Friday Update on Complicated Love 16th October 2020


Friday Update on Complicated Love 16th October 2020

Mauli sat devastated on the floor, her head laying on the couch. She traces back to when Kunal was upset about Nandini leaving the house and behaved strangely with her. How he had pushed her away in the room and claimed she can’t know everything all the time. Kunal turns the light on and comes with a glass of water for Mauli. She straightens up and asks Kunal since when? When they lost companionship? And he got connected with Nandini? She recalls once Sweety claimed she had seen Kunal on television after the bridge incident? Or if it was the day Nandini made chocolate cake for him? Or if it was love at first sight, when he helped her out of the lake. When did this happen? Why she couldn’t sense her marriage was ending? She loved him so much, she couldn’t sense him going away from her. She was so blinded with trust over him.

Kunal cries and requests Mauli not to trouble herself. He tried his level best to stop himself, but he failed. Mauli stares at him out of shock. She questions if he failed? Look at her! Is it his failure? Or hers? He can’t turn a victim so easily, she has failed. She lost her seven years, her love, trust and everything. He didn’t lose anything, he crossed each limit of a marriage. He is a doctor, does he even recognize the meaning of an attempt that he claims? He lost, but she is the victim here. Her husband and best friend betrayed each other, she lost both. He dare not play a victim. And there is no clarification for what he has done. He has snatched everything from her. She lost her good, her confidence and everything. He finished that innocent Mauli forever, who blindly trusted people and relations. Why he murdered that Mauli? She falls into his feet crying.

Mamma and Dida heard this conversation. Mamma comes to slap Kunal hard on face and asks where she was left in her brought up? Whom she handed the life of her daughter in law’s fate? Why he did this? They were a beautiful couple, how he could do this? He was this girl’s world, she worked day and night to fulfil his dreams and he had fun with her best friend? Isn’t he ashamed at all? She pushes him away to leave! She hugs Mauli. Tears slips Dida’s eyes silently. Mamma tells him to leave, this house has no place for a man who betrays his wife. He has broken this whole family today. Kunal calls Maa, pleading but she wasn’t ready to hear any explanations. Kunal opens the door. Sweety stood with her ears on the door. She tries to inquire Kunal about Ganpati, Kunal walks away silently. Sweety got the spice of what’s going on in their house.

Nandini decides to go to Mauli. It was her and Kunal’s mistake, why he should only bear the consequences. She should go and apologize Mauli, no matter she forgives or not. Mauli lay in Mamma’s lap, recalling her friendship with Nandini and cries.
Nandini reach outside Mauli’s house. She recalls how Mauli had welcomed Nandini to enter her home for a new beginning. Outside the house, she reads the name plate ‘Dr Mauli and Dr. Kunal Malhotra’ house. She forwards her hand to ring the bell but couldn’t. Mauli sense something strange.

Mauli walks towards the main door, she opens the door but no one was there outside.
Nandini had ran down the stairs, crying. Mauli reads the name plate outside their house blankly, she feels by touching it, then cries again.

Kunal walked across a street, his shirt unbuttoned and hair uncombed. Mauli’s and Mamma’s accusations of his betrayal haunts his thoughts. His phone begin to ring and he didn’t pay any attention to the approaching car. It was Rajdeep, shocked to see Kunal’s condition. Nandini’s call bell still rang at Kunal’s phone. Rajdeep questions if Kunal only finds his car or wife to die for. Kunal says sorry and walks ahead. Rajdeep questions where was Kunal’s grace when he slept with his wife, he always lectured him on dignity and grace. He takes his coat off and beats Kunal ravenously. Kunal fights back in defense but Rajdeep badly punches his face.CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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