Friday Update on The Frontliners 17th September 2021


Friday Update on The Frontliners 17th September 2021

Sid talking to Rahil and Neil about his problem. Rahil asks when will you start chanting Ishani’s name. Sid says she will come to me. Rahil says I have shock therapy for this over optimism. Ishani comes. Sid says I was coming to you. She says its fine, I was coming to you. She shows the paper and says you will be maintaining distance from me, you trouble me a lot. Sid asks what’s the reason for it. She says I don’t want all this. He says I don’t believe in this nonsense. He tears the papers. Asha looks on. Sid says here is your paper. Ishani says truth won’t change, stay away, I will send you the papers copy.

Sid asks did you go mad, you want to stay away from me. She says stay 5 feet away, we work here in Sanjivani, but you won’t come more close. She goes and cries. She says sorry Sid, I love you a lot, I know you also love me, I m helpless to do this. She sits crying. She goes and recalls Sid. She gets a call on landline. Sid says I m maintaining 5 feet distance and calling, I can accept your every order, but I have to listen to my heart that beats for you, I learnt being stubborn from you, you would be knowing about the party, will you come as my date. She says you go with anyone, don’t waste my time. She goes and says I don’t want to cry. Sid comes. She hugs him and says I can’t stay away. Her imagination ends.

She asks him to go by lift, she can go by stairs. She goes out recalling Asha’s words. Sid comes and says you go dehydrated, sorry, I won’t cross 5 feet, you can drink the juice. She says you have to stay away. He says I will drop you home, your face looks pale. She says let me live, enough. He says I borrowed bike from Rahil, I will drop you. He sends the auto driver away. She says leave me alone.

He says my heart doesn’t agree, listen to your heart. She sees the inspector and shouts. She asks him to read it. She says the restraining order is for this man. Inspector says we have to arrest Sid. Sid says I m ready. He goes with the police. Ishani says I don’t have to see that side. Sid gets dizzy. Inspector asks what’s happening. Sid says I feel dizzy, maybe blood sugar got less, I couldn’t sleep at night and didn’t eat anything since morning. He faints. Inspector calls him out. Ishani leaves in the cab. She sees Sid fallen unconscious. She stops the cab. She runs to Sid. She asks Sid to get up. She cries. Sid says you love me so much, why did you get the orders to stay away. She scolds him for the joke.

Inspector asks what’s this drama, you have made the restraining order and came running, I can arrest you two for wasting our time, sort the love matter, I m leaving you with a warning. He goes. Sid says you look cute always, imagine, our kids will be so cute, don’t give me this killer look, come on, I know you can’t stay away, why are you making me away. Ishani recalls Asha’s words. She leaves in the cab. She goes to a temple and prays for peace. She says when I got my love, I just got pain. The lady says Krishna was also in pain in memory of Radha, you have to bear pain, accept the fate or forget love, either fight for love or change fate. She goes.

Shashank coming to the lift and seeing Sid. Sid says sorry, I won’t give you a chance to complain, I will earn your trust. Shashank asks do you have any financial needs. Sid says it will be managed. Vardaan gives money to someone and says I need your help, I want to ruin him, you are my pawn in my next move, I know you need money. The lady goes. Shashank says I m going for conference, take care and talk to Juhi if you need anything, I m upset, it doesn’t mean that….. take care of yourself. He goes.

Asha comes to Anjali. Anjali says you got late, you have a habit to get between always. She checks Asha. She asks didn’t Sid come, let me guess, he would be with Ishani, don’t expect him to care for him, to become a loving husband or caring dad, he just loves Ishani, whatever you did with them, stop expecting, get habitual to go alone for check up. Sid comes and asks is everything normal. Anjali gives the reports. She goes. Asha asks how did you come, I thought you won’t come, you hate me. Sid says I can never hate a little baby, I had to come for the baby, I will come, I will take care of baby. He goes. Asha cries. She says I wish I could tell you, you are doing favors and I m just poisoning your life. He calls Manik and says he isn’t answering now, mum is worried, I have to talk to him.

Ishani sees Asha. Rishabh apologizes to Ishani and says we shall go on another date, you will become my date tomorrow. Ishani says I mean… Sid comes and says sorry, just I m her plus one. Rahil says Sidhant Mathur. Ishani says I will come with you Rishabh as your plus one. Rishabh says it will be great. She says yes. Asha smiles and goes. Sid does shayari seeing Ishani.

Juhi says you are worried for Sid. Shashank says he is a good doctor, I don’t know the reason behind all that, I have no choice than firing him if he does a mistake again, I feel like punishing my own child, its not a nice feeling. She gets a letter and asks who had kept this. The peon says don’t know. Juhi gives it to Shashank. Shashank reads, if you want to meet Shashank’s son, go to lab. He says its nonsense. She says we will go and see who is doing this. He says why to fall into this trap. She says we should find out. They go to the lab and look around. She says there is no one here. He says its nonsense, lets go. They see Sid coming. Juhi asks was there someone else here with you. Sid says yes, few doctors and interns, they just left.

Shashank says its not a joke, its someone’s sick mentality, a lie. Vardaan smiles. He says its not a lie, its truth, you met your son, you don’t know he is your son…. Sid gets ready and comes for the party. A girl compliments him. Sid sees Rahil and Neil hiding Ishani. Rahil says we are Ishani’s bodyguards, so maintain distance. Sid says you were my friends. Rahil says every friend is mean, we won’t let you see her. Ishani hides behind them and goes. Sid smiles. A man Karan asks the doctor to listen, his son needs the heart transplant. Doctor says you are on second number in the donor list. He asks to send the heart to Sanjivani.

Sid tries to see Ishani. Vardaan, Anjali and Juhi come on the stage. Juhi says welcome to the charitable event, Shashank isn’t here to attend, I request you all to make generous charity. Everyone claps. Sid says why are they after me like enemies. He goes to nurse and tells about Neil. He says right, every friend is mean. Nurse goes to Neil and Rahil. They go. Sid goes to Ishani. Nurse says a heart is coming for transplant. Karan and his wife worry for their son. He says I will do anything to save Chintu, I know what to do now, this is the only way, I m his dad, I will do anything.

Sid says so I have finally seen you. Ishani compliments Rishabh. Sid gets away and distracts her. She says enough. Rishabh says I was just telling about my jacket. She says nothing. He says this colour is suiting you a lot, you are looking nice. Sid gives her a flying kiss. She asks him to stop it. Rishabh asks what. Sid hides. Rishabh says there is no one, you are making fun of me, forget it. He goes. Sid dances and says this happens when someone comes between two lovers. She asks Sid to just go and not come back again.