Wednesday Update on Anupama 22nd June 2022


Wednesday Update on Anupama 22nd June 2022

Baa gets angry seeing Kinjal sitting for dinner with Toshu and comments that saas/MIL is serving food and bahu/DIL is not supporting her. Kinjal asks Anu should she serve food. Anu says not today, but tomorrow. Kinjal asks Toshu if they should have food in a same plate like before. Samar taunts them. Mamaji jokes if he and Bapuji should have food in same plate as their love will increase with it. Baa scolds him and then warns Anu to explain her bahu not to show public display of affection/PDA in front of everyone. After dinner, Toshu takes Kinjal to his room. Samar walks out saying he has some work. Toshu closes door and gets romantic with Kinjal. She shyingly says someone will enter. He says its his and Samar’s room, so nobody will come. Anu knocks door and asks if she can come in. They both part ways and ask her to come in.

Anu sends Toshu to get paan from outside and explains Kinjal that though Baa and Bapuji have modern thinking, its inappropriate to show PDA in front of elders. Kinjal asks even if having food in same plate is inappropriate. Anu says during Baa and Bapuji’s times, it was inappropriate for couple to talk in front of elders. Kinjal says she didn’t have grandparents and elders at home to know about it, so she will be careful from hereon. Toshu returns and says Samar had gone to bring paan, then why did she send him. She asks is it and then asks Kinjal to sleep in her or Pakhi’s room until they marry again with elders’ blessings. Kinjal nods yes, and Anu walks out thinking she had to do this as she has to hold whole family together. Toshu complains, but Kinjal says they have to do at least this for family.

Anu informs Baa about it who says good she explained it to Kinjal as Toshu wouldn’t have understood, though he would have if Vanraj had explained. She asks her not to worry about wedding expenses as Vanraj took the responsibility, they will celebrate Toshu and Kinjal’s wedding according to their status and will share 50% amount with Rakhi. Toshu comes running and informs that Kinjal was speaking over phone and got sudden stomach ache. Baa and Anu run to her followed by Samar and Pakhi and they all concerned for her make her feel comfortable. Anu brings ajwain and black salt mixture and feeds it to Kinjal. Kinjal feels relief instantly and says even pain killer wouldn’t have worked so well. Baa says home remedies work well, kitchen is not only women’s important room but also pharmacy. Rakhi hearing their conversation relaxes hearing Kinjal is fine now. Anu then makes Kinjal sleep on her lap. Kinjal says she was once severely ill in childhood and wanted her mother’s pampering like Anu is doing now, but Rakhi was busy in coaching classes. Anu says Rakhi would have felt more bad than Kinjal, but sometimes one has to sacrifice family for work. She gets Devika’s message that Didi has asked her to meet in her school tomorrow for a teacher’s job, gets happy thinking principal madam is giving her another chance on Devika’s request and she cannot lose this job.

At night, Vanraj wakes up in shock hearing news about his company’s merger. Kavya wakes up seeing his reaction and asks what happened. He says company’s merger news is true, many employees will lose change after management change. Kavya hopes they don’t lose the job. Vanraj says they will not and he will impress his new boss like his old one with his smartness. Kavya thinks its not that easy.

Back at home in the morning, Anu informs family that she got a school teacher’s job again. Baa asks who will do household work then. Mamaji jokes his didi. Anu says she will finish all the work and then go to school. Samar informs her that she needs to be at school by 10 a.m. Baa asks who will prepare breakfast and if Jhilmil does, who will clean the house, then looks at Kinjal and says her bahu will. Rakhi enters reacting and asking within 2 days, they are making her daughter work. Baa jokes with mamaji to disconnect cable as they will see nagin drama daily from hereon. Rakhi says her daughter is not habituated to oily and spicy food, so will send her food and mineral water from hereon. Family reacts. Rakhi says she means until Kinjal is habituated to oily and spicy food. She asks servants to display food and keep it on table. Anu asks what is all this.

Rakhi says even she is a mother and understands her feeling, she just brought food and not dowry, every mother is worried for her children. Samar reminds Anu that they are getting late. Bapuji says she is getting late for work. Rakhi reacts and says now Anu will go to work and let her bahu work in kitchen, she was expecting better treatment from Anu hearing her moral gyaan, with whom she will speak about wedding arrangements if Anu goes to school. Anu reminisces Rakhi’s challenge that she will brainwash her daughter and make her hate Anu. Baa says Vanraj will and asks if Rakhi’s family doesn’t value men that she didn’t bring her husband to talk about wedding. Rakhi says she does. Baa asks her to call in the evening and come along her husband only if Vanraj is free. Kinjal asks Anu to go to school and Anu to go from there, thanks Rakhi for bringing food today but not to from tomorrow as she is happy with her family and doens’t need Rakhi’s interference. Rakhi stands shocked and fuming hearing that.

