Destined by Fate Update: Sunday 28th January 2024 – Sayuri Meets Rashmi In Jail


Destined by Fate Update: Sunday 28th January 2024 – Sayuri Meets Rashmi In Jail

Bahar’s aide Tingu thinks if Bahar forgot him so easily. He calls her. Bahar cries and says Chaudhrys are planning to send her out of their house. She then laughs and says she trapped them with her web of lies and got a baby caretaker’s job there. Tingu says she became an aaya then. Bahar says there is a maid for that, she just have to look at kids; she will stay here and execute her plan. Tingu asks her not to forget him. Bahar says she can forget anyone but not his friendship. Tingu reminds how they met in childhood and are friends since then.

Sayuri hesitates to give her 2 daughters and Rashmi’s son’s responsibility to Bahar. Kanha says she can’t handle all 3 children together, he would be busy at work, Saroj and Daadi Mausi in household chores, and sevants in their own work, so she should trust Bahar and give kid’s responsibility to her. Saroj also opposes Kanha’s decision. Daadi Mausi says he shouldn’t even let a stranger stay at his house and should send her out first. Kanha says she can’t doubt an innocent girl’s intentions as they saw how her life was in danger. Sayuri back him. Dhanraj says everyone won’t be a thief, they should trust some. Family agrees to keep Chaman as a baby caretaker.

Sayuri asks Nakul if he has any objection that she and Kanha took a decision for Arjun along with their daughters as they don’t differentiate between children. Nakul says he doesn’t doubt their decision, earlier Indu and Bhanu used to take care of Arjun and he is happy that Sayuri and Bahar will take care of Arjun. Sayuri seeks his opinion regarding Bahar. Nakul says once he feels she is an innocent girl and again he feels he has heard her voice before. Sayuri says they found her near a village which he wanted to visit for business, maybe he must have heard her there. Their discussion continues when Nakul gets Rashmi’s call repeatedly from inspector’s number. He informs Sayuri that Rashmi insists to meet him often. Sayuri speaks to inspector who informs that Rashmi’s physical and mental state is unstable, so they should meet her once. Rashmi hearing Sayuri’s voice pleads to meet her once.

Kanha gives instructions to Bahar about handling babies. Chaman feels good hearing his voice. He introduces Chaman to Kuku and asks her to shake hands. Kuku doesn’t even smile. Kanha cheers her up by recording a live vlog. Sayuri visits Rashmi and asks why she is calling Nakul often. Rashmi pleads her to get her out of jail as she wants to stay with family. Sayuri confronts her for her sins. Rashmi says their lives are in danger and someone else had hired Ravi to harm Sayuri.