Emperor Ashoka Monday Update 25th April 2022


Emperor Ashoka Monday Update 25th April 2022

Jagannath is on his way to Patliputra. Yam kills someone right before Kaurvaki’s eyes. She screams scared but Ashoka covers her mouth.

Kaurvaki says I understand why father came here, but who is the one who killed that soldier. Ashoka is sure something is wrong. We should go in different directions. She does not want to go away from him. I wont be able to live without you. He reasons that they will meet again if they stay alive. Neither time nor enemy can separate us. Go Kaurvaki. They part hands sadly. Kaurvaki leaves from there teary eyed. She comes face to face with her father. She turns to look at Ashoka but he hides behind the tree. Jagannath orders his soldiers to catch kaurvaki. Ashoka says sorry to Kaurvaki. I dint want your life to be in danger because of me. We will meet one day for sure. He goes in other direction.

Dharma pulls Ashoka in a cave. Ashoka looks at his little brother. Dharma makes him hold his brother. Ashoka kisses him. Why did you come after me mother? I was banished. I had no other option. Why dint you think about my little brother? Ashoka asks her why she left father. She says I could not live without you in palace so I left everything. He asks her how she can leave father. He looks at the marks on her clothes. Did Samrat stoop so low that he pushed you out too? Dharma denies. it was my decision. He demands to know who did it. You always speak truth. Why do you hesitate today then? Dharma finally takes SUshim’s name. This angers Ashoka. He has called upon your death by doing this. Why dint you reply? Dharma says I got scared. I was leaving palace when all of them surrounded me and (she tells him everything in mute). Ashoka rushes out with Dharma following him. Ashoka vows to throw away that leg of Sushim with which he hurt his mother. Not just him but all the others will have to pay too. This will be a message for them. Dharma tells him to wait for the right time. He reasons that everyone (she and Acharya Chanakya) have been talking about the right time. There is no right time. It becomes the right time

Dharma asks Ashoka to start with her if he indeed wants to kill someone. You will see my and your brother’s dead face if you leave now. He says you cannot do this with me. I will die this way if you make me weak by snatching my strength from me. She asks him to promise her he will never set his foot in Patliputra till she gives permission to him. You have to swear on your brother. Ashoka remarks he never thought he will hate her too. You too made me weak. He swears finally. Do remember, you saved your younger son today but lost your elder son! She is shocked by his words.

Yam comes running towards them. Dharma stops Ashoka in time as they reach the edge of a mountain. Yam looks at them happily. Ashoka holds his mother’s hand. We have no other option now. They jump down the cliff.

Sushim pays Yam. All of them are killed now. Ashoka is out of my life for forever now!

Kaurvaki refuses to accept it. Her mother says this is truth. None of them survived. Bindu has made an official announcement. Kaurvaki says such announcement has been made in the past too. Samrat had accepted it earlier also that Ashoka is no more. He cannot leave me alone though. This diya is for Ashoka. Till the time it is blown out, he cannot die. I will wait for him to come back. My love will keep him alive. We will meet one day surely!

Ashoka gains conscious. Dharma, and the little baby are still unconscious. Ashoka checks his mother’s pulse. Thankfully, she is alive and so is the little baby. It is said time heals wounds but is it reality? The inner wounds only when you wish them to. Not just time but what we do in this time fills the wounds. It is all on us. I have vowed not to let my wounds fill ever. Their pain will remind me of all that has been snatched from me in Patliputra – my respect, my rights, my dream! I will come back as a Yam for the killers of my Guru. I will come back to fulfil my mother’s dream; to give Gurudakshina to my Guru; to fulfil my vow of United India!

Mahamatya, Sushim, Siamak, Charu open Helena’s coffin. She wakes up and breathes. They pull her out safely. Flashback shows Helena sharing her plan with Charu. Ashoka will go out of our life and both Sushim and Siamak will be safe. Charu agrees to support her. Helena shows her a Unan herb. A person’s heartbeat gets so low that the person is declared death. Arrange for a coffin for me in which there is a hole so she can breathe. Flashback ends. My sacrifice paid. Sushim agrees. Ashoka, Dharma and her other baby died. Helena laughs. My plan succeeded. I want to see their bodies. Everyone goes quiet. Helena refuses to believe their death till she sees the dead bodies with her own eyes. Death hates Ashoka so much that it never takes him with him. He has won over death many times before as well. You might not believe but I have faith he will come back all the more stronger and angrier. He is not dead. We will have to wait for him. it might take 2 years, 5 or even 10 years but he will surely come back!