Kavya during breakfast tells Vanraj that she will speak to their boss Mr Dholakia regarding loan before company merger as he may sign documents and new boss may not. Vanraj asks why she needs loan. Kavya says to buy a new house for them and even he should arrange some money. Anu leaves house for school. Rakhi warns her that today Kinjal supported Anu, but soon she will brainwash her so much that she will hate Anu. Anu says she is getting late and leaves with Samar, leaving Rakhi fuming. Kavya argues with Vanraj that she didn’t think there would be arguments between them for money, she is buying home for them and needs his contribution.

Vanraj says he already has many responsibilities; his parent’s health, children’s education, and now Kinjal. Kavya says Kinjal is rich enough. Vanraj says he cannot take dowry from Mrs. Dave to fund Kinjal’s education. She argues that when its Anu, he doesn’t have any problem spending, but when its her, he always has problem. He asks why is she dragging Anu in between now. She says Anu was always in between in lieu of parents or children; he spends money on them, but not a penny on her. He says he already told that he has responsibilities and cannot invest in property. She asks if he wants to ride on 2 boats forever. He asks her to first divorce Anirudh and then speak about it; gets up and leaves sayine he will wait in car.

Samar drops Anu outside school. Anu reminisces earlier incident where principal insults her and removes her from teacher’s job. Samar asks her to relax as she can easily convince principal when she can convince Rakhi aunty. Anu walks in saying whatever it ,she has to do it now. She enters school and nervously walks towards principal’s room when she unknowingly clashes with principal and apologizes. Principal angrily looks at her. At home, Baa looks at Rakhi’s sent salad for Kinjal and tells Kinjal that she now realized why Rakhi speaks so bitter, Kinjal shouldn’t eat such food and become another Rakhi Dave. Kinjal nods yes and walks away. Baa sprinkles salt on salad and munching it hopes Anu is not troubled at school. Back to school, Anu apologizes principal and asks if its hurting. Principal says it hurt for what Anu did last time; she helped Anu last time as she could relate herself to Anu; even her husband used to insult her, she had whole family’s responsibilities, even she didn’t know English then, she first became a teacher and grew slowly. She asks Anu if she deserves a second chance, she agreed this time as she cannot deny Devika’s request; if Anu can work full time from Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. leaving all her responsibilities home.

Toshu gets romantic with Kinjal and says everything will be alright soon, Baa will be normal with her. Kinjal says when mummy couldn’t convince her since 25 years, then how can she. Toshu says she mummy’s daughter and not bahu. Kinjal says when Baa doesn’t spare her mother, she is nothing. Toshu gets more romantic and hugs her. Baa passes by and closes eyes shyingly. They both embarrassed silently walk away. Baa thinks she has to control even Kinjal like she controls Anu.

Principal asks Anu if she was in her place, would she give another chance if someone makes a mistake. Anu says she wouldn’t have, but she would evaluate the person’s situation as people also change with situation; that time it was her wish, but now its her need; dreams can be incomplete, but not responsibilities; her husband insults her always and thinks she is fit for nothing; she gives GPS’ example which keeps on showing route without getting tired and says she has her in-laws’, her children, and her self-respect’s responsibilities and she cannot make any mistake even by mistake, she needs this job at any cost. After sometime, Anu walks out of school sadly. Samar asks what happened. Anu says its not their mistake that they don’t have to give another chance, let us find job somewhere else. Principal calls her and asks her to take job and go home, gives her ID card and says she wil not get entry without it. Anu takes it emotionally. Principal says one gets second chance with a warning, her joining date is from next semester in next month; she walks away saying all the best. Samar excitedly dances with Anu.

Vanraj is shocked to see Dholakia sending memo to Kavya instead of him and shouts at Kavya. Kavya asks how does she know. He asks to read it. She sits shocked reading memo. Vanraj insists to tell what is written. Kavya says he has to repay all the losses he made to the company since 3 months due to losing contracts or else he will lose his job. Vanraj fumes that Dholakia didn’t see earlier profits. Kavya asks him to relax as Dholakia didn’t restricate him yet. He says she wouldn’t bother as her job is safe as she is Dholakia’s favorite; thinks there Anu is moving ahead in life with small steps and life is pushing him behind here.

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