A Touch of Love March Teasers 2023


A Touch of Love March Teasers 2023

Wednesday 1 March 2023

Episode 683

When Aryan confronts Lovely about the previous night, Lovely manages to evade his suspicion by lying to him. Aryan pretends to believe Lovely, but he follows her yet again the next night. Much to his shock, he sees Lovely going to a mysterious house where she has held someone hostage.

Episode 684

Lovely puts an end to Aryan’s suspicions by cooking up a story to prove that she is indeed Thapki. She then accuses him of disregarding her affection for him. Will she succeed in keeping him in the dark?

Thursday 2 March 2023

Episode 685

Tina finds Aryan speaking to someone about a person named Lovely. She confronts him, and he reveals everything about Lovely. Tina is shocked to see Lovely’s picture in a dancer’s attire, and she plans to do her own investigation into the matter.

Episode 686

Lovely is delighted after she succeeds in concealing her identity from Tina. But her fake identity once again comes under threat when Aryan overhears her conversation and turns suspicious.

Friday 3 March 2023

Episode 687

Unable to keep his feelings locked away any longer, Aryan plans to confess his love to Thapki. Munna and Tina find out about this, but he asks them not to reveal it to Thapki. Unaware that Lovely is not Thapki, will Aryan propose to the wrong person?

Episode 688

With very less time in her hands, Tina plans to get the truth out of Lovely. She mixes truth serum into a glass of lemonade and gives it to her. Her plan backfires when Lovely asks her to drink it.

Monday 6 March 2023

Episode 689

Aryan is confident that Lovely is not Thapki. He manipulates Lovely and lies that he has developed feelings for her. Lovely falls for it and agrees to marry him. How will Aryan expose Lovely?

Episode 690

An emotional Tina pours her heart out to Samar and confesses her love for him. But he sternly advises her to forget the past and stay dedicated to her husband, Munna. But Tina is so adamant about winning back Samar that she goes to Munna for help.

Tuesday 7 March 2023

Episode 691

Tina is adamant on breaking her marriage with Munna and Lovely pretends to understand her situation. Vasundhara catches Tina trying to get rid of her Mangalsutra. She tries to reason with Tina, but when she refuses to pay heed, a distressed Vasundhara slaps her!

Episode 692

Aryan finally has solid evidence against Lovely! His suspicions are proved right when the plastic surgeon reveals that Lovely had hired him to lie to the Pandey family about Thapki and Bani’s accident. Aryan learns that Lovely has held Bani and Thapki hostage.

Wednesday 8 March 2023

Episode 693

While searching for some more information on Lovely, Aryan goes investigating into her room. As he searches her cupboard, he comes across a locked box and tries to open it to see what’s inside. But Lovely enters the room at the same time and interrupts him.

Episode 694

Seeing Tina’s obsession for him, Samar suggests that she stop thinking about him and focus on Munna. He advises her to give Munna a chance and not to deprive him of the love and marital bliss that he so rightfully deserves.

Thursday 9 March 2023

Episode 695

Thapki manages to free herself from captivity and makes a run for the Pandey house with an intention to reveal Lovely’s true identity to everyone. Will Thapki be able to unmask Lovely and end her manipulative games?

Episode 696

Lovely threatens Thapki and asks her to cover her face with a veil. She then lies to the Pandeys and introduces Thapki as Rajjo. Aryan thinks that the girl under the veil can help him find the real Thapki. The Pandey family insists that Rajjo stay in the house till Aryan’s wedding.

Friday 10 March 2023

Episode 697

Lovely orders Thapki to leave the house since Aryan suspects that the veiled woman must be Thapki. But when Lovely tries to force her to leave, Thapki slaps her.

Episode 698

Looking for some shreds of evidence in Lovely’s room, Aryan stumbles upon the veiled woman who is hiding in the room. He removes the veil, and in front stands Thapki!

Monday 13 March 2023

Episode 699

Thapki finally reveals it all! Aryan gets to know how Lovely had held her and Bani as hostages and ruthlessly tortured them. What follows next is a shocking discovery as the Pandey family meets the girl behind the veil!

Episode 700

Samar rescues Bani, while everybody catches hold of Lovely and compels her to tell the truth. What comes after is a shocking revelation when Lovely reveals that she is connected to Thapki’s past.

Tuesday 14 March 2023

Episode 701

Lovely, after confessing to everything, apologises to the Pandeys and leaves. While the chaos created by her comes to an end, the tension between Thapki and Vasundhara is reignited. Vasundhara is still not ready to forgive Thapki for her actions.

Episode 702

After Samar professes his love for Bani before Tina and her, Tina is left speechless and broken. She then plans to separate them and plots to defame Samar before Bani.

Wednesday 15 March 2023

Episode 703

Aryan finally gathers the courage to confess his love to Thapki, but she rejects his proposal. She sticks to her decision and reminds him of the consequences. In the midst of all this conflict, Vasundhara overhears the conversation and learns Aryan’s truth.

Episode 704

Final Episode!

After learning the truth about Aryan, Vasundhara reveals his true identity to the Pandey family and wants him to be put behind bars. But Balvinder takes the matter into his own hands and points a gun at Aryan. Will the Pandey family forgive Aryan?