Emperor Ashoka Friday Update 22nd April 2022


Emperor Ashoka Friday Update 22nd April 2022

Sushim shouts in pain as Vaid ji applies herbs on his wound. Charu is in tears to see him thus.

Ashoka walks out with Acharya RG and soldiers. He recalls all the happy moments spent with everyone especially his father; of Chanakya’s last words. He looks at the palace sadly. Siamak and Mahamatya look on happily. Ashoka says it is ironical. When I wanted to go away from this palace and Patliputra then Acharya Chanakya dint let me. Now that I want to live here to fulfil his dream I am being thrown out of here. I couldn’t do anything for my Guru, my mother or motherland. I cheated all of them.

Dharma screams Ashoka. The baby is finally born. Daasi takes the baby boy to Bindu to seek his blessings.

Ashoka touches dirt. Bindu looks at him from the palace. Ashoka is angry to see him. He wipes his tears. I would have accepted any punishment but you dint even let me meet my mother before leaving. You kept me away from her blessing. You separated me from the newborn so mercilessly. You said we share nothing from today onwards. Relations are made and broken from both the ends. You might have broken it but I dint break it then but I do it now from my side too. You are not my father from now onwards, Samrat Bindusar! I will never forgive you.

Daasi informs Bindu that Dharma was blessed with a son. He is happy. How is rani Dharma? Daasi says she is fine and shows him the baby. He extends his hand to reach out for the baby when Charu asks him if he ever worries about anyone else other than Dharma and the baby. Maybe this time Sushim wont be able to leave. Bindu goes with her. Daasi is shocked to realise Samrat dint hold his own baby.

Bindu sits down next to an unconscious Sushim. Forgive me son, I couldn’t save. You kept telling me how Ashoka is losing control but I dint pay heed to you. I punished your culprit finally. I have banished him from Magadh. He will never come back in our life now. You stayed angry with me after his entry in our lives but it will change now. Please don’t leave me son. Sushim moves his fingers. Mahamatya notices the same. Charu and everyone are relieved to see Sushim opening his eyes. Bindu advises him to rest and not worry about anything. He leaves. Charu sits down on the bed. Sushim signals Mahamatya to lean in. There is only one punishment for Ashoka – death! We need someone who can kill him ruthlessly. Go ahead and kill that Daasi-putra! Mahamatya thinks he will have to call Yam only to kill Ashoka. I will have to go to cemetery for the same.

Vaid tells Bindu that Dharma is not gaining conscious. If he wont wake up till next 4 days then. He sends everyone out. I know you are angry with me for separating your son from you. I was helpless before my duty. I followed the dharma of a king. I cannot apologize as I dint do anything wrong. You too will realise after some years Ashoka was wrong. But our other son came on the same day with a ray of hope. Wake up for him if not me. Dharma dreams of Ashoka (dressed in Shree Ram’s attire). He suddenly begins to laugh evilly and turns into Ravan. He begins to hurt everyone in his anger. Now you will see my Chand Avatar. She wakes screaming no! Bindu lies to Dharma that he is resting in the adjacent room. I will bring him. She asks for Ashoka.

Mahamatya comes to cemetery looking for Yam. Yam shows him the skulls of the people who he killed with his own hands. It gives you peace to sleep next to them. Mahamatya gives him money. You will get more once work is done. Yam agrees.

Bindu finally tells Dharma Ashoka left from here. He couldn’t bear the guilt of his crimes. He couldn’t even face you. Dhamra is sure it cannot be. He cannot leave his mother like this. I saw a very bad dream about him. Daasi brings their new baby just now. Bindu advises Dharma to focus on the little baby as he needs her now. I will make preps to announce his birth. He goes out. Raj Vaid congratulates Dharma. He looks at the baby. This baby is very Tejasvi. He will bring peace in everyone’s life. Why do you look worried? She shares her dream with him. Raj vaid says such dreams are not unusual. I feel Ashoka will have to go through really tough times (through a dark tunnel). If he spends 10-12years then he will become Samrat surely but the way ahead is really tough. Maybe his end is in this dark tunnel only.

Ashoka comes to Acharya Chanakya’s room. He reminisces Chanakyas words of him becoming Samrat of Magadh one day and of Bindu calling him orphan. I did become an orphan today Acharya! You told me you came looking for me. You trusted me with your dream when I dint know even myself. I was clay. You shaped me and guided me but I am defeated today. Forget about fulfilling your dream I couldn’t even save my family from breaking apart. Acharya RG keeps his hand on Ashoka’s shoulder. I understand your pain but always remember that change is the law of nature. Nothing is constant, neither bad time nor good time. Ashoka says you said the right thing. Change is about to happen. A lot will change now. Will you do me a favour? Acharya RG nods. Your Samrat broke relations with me and has no control over me now. This is his biggest mistake as no one can stop me now. Go and tell me that not mine but the bad time of that royal family has begun from today.

Bindu asks Dharma where she is heading. Dharma says the dream is true. He will turn into Chand if I don’t stop him today. he needs his mother. Bindu tells her to forget him. Ashoka is not our son anymore. We have only one son who is in your hands. She asks him how he can stop a mother from meeting her son. He reasons he can stop his wife atleast. She refuses to accept it. He says if you meet Ashoka then you will also be called a culprit. Both you and your son will be banished from this land. You will lose your son and husband then. The choice is yours now – husband or son?

