Verdeelde Liefde 2 Teasers on eExtra March 2023


Verdeelde Liefde 2 Teasers on eExtra March 2023

Coming up this March;

Savas sees how Emine and Nuh are close. He gets jealous and leaves the restaurant.

Wednesday 1 March 2023
Episode 21 (116)

Mehdi chooses to quit his work. He travels to see Cengiz. Benal is found, and Zeynep and Baris attempt to persuade her. She is unwilling to travel back with them. Sultan is proposed to by Ali Riza.

Thursday 2 March 2023
Episode 22 (117)

Mehdi informs Cengiz that he intends to leave his position. If he returns the money Cengiz took from him, he is free to go, Cengiz says. Attack on Baris and Zeynep’s home by Meto’s soldiers.

Friday 3 March 2023
Episode 23 (118)

Even after the incident, the family is all together. Cemile should be sent to their mother, says Mehdi. Ali Riza calls Sadi and asks for assistance. To bring the infant home, Zeynep travels to Mehdi’s residence.

Monday 6 March 2023
Episode 24 (119)

Zeynep and Mjgan are abducted by Meto. Mehdi is told by Sadi to wait for his call, but he doesn’t pay attention. He travels to the location Meto provided. Nuh travels with Mehdi rather than abandoning him.

Tuesday 7 March 2023
Episode 25 (120)

Mehdi kills himself after saving Zeynep and Müjgan. Everyone feels dejected. We observe a woman gathering the press coverage on Zeynep, but we are unable to identify her.

Wednesday 8 March 2023
Episode 26 (121)

Everybody is very sad after Mehdi’s death. Zeynep tries to pull herself together. Baris understands her and tells that she can stay away from him for a while. She keeps silent as an answer.

Thursday 9 March 2023
Episode 27 (122)

Emine takes Zeynep to the office. Baris is offended by Zeynep because of her attitude towards him. They argue. Zeynep leaves the office angrily. She meets Nesrin by chance.

Friday 10 March 2023
Episode 28 (123)

Zeynep becomes friends with Nesrin without knowing Nesrin is Gülbin and working for Ekrem. Zeynep is very nervous and argues with everybody. Benal is planning to move to another city and work there.

Monday 13 March 2023
Episode 29 (124)

Zeynep listens to Gülbin’s advice and accepts to manage her mother’s company. Gülbin introduces a man to them like her brother. Nermin is impressed by him. Benal tells Cemile she wants to go and work in Düzce.

Tuesday 14 March 2023
Episode 30 (125)

Zeynep and Nermin decide to work with Tarik. Baris joins their meeting as he doesn’t trust Nesrin and Tarik. Cemile tells Nuh that Benal needs their help, and they should go to Düzce with her.

Wednesday 15 March 2023
Episode 31 (126)

Tarik, Gülbin, Baris, Zeynep and Nermin have dinner outside. While they are leaving the restaurant, the journalists take their photos. It isn’t good for Tarik and Gülbin.

Thursday 16 March 2023
Episode 32 (127)

Savas sees how Emine and Nuh are close. He gets jealous and leaves the restaurant. After Zeynep’s interview with the magazine, they call Tarik for the photo. But Tarik doesn’t want the photo to be taken.

Friday 17 March 2023
Episode 33 (128)

Tarik comes to the restaurant and tastes the food for the menu. Zeynep, Baris, Savas and Nesrin taste the food at Baris’ house. They play truth or dare. Nesrin dances with Baris. Zeynep feels jealous.

Monday 20 March 2023
Episode 34 (129)

Tarik tries to get close to Nermin, but she rejects him. Sakine comes to the company. Baris hears Zeynep’s thoughts about marriage and him. He takes offence and leaves the company without telling Zeynep.

Tuesday 21 March 2023
Episode 35 (130)

Zeynep calls Baris and meets with him to learn why he is distant towards her. They talk about it and make up. They start to look for a house to live after they marry.

Wednesday 22 March 2023
Episode 36 (131)

Zeynep and Baris decide to marry and start the preparations. Baris tries to find the hidden truth behind Tarik and Nermin.  Ali Riza and Sultan declare their relationship and will to marry to their children.

Thursday 23 March 2023
Episode 37 (132)

Baris and his family come to Zeynep’s house to ask for the girl’s hand in marriage ceremony. Zeynep and Sakine talk about the past and Sakine’s pain of losing her children. Gülbin listens to them secretly.

Friday 24 March 2023
Episode 38 (133)

Sakine tells her sad story to Zeynep and others. She had suffered a lot when she was young, and she still suffers of her pain from her past. Zeynep and Sakine decide to find Gülbin.

Monday 27 March 2023
Episode 39 (134)

Nermin doesn’t know Tarik is gone. She wonders where he is. Zeynep continues wedding preparations. She is very excited.

Tuesday 28 March 2023
Episode 40 (135)

Zeynep introduces Gülbin to Sakine as Nesrin. Sakine is shaken. Ali Riza is going to propose to Sultan. He prepares a surprise for her. Cemile returns home. Nuh is very happy.

Wednesday 29 March 2023
Episode 41 (136)

Everybody gathers at the restaurant for Ali Riza’s surprise. Sultan accepts his proposal. Tarik is caught by the police. They learn that Nesrin is Gülbin and she works for Ekrem. They take Gülbin to home.

Thursday 30 March 2023
Episode 42 (137)

Sakine and Gülbin discuss the past, but Gülbin is not persuaded by Sakine’s arguments. Gülbin leaves the house for Germany while the others are sleeping. She is abducted and taken back home by Zeynep and Baris.

Friday 31 March 2023
Episode 43 (138)

Zeynep’s life improves in every way. Baris is her husband. Ali Riza and Sultan are wed. Cemile is expecting. Zeynep has one more objective. She desires to support other young women who are similar to her. She also succeeds in that.

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