Verdeelde Liefde Teasers December 2022 [eExtra]


Verdeelde Liefde Teasers December 2022 [eExtra]

Thursday 1 December 2022
Episode 52

The images in Mujgan’s memory box are all burned. Burhan opts not to file a complaint, therefore Mehdi is released. In order to start a new life, Sultan announces that she has sold the store and home.

Friday 2 December 2022
Episode 53

Mehdi still struggles with controlling his violent temper, which adds to his stress and misery. The way Sakine’s daughter feels about Mehdi is difficult for her to comprehend.

Monday 5 December 2022
Episode 54

Zeynep suffers from childhood nightmares as a result of Mehdi’s trespass with her. When her daughter reveals her plans for her marriage, Sakine is horrified.

Tuesday 6 December 2022
Episode 55

Mehdi is persuaded by Nuh to apologize to Zeynep for detaining her within the home. She is resistant to being persuaded when he visits her at work. Nuh hasn’t told Mehdi about them, which irks Cemile.

Wednesday 7 December 2022
Episode 56

In order to relocate into Sultan’s home, Zeynep, Sakine, and the clan gather their belongings. The split has caused Kiewiet a lot of distress. Benal and Mujgan move in before Zeynep even leaves. Visits Burhan from Mujgan.

Thursday 8 December 2022
Episode 57

Nermin is invited by Zeynep to move in with them in the new home. Mehdi implores Zeynep to pardon him. He makes the decision to establish a new company with Nuh outside of the neighborhood after selling the garage.

Friday 9 December 2022
Episode 58

The ladies go house-hunting but not everything is in their favour and Zeynep gets help from Baris. She asks him to help her mother and he invites them to dinner, but not everyone is happy.

Monday 12 December 2022
Episode 59

Baris decides to help Nermin with a very complicated issue. Zeynep moves into her new house, but trouble raises its ugly head right from the beginning. Nuh and Mehdi go for an important interview, with surprising results.

Tuesday 13 December 2022
Episode 60

The day of the divorce dawns and to everyone’s great surprise, Mehdi doesn’t contest it. Sakine is concerned about how the ladies will make ends meet. Mehdi sells his garage to an unknown buyer… or is it?

Wednesday 14 December 2022
Episode 61

Mehdi makes an important announcement about the garage. While Zeynep tries to move on, she is still caught up in the grief of her failed marriage, but luckily some needed good news comes through.

Thursday 15 December 2022
Episode 62

Zeynep tries to persuade Baris to include her in the law case against her father Ekrem. Zeynep is determined to move on, but is tested with an unplanned interaction. Cemile shares big news with Sultan.

Friday 16 December 2022
Episode 63

Zeynep and Cemine attend Seyhan’s big birthday bash, but things go wrong when Kiewiet phones Zeynep. Things come to a head when Cemile and Mujgan have a big argument.

Monday 19 December 2022
Episode 64

When Nuh turns up at the house, a scuffle ensues between him and Mehdi, resulting in each other blurting out secrets and emotions, which hurt the eavesdropping women in the house.

Tuesday 20 December 2022
Episode 65

Mujgan chases Nuh and Cemile out of the house, but the glum mood lifts as the women decide to fetch Cemile and organise her engagement party.

Wednesday 21 December 2022
Episode 66

Baris is trying to reassure Zeynep about her decisions and her past, but realises that things are getting more and more complicated.

Thursday 22 December 2022
Episode 67

Nuh and Cemile’s first wedding night gets off to a rocky start. Mehdi is still trying all he can to talk to Zeynep to try and smooth things over. Burhan comes to visit Mujgan but has to get past Mehdi first.

Friday 23 December 2022
Episode 68

Sultan and Emine land a job as caterers for a wedding without insisting on a deposit from the client. Buhran and his men show up at Mehdi’s shop and beat him up badly. Kiewiet receives an unexpected gift from Baris.

Monday 26 December 2022
Episode 69

Zeynep comes to Mehdi’s rescue and there is a heavy dispute between Sakine and Nermin on whether or not Zeynep should support Mehdi. Emine and Sultan are fighting a losing battle with their catering job.

Tuesday 27 December 2022
Episode 70

Emine gets a disappointing call from a client. Mehdi shows up at Sakine’s front door with an unexpected guest. This leads to distress and manages to stir up old insecurities in Zeynep’s life.

Wednesday 28 December 2022
Episode 71

When Bayram tries to take Nermin’s money, it creates a lot of chaos. Nermin makes provocative advances toward Baris. Zeynep might yet decide against traveling with them to Sofia. Zeynep is starting to have issues with Mehdi’s stalking.

Thursday 29 December 2022
Episode 72

Mehdi continues to pursue Zeynep. He makes every effort to keep her from traveling abroad with Baris, with the help of his housemate ally. Mujgan chooses to go see her mother, giving them a warning that catastrophe may be on the horizon.

Friday 30 December 2022
Episode 73

Mujgan is surprised by Cemile and Nuh as they warmly welcome her. A sudden turn of circumstances completely changes everything as Mujgan is ready to board a bus and go.

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