Friday Update on A Magical Love Story 17th September 2021


Friday Update on A Magical Love Story 17th September 2021

Aman seeing the time. Roshni is in labor. Everyone takes care of her. She delivers the baby. The family smiles. Aman cries and sees the kaala jinn appearing. Roshni gets her baby. Everyone stops Aman. Kaala jinn laughs. He asks Roshni to give her child and keep her promise. Aman asks how can you do this. Tabeezi says we have to give the baby. Roshni says no, Tabeezi, I won’t give my baby. Tabeezi asks her to understand. She takes the baby from Roshni. Aman asks Dadi to stop Tabeezi. He screams. Everyone holds him back. Tabeezi gives the baby to Kaala jinn. Aman and Roshni, and family members cry.

Tabeezi says wait, you can’t move the cloth off the baby, its Ayana and Jinnat’s King’s child, sun rays should fall on him first, else he will lose his powers, I don’t think you will want that. Roshni says stop, you are forgetting something, I fulfilled my promise, now its your turn. Kaala jinn says fine, I will keep my promise. He breaks the lantern and says the deal is over now. He has no right on Aman’s soul now. He disappears. Everyone cries. Aman says leave me, he went. Everyone starts smiling. Dadi says thank God, everyone got fine.

Tabeezi says we all fooled him. Aman recalls his plan to take Ayana outside. He says we have to show Kaala jinn that he failed our plan, he will stop us, you have to send Roshni to Ayana jungle through the magical door. Tabeezi gives the magical door to Roshni. Roshni sees Aman and goes. Tabeezi thanks Ayana for the help. Ayana says we have to make a fake baby to give to Kaala jinn. Aman gets a baby toy by his magic. FB ends. Rehan says our plan worked. Aman says Roshni…. Dadi says you are worried for her. Tabeezi says she is safe there, baby would be delivered by now.

Roshni sees her baby and happily cries. Dadi says congrats, your baby has come into this world. Aman says if Kaala jinn knows about our cheat, what would happen. Ayana says he freed you from the deal. Tabeezi says he won’t know the baby is fake, until then Roshni will reach here safely. Kaala jinn sees the toy baby. He says you cheated me Ayana, my storm will destroy you, wherever you are. Roshni gets shocked seeing the storm. She asks baby not to worry, she will use her powers. Roshni and baby get stuck into the storm. Ayana senses this and says Aman, Roshni is in danger. She also gets frozen and disappears. Aman thinks is Roshni in danger. Roshni gets frozen and reaches Kaala jinn’s cave. Aman, Rehan and Shayari come to Kaala jungle and check Ayana’s corner. Aman says Roshni is inside that cave. Rehan says don’t worry, we will get him. They fail to enter. Rehan asks what was this. Aman says no jinn can go there. Shayari says I can go, I m not a jinn. Rehan says no need, we will find some way. Aman says no, there is no way. He asks Shayari to go.

Shayari goes and calls out Roshni. Rehan says don’t know what is she doing, I should have made her out of the house. Aman goes. Shayari says Roshni isn’t inside. Rehan says maybe you have hidden her, I don’t trust you. They look for Aman. Aman gets the shattered magical door. He worries. He shouts Roshni. Kaala jinn appears in front of him. Rehan and Shayari come. Kaala jinn says your Roshni will never come back, she got punished for her cheat, you will never your wife and baby’s face ever. Aman cries. He angrily summons his sword. He runs to stab the Kaala jinn. Kaala jinn disappears. Aman falls down. Rehan does the magic and saves him. Aman sits shattered. He recalls Roshni. Rehan brings him home. Dadi takes care of Aman. Rehan says Aman got sleep by the juice given by Tabeezi. Dadi asks where are Roshni and baby. Rehan says we don’t know, we didn’t get them, Kaala jinn told Aman, we should leave hope of their return. Dadi gets shocked.

Aman thinking of Roshni. He gets upset. The family takes care of him. Its morning, Shayari helps the family. Rehan says you have to leave the house. They argue. Tabeezi stops him and says I know she is helping us, she alerted me about Hamlal, she is trying to protect the house, I know its tough to trust her, but you can trust me. He goes.

Dadi cries for Aman. Shayari consoles her. Salma says Roshni knew Aman loves his baby a lot, I m sure she won’t let anything happen to baby. Dadi asks where is the baby. The birds take care of the baby and bring milk for him. The ice starts hardening. Aman wakes up and sees the snowfall in his room. He says what’s all this. A rose appears near the ice rocks. He recalls his baby. He calls out Roshni. He goes out to Dadi.

Dadi asks are you fine. He says Roshni wants to tell something, the room is covered with snow, she gave me a rose, it means Roshni wants to send a message, she is alive, come with me. They don’t see anything. Dadi says it was your dream. Aman says no, it was freezing here, see my hands are cold, why aren’t you believing me. Rehan says truth won’t change, truth is Roshni left us, she won’t return.

Aman says its not true, she is adamant and will defeat death also. Rehan says you are hallucinating. Aman looks on. Shayari talks to someone. Rehan spies on her. Aman gets a rose petal in hand. He hears Roshni calling and turns to see. He doesn’t see her and passes through. He says I feel she is around and calling me. She says I m with you, you can feel me, our baby needs you, else Kaala jinn will reach us, do something.

Shayari sees Rehan following her. She disappears into the crowd. Roshni says our baby should have been here, but he is alone there, I have to save him, how shall I Aman know, he can’t hear me, but he can read the message. She fails to pick the chalk. Aman doesn’t see her. He sees the baby’s room. She uses her powers and lights the tent. He switches off the lights. She switches on the lights again. He removes the plug. She glows the lights again and cries. Aman says Roshni….. you are here. She says yes, I m here. He says if you are here, then prove it to me. She blinks the lights. He cries happily. He calls out everyone.

He says Roshni sent a message again, Roshni and my baby are alive, I have to go to them. Dadi gets sad. Aman says I m not hallucinating. Rehan says please. Aman says trust me, see the lights are on when the plug is removed. Tabeezi says maybe its your magic. Rehan says she is right. Roshni says I m here, Aman is right, we need Aman. Aman says what happened to you all, I know Roshni and my baby need me. Dadi says fine, agreed, Roshni is calling you, but where will you find her. Roshni says how shall I make them know. They hear a sound. They rush to the pool. They see a cave formation in the pool. Dadi asks what’s all this. Aman says maybe Roshni wants us to know about the place. Tabeezi says this cave is near the Ayana mountain. Roshni nods.