Friday Update on Anupama 24th June 2022


Friday Update on Anupama 24th June 2022

Shah family gets busy practice dance for Toshu and Kinjal’s sangeet ceremony. Baa seeing Devika comments that tattoo wali saheli/friend came before wedding. Devika jokes that she is groom’s tatoo wali maasi/aunty. Girls take bride’s side while boys take groom’s side and they decide to compete during sangeet ceremony. Pakhi says boys will win as papa/Vanraj is on their side and she is very happy that papa will stay with them for 2 days. Bapuji sees Anu feeling uncomfortable and says whatever she is doing is very difficult. Anu says a mother has to do it. Samar calls Bapuji to join back. Nandini and Samar’s nok jhok start during dance. Toshu and Kinjal walk in looking sad. Anu calls them and giving an example asks them to keep smiling for the sweet wedding memories. Devika and Samar drag them and Anu for dance practice.

Anu prays god that her family got happiness after a long time and hope someone doesn’t spoil it. Rakhi is seen holding an envelope and singing Aaj Na Chodenge Tuje Dam Damadam.In the evening, Vanraj enters house. Anu while rushing clashes with him. He says Baa told she doesn’t like him coming home and hopes she doesn’t create any drama. She says he tells she is not of his level, then how can she do his jobs. He says he is quiet because of Toshu’s wedding. She says even she is.

Kavya reminisces Vanraj saying its not possible to take girlfriend to son’s wedding and Anu’s taunts and performs something like black magic. At Shah house, everyone congratulate Toshu and Kinjal for their prewedding rituals. Baa blesses Kinjal to stay away from her scheming mother. Kinjal says when she used to come earlier, she used to think its Toshu’s house and now she feels its her house. Dolly pamers her. Samar mesmerized with Nandini’s beauty performs her nazar and she notices it. Anu feeds sweets to Kinjal and Toshu. Baa says boy’s family is present and when will girl’s family come. Anu says they will come. Baa says she doesn’t think they will come. Rakhi enters saying she came and purposefully with sandals on steps on Anu’s foot and apologizes. Anu says its okay as only dear ones can hurt. Rakhi says she forgot that she should leave footwear and enter their house. Baa says if she remembers now, she should remove heeled sandals and return to ground.

Rakhi thinks time will tell who will come on ground. She throws sandals standing far away. Baa says nobody can throw sandals like her. Mamaji says didi threw newspaper similarly. Rakhi smirks. Vanraj says he doesn’t know who published that news, but it won’t happen. Rakhi asks Toshu if his choti maa didn’t come as papa’s girlfriend sounds cheap. Kavya continues performing black magic. Rakhi continues that she told truth. Baa gives her a tight slap and says whenever she will misbehave, she will hear music behind her years, then realizes it was her imagination and tells Bapuji that hopes her imagination comes true one day.

Samar says let us start sangeet. Rakhi says of course, she is eager to make her samdhis dance on her tune, she means on her favorite song. Boy’s and girl’s team fight who will start. Pakhi says she and Nandini will perform first. Samar says boys will. Kinjal says she wants maa to start first as happiness is because of maa. They all agree. Baa taunts Rakhi that her daughter became mature just in 2 days. Rakhi insists that Anu and Toshu should perform together like in engagement and janmastami function. Rakhi says then they were performing as Radhaji and Kanhaji, now her mummy will perform solo and express her mind/mann ki baat. Anu performs beautifully on Prem Ratan Dhan Payo…song. She drags Kinjal and then Rakhi along and they also dance well. Everyone clap for them. Baa comments she danced well, though her nature is not good. Rakhi says excuse me. Baa says excused and asks next jodi to start. Samar and Nandini dance on Banja Tu Meri Rani Tainu Mahal Diwadunga..Sun Meri Rani Rani.. song. Pakhi tells Toshu that Samar and Nandini look so cute together. Kinjal says their chemistry is so good. After their performance, everyone clap for them. Rakhi thinks they can enjoy as much as they like, her old hobby is ruin her enemy’s happiness, they don’t even know what will happen to them in the future.

