Destined by Fate Update: Saturday 27th January 2024 – Chaman’s Emotional Blackmail


Destined by Fate Update: Saturday 27th January 2024 – Chaman’s Emotional Blackmail

Sayuri finds Chaman Bahara talking to someone over phone and asks whom she is talking to. Chaman gets nervous and says since doesn’t have anyone, she was talking to herself. She apologizes for interfering in her family issue and requests her to not send her away from her. Sayuri promises to protect her from goons and says she and Kanha have decided something for her. Chaman feels happy thinking soon she will gain everyone’s confidence and rule over Chaudhry house.

Rashmi requests inspector to let her make a call. Inspector says whom she will call as her husband refused to talk to her. Rashmi says if he helps her, she can help him catch a real culprit who helped Ravi. She pleads him to let her make a call fro her toddler son’s sake. Inspector gives her phone and asks her to hurry up. Rashmi calls someone and scolds him/her for picking call late, asks if he/she arranged her bail, and orders to execute plan B. Her aide disconnects call. She angrily tries to throw phone away, but seeing insepctor returns phone to him and thanks him. She thinks she doesn’t know when she will get out of jail, she doesn’t have any option than executing her plan B.

Kanha asks Sayuri if she spoke to Chaman. Sayuri says yes and says Chaman requested not to send her away, so she promised Chaman to let her stay here. Saroj tells Daadi Mausi that whatever the results of the report are, she has to bear Kanha’s daughter forever or else Kanha will leave home with his family. Chaman hears their conversation and thinks she can manipulate Saroj easily. Nakul notices her and asks why is she peeping into Saroj’s room. Chaman denies and says she was just passing by. Nakul calms down. Kanha and Sayuri walk down. Chaman notices them and starts acting and pleading Nakul not to beat her. Naul confused asks what is she saying. Kanha asks what is happening. Nakul says this girl is shouting without a reason. Chaman continues her acting. Sayuri assures her that she is safe here and takes her to her room.

Sayuri tells Chaman that she and Kanha have decided to shift her to staff quarters. Chaman continues pleading not to send her away from here. Sayuri asks her to relax and goes to prepare lemonade for her. Chaman imagines stabbing Sayuri with her hair pin and hopes if she can do that. Sayuri offers her lemonade. Chaman starts her drama again and holding her feet pleads her not to send her away. Sayuri sits dumstuck. Kanha walks in and asks what is happening. Sayuri says she doesn’t want to shift to staff room. Chaman says she will stay in any corner of this house and doesn’t trust anyone else other than them. Kanha says she will stay with their loyal servants who are working with them since years. Chaman requests him to keep her as maid.