Sushim sends Yam to finish Ashoka. The person who dreamt of Akhand Bharat (united India) will be destroyed (khand-khand) today.

Dharma says how I can choose one eye out of both my eyes. Please don’t say this. You both are important for me. He says your decision is important. Now it is in your hands. I clarified it earlier itself that the final decision will be yours. If you leave, then remember it that I will have no relation with you or this baby. I have lived without you once as well. He walks out angrily.

Ashoka is near a well. A girl greets Ashoka. You treated me sometime back and helped me. She is about to feed him water when an announcement is made. Ashoka is banished from the state. Whoever will help him will be called traitor and will be punished. Ashoka angrily throws the pot at him. The guy making the announcement falls down.

Kaurvaki asks a man how far Patliputra is. The man says she is very near and guides her. Kaurvaki hopes to quickly head back home so her father does not realise her absence.

Kaurvaki’s mother scolds Daasi for letting Kaurvaki go to their enemy state. It is so risky. What will I say to Maharaj? She is shocked to see Jagannath there.

Yam comes to the village. He demands for Ashoka. The same girl points towards the direction in which Ashoka left.

Dharma is in temple. Why no one sees Ashoka did all this to save his loved ones? He knows this poison can finish everything. He could have told the truth but dint do it to save his father from feeling pain. That father is asking me to choose between him and my son. why does it happen with people who walk on the right path?

Ashoka walks in the jungle. He is thirsty. He meets the same guy there (who Kaurvaki met). Do you have water? The guy denies. He guides him to a nearby river.

Dharma says no one will trust me owing to the situation. Everyone mistook my son which is why he is angry. I cannot see him turning into Chand. I wont let him turn into something which he is not destined to. I have to be with him. I have to stop Ashoka from the animal inside him. How do I do so? I cannot separate one son from his father, his rights to save another son. Help me Lord. Guide me. She recalls something. I got my answer Mahadev.

Yam realises that the girl misguided him. It does not mean you will get to live Ashoka. You will die by my hands today itself!

Bindu says this is your last decision then. Dharma points out that no women can leave her husband and be happy but when Parvati Mata can be upset with her own husband for her son Ganesha then I am only a human being. Bindu justifies Mata Parvati’s stance. It is symbolic of knowledge. I cannot overlook my son’s act. How am I a culprit then? She says Shiv is Trikal-darshi while you don’t know anything at all. He is upset. What did I not see? I did the right thing. You should support me instead. I am sure you only spoiled Ashoka. He turned into Chand today because of your love only. She replies that truth needs light and not proof. I have no proof but I trust God. Truth will come out when he will want it. You will be able to see everything clearly then. Right now all I know is that I have to be with my son. I am going to Ashoka. He breaks all ties with her. Don’t show me your face ever again. We share no relation. He takes the ring off her finger and goes out.

Ashoka is walking when he falls down. Kaurvaki hears his scream. Am I dreaming or is this true? Ashoka hears temple bells. Yam continues looking for Ashoka. He finds blood on a stone. Kaurvaki notices Ashoka stumbling on his way to the temple. He falls down. She rushes to him and is shocked to see his condition. Are you alright? She sees his wound and tears her dupatta to bandage it. He is surprised / unhappy to see her. He walks away. She thinks he did not forget the insult done by her father. she stops him. listen to what I have to say. He shushes her by keeping his finger on her lips. You have my swear. You will listen to what I say.

Yam is near the temple but does not find Ashoka there.

Ashoka shares everything that happened since her left Kalinga. I can bear anything but not my mother’s insult. I cannot forgive even my father for that sake.

Jagannath is on his way to Patliputra with a few soldiers.

Dharma is heading out when Sushim stands in her way. You are indeed leaving palace? She nods. Charu says seems like you realised you wont win this throne. You should have realised it long ago. It would have saved Ashoka. Mahamatya adds everyone makes mistakes. Intelligent people learn from their mistakes. Siamak says you and your son should not stay here. This time Chanakya wont be here to save any of you. Everyone laughs. Sushim says does she look like the mother of Ashoka of which Chanakya spoke so highly. He spoke well about Ashoka till his last breath. See how easily I threw Ashoka out of this palace, of father’s heart and Magadh. We should have kept Chanakya alive to see this day. He would have anyways died if he had seen this day. There would have been no need to kill him then. Dharma realises that Ashoka was speaking truth. Sushim agrees. How can he lie? This goodness of him took him down. We plotted to make him look bad all the time.

I, Charu, Mahamatya, Helena and Siamak did all this together we all killed Chanakya together. it was fun. Siamak says it wouldn’t have been fun in Chakanya was not here. Sushim asks Dharma what she will do now after knowing the truth. Charu speaks of Ashoka’s weaknesses – love for mother, chankaya and anger. Helena used it against Ashoka. She knew Ashoka will hurt Sushim. It is what happened. Dharma thinks Ashoka got such a big punishment even after being right. You got what you wanted. His rights, throne and everything! He got banished. Let me go from here. I promise you we will never come in your way.

Sushim tells her not to worry about him. Yam would have killed Ashoka by now. Dharma cries. Please don’t kill my son for throne. She requests Charu. You are a mother. You can understand. I will never come back here and neither Ashoka will. Charu tells her to remember it. Don’t try to step back in Patliputra. Dharma agrees. Let me go now. My son needs me. Sushim says pity suits Gods, not devils. He pushes her. She somehow manages to save herself and her baby and leaves from there in tears.