Toshu and Kinjal beautifully dance on Janam Janam Sath Chalna Yuhi…song.. during their sangeet ceremony. Devika encourages them. Toshu then kneels down and fixes ring in Kinjal’s finger. Anu emotionally blesses them and everyone shower flowers on them. After their performance, everyone clap for them. Rakhi thinks don’t know what her daughter looks in third class Toshu and his family, she is so happy marrying a loser. Kavya gets Anu’s dancing video and angrily keeps phone aside. Samar announces today’s last performance when Rakhi stops and says she wants to give Toshu and Kinjal’s wedding gift as she may be busy in tomorrow’s wedding arrangements; her dream was to go abroad for honeymoon, now she booked 15-day Norway’s honeymoon package for them as Kinjal always wanted to visit Norway. Vanraj reminds her that there are elders also present here.

Rakhi says when they eloped and married, honeymoon is a small discussion. Pramod asks her to stop it now. Rakhi tells Toshuand Kinjal to go and have fun. Toshu happily thanks her while Kinjal fumes in anger, sensing her intention. Rakhi then taunts Baa that she knows they cannot even afford a Goa honeymoon package and for even some big expenses, they need Mr. Vanraj’s support. Kinjal requests Rakhi to leave as she cannot see her mom insulting maa. Anu says she should reject gift calmly if she wants to reject it. Vanraj says they both can take the offer if they like. Kinjal says they have exams and need to prepare for that. Rakhi thinks Kinjal cannot be her pawn/target, so she needs to target Toshu. Vanraj says when children have already decided, they should continue this function.

Samar announces today’s last dhamakedar performance. Whole family dances on Ladki Aankh Maare.. song. Rakhi stands fuming. Baa drags her on floor and Mamaji taunts her. Pramod joins them next. Rakhi clicks pic and thinks this pic will act as salt on the wound. She silently takes Toshu away in lieu of dancing with him. Anu doesn’t find them and reminisces Rakhi’s challenge, she searches them. Rakhi emotionally blackmails Toshu that she didn’t like him before, but now she considers him son-in-law by heart and its her dream that her SIL succeeds her and become her company’s MD; she knows how difficult its to get a privacy in a joint family, so she booked a honeymoon package for their privacy; did she do anything wrong. Anu hears their conversation. Toshu says she didn’t do anything wrong, in fact he is happy that she gave them honeymooon package and thought of making him MD. Kinjal walks in clapping and confronts Rakhi for trying to interfere in her life, she knows what she is up to. Toshu argues with her supporting Rakhi.

Anu pleads them to stop fighting. Rakhi provokes Toshu again. Toshu fiercely argues with Kinjal and walks away souting. Kinjal thanks Rakhi for her heinous act and walks away saying her decision of eloping and marrying was right. Rakhi smirks at Anu and says she created a rift between Toshu and Kinjal in a minute. Anu says before throwing spark in house, she should realize that her daughter also stays in it, and if fire spreads, even Toshu and Kinjal’s relationship will burn; she should not harm her children in lieu of harming her; her fight is with her and she can do anything to her, but spaer her children. Rakhi smirks and says not a bad idea. Anu returns to family. Rakhifollows with an evil expression. Vanraj notices them and senses something went wrong; he walks to Anu if Mrs. Dave did something. Anu stands silently. Vanraj says he knew it, this woman will not keep quiet, if she does something, Anu should inform him.

Kavya opens door at night thinking why Vanraj returned home, maybe he fought with Anu or is missing her; stands shocked seeing someone. Vanraj feeling backache thinks of calling Kavya thinking if he doesn’t, she will create a drama. He video calls her. She normally speaks looking at a side. Vanraj asks if there is someone there. She disconnects call saying no one. Vanraj thinks if Anirudh came there. Kavya offers coffee to the person.

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