode 569

Sankar and Neha attack Thapki with an aim to seek vengeance. Will she be saved? On the other hand, Kabir enters Pandey Niwas with his goons. Will he pose a threat to the family?

Episode 570

Finding Thapki missing, Bihaan and Kabir get together to find her. But, Sankar and Neha move Thapki to a secret location. Will Bihaan be successful in his pursuit?

Tuesday 6 December 2022

Episode 571

Thapki is adamant on proving her innocence and exposing Sankar’s evil plan in front of the Pandey family. Will she succeed?

Episode 572

Sankar’s evil intentions are exposed before the family members and she confesses to having set Neha’s house on fire.

Wednesday 7 December 2022

Episode 573

At the end of the long ordeal that the Pandeys endured, Thapki and Bihaan are ready for a sweet reunion. Kabir is happy about it and asks Thapki if he could be her ‘best man’. But Shraddha catches him off guard by claiming that he is in love with Thapki.

Episode 574

The police are in pursuit of Sankar after her escape from the Pandey house. During her run, someone unexpected comes to her rescue. Who is this mystery person? Meanwhile, the Pandeys are celebrating Thapki and Bihaan’s reunion.

Thursday 8 December 2022

Episode 575

Unable to defeat Thapki, Sankar visits Kosi Devi. They join forces against Thapki. Will they be successful in defeating Thapki this time? Elsewhere Shraddha gives the Pandey family a hard time.

Episode 576

Shraddha always wanted a son who will be the heir to the Pandey family. But when she gave birth to a girl she swapped her baby with Aditi’s son. How will the family react to this shocking secret? Meanwhile Kosi Devi and Sankar put their lethal plan into action.

Friday 9 December 2022

Episode 577

Kosi Devi and Sankar plant five bombs in the house. They plan to ruin Thapki’s Godh Bharai ceremony. On learning about their plan, Thapki and Bihaan frantically search for bombs hidden around the house. Will they find them in time?

Episode 578

On being exposed by Bihaan, Sankar takes a drastic step. She holds Thapki at knifepoint. Will Thapki be rescued?

Monday 12 December 2022

Episode 579

In his pursuit to save Thapki, Bihaan accidentally pushes Sankar off the cliff. The police arrest Bihaan for Sankar’s murder. Is Sankar really dead or is this just a part of another vicious plan?

Episode 580

Thapki bails Bihaan out of jail but she is troubled by Sankar’s blackmail. When Thapki falls sick and is admitted to the hospital, Kabir comes to visit her. Everyone is left in shock when Thapki mentions the reason for Kabir’s visit.

Tuesday 13 December 2022

Episode 581

Sankar targets Thapki’s newborn twins but succeeds in stealing only one of them. How will the Pandey family react to the missing baby? In her plan, Sankar receives help from a new ally. Who is this person?

Episode 582

Watching Thapki leave, Bihaan follows her on the bike and meets with an accident. Is Shraddha responsible for this? Seven years pass by, Sankar and Shraddha now rule the Pandey house and ill-treat Thapki’s daughter, Tina.

Wednesday 14 December 2022

Episode 583

After walking out of Bihaan’s life, Thapki now lives with her daughter Bani. While Bani’s life is full of happiness, Tina faces harassment at the hands of Shraddha and Sankar at the Pandey house. Will Thapki and Bihaan cross paths?

Episode 584

Shraddha continues to ill-treat Tina in the absence of Bihaan and burns all of her study material. On Bihaan’s arrival, she accuses Tina of setting her books on fire. Will Tina reveal the truth to Bihaan?

Thursday 15 December 2022

Episode 585

Shraddha and Sankar have done almost everything to get control of the Pandey house. The seven-year-old shocking evil plan is about to be revealed. Will anyone ever know about their evil deeds?

Episode 586

Having visions of his past, Bihaan wakes up traumatised and consumes some pills. Sankar then reveals that those pills will help erase all memories of Thapki and make him forget her. But, will that happen?

Friday 16 December 2022

Episode 587

Shraddha tries to convince the Pandey family to send Tina away to a boarding school. But Bihaan and Dhruv are against this decision. Will Shraddha be able to change their minds? Meanwhile Thapki receives a distressing call from Bani’s school.

Episode 588

Bihaan secretly visits Tina in the boarding school. When Thapki goes to the school to meet Bani, she runs into Tina and bonds with her. Will Thapki ever know Tina’s true identity?

Monday 19 December 2022

Episode 589

Bihaan gets into trouble with the school security when he sneaks in to meet Tina. Thapki gets to know the truth about Tina. But remembering Sankar’s warning, Thapki stays away from Bihaan and makes a shocking decision. What is it?

Episode 590

Thapki comes to Tina’s rescue when the latter gets locked in the Chemistry laboratory. Tina forces Thapki to meet Bihaan. But will this encounter be a happy one?

Tuesday 20 December 2022

Episode 591

As fate would have it, Bihaan bumps into Thapki once again at the school basketball court. On the persistence of Tina, Bihaan introduces himself to Thapki. But he is taken aback on knowing her name and walks away. Will he recall anything?

Episode 592

Suspecting Tina to be lost, Thapki makes an announcement over the intercom. The entire Pandey family, including Bihaan is shocked to hear Thapki’s voice. Will they get a chance to meet her?

Wednesday 21 December 2022

Episode 593

With an intention to stop Thapki from meeting Bihaan and his family, Shraddha shows her the papers that could put Bihaan behind bars. Will Thapki bow down to her threats?

Episode 594

After hearing Tina’s wish to stay with Bihaan, Bani asks them to stay at her house. She manages to sneak Tina and Bihaan into the house secretly. Will this incident bring Thapki and Bihaan closer?

Thursday 22 December 2022

Episode 595

Thapki discovers that Bihaan is hiding in Bani’s room. What will be her reaction on seeing him? Earlier Bani manipulates Thapki into spending some valuable time with Bihaan and Tina.

Episode 596

The Pandeys decide to reveal the truth about Bihaan to Thapki and cure him with her help. Watching things get out of hand, Shraddha tortures Bihaan by reminding him of his traumatic past when he was separated from Thapki. Will this make his situation worse?

Friday 23 December 2022

Episode 597

Thapki gives a call to Bihaan to check on his health. When Bihaan fails to recognise her, Thapki tells him that she is his wife and Bani is their child. How will Bihaan react to this news?

Episode 598

When Thapki learns of Aditi’s passing, everyone was¬†preparing for her homecoming ceremony! What will she do?


Glow TV will be airing a Holiday Movie Marathon from 26 to 30 December. A Touch of Love returns on Monday 2 January 2023