10 years later:
Some people are digging a mountain. They pull up a stone but it falls down. Their peasant hits them. It wasted the time of 5 people. He hits the labour with a whip 5 times to punish him while he begs for mercy. The peasant walks away. One of the ladies gets busy in taking care of her baby. The peasant asks everyone to hurry up. We have to finish this work in a week’s time or everyone will be punished. The labourers think how they are being made to work so hard while the ruler is busy building palaces for himself on mountains. They have to cross a bridge to transfer stones from one mountain to another. The peasant insists upon going ahead. The labour reasons that there are many people on the bridge already (with heavy stones). If I go too then it might break down.

The peasant scolds him after which the labour walks ahead. The rope breaks because of which the bridge divides into two. People hold onto the bridge for their life. The same lady with the baby asks for help. My husband is also there. Someone says no one can save them now while another guy says there is one person who faces big problems as if he is playing with them. Death too is scared of him. The anger in his eyes can melt stones too! He is so poisonous with his words that even poison will taste sweet. People recognize that he is talking about Chand. How will he save us! He is selfish. The other guy says he will do it if we pay him in return.

A guy is with Chand. The same lady rushes to him asking for his help. Ashoka says Om Namah Shivaya. Pray. He might do some miracle and save people, whose life and death is equal. A guy sitting there remarks that even the stones can melt but not this Chand / Ashoka. The lady agrees to give all that she has to Chand. Ashoka is unmoved. The lady says why this little kid should become an orphan. What is his mistake in this? Ashoka recalls his father’s words.

Ashoka says this kid will not become an orphan. He returns the baby to the lady and begins to run towards the bridge. He pulls the bridge up and saves almost everyone. That lady’s husband fails in holding onto the bridge when Ashoka jumps and holds his hand. Ashoka’s peasant tells everyone not to be happy. You will have to pay for it as well. Ashoka’s necklace falls down in the process. He pulls the man up in one move and jumps down the cliff to save his necklace. He clings onto a stone as he finally grabs his necklace.

Kaurvaki is shown dressed in a soldier’s attire. She practises sword fighting. Kaurvaki’s mother comes there. It’s been so many years till when will you fight with darkness. Kaurvaki says I have to pay back for father’s mistakes or maybe my old berth’s mistakes. I would have hurt Ashoka somehow which is why I have to bear this pain / this distance. Only Ashoka can pull me out of this darkness. No one can save Ashoka and Kaurvaki from uniting, not even father! Jagannath hears them.

Ashoka’s peasant shows him the money he gathered from people. Why do you need it now though? You have enough already. Ashoka twists his hand and hits him. I have to set many people right. The list is long. Other peasant warns him to be careful. My eyes are on you! Ashoka replies that is eyes are on his gold. Keep it safe. He picks up the polti of money. The lady thanks Ashoka for his help. I will never forget it. Ashoka replies that Chand never accepts anyone’s favour nor does favour on anyone. I got paid for my act. We are even now!


One man thinks to make sure his tenants pay him by today evening or he will throw everyone out. He gets hurt as a kid is playing (Dharma’s son). The man (Seth Dhaniram) sends him inside to call his mother. I will not act lenient now. I will take the dues today. He looks mesmerised at Dharma as she comes there. He fumbles in asking for due. She assures him she will pay the dues in time. Dhaniram says I pay loan to people who are good. I will send you the rent as soon as Chand comes back. He drops the plate in shock hearing Chand’s name.

Ashoka is in market. He feels as if someone is following him but cannot see anyone. He stands in that same lady’s way and hands over the potli to her. I don’t want alms. You estimated my value with this much only? Keep it. It is my debt on you. I will come to take it one day. He walks away. the lady thinks he can try to hide the goodness inside him all he wants but he is good.

Dhaniram is all panicked. Don’t say anything to Chand. Dharma’s younger brother offers to tell everything to Bhaiya when he comes. Dhaniram runs away hearing it. Don’t tell him anything. Dharma’s younger son enjoys it while his mother looks tensed.

A group of people are cheering against their ruler. Ashoka / Chand comes there. Ashoka too joins them which makes them happy. One man brings flag and firelight. I will set fire to it! Ashoka stops him. He hits the guy. Flag flies in air. Ashoka holds it. You insulted the flag of our Rajya. There is a difference between king and Rajya. We have to respect it even if we don’t respect kings. Kings are the servants of Rajya who get the privilege to serve people. Kings may come and go but Rajya will remain. If we don’t respect Rajya then we will end up becoming our biggest enemy. When we ourselves wont respect our motherland then the king will also disrespect it. I wont let it happen in my Rajya! If anyone tries to go against it then I wont spare them! He sets the flag in the ground safely.