Friday Update on True Love 16th October 2020


Friday Update on True Love 16th October 2020

Mukku tells everyone that she saw Meethi and Ammo Nani leaving in a bus. No one can believe it that Damini can leave them without telling them anything. Mukku adds that she tried calling Meethi a lot many times but the bus drove off. She lied to me about being at home but she was in a bus. Rathore wonders if something happened between Akash and Meethi. Kanha shocks everyone by telling them that Ammo Nani’s room is empty. Nani cannot understand why Damini would do something like this. Mukku, you and Meethi are so close yet she dint share it with you? Jogi reprimands her for saying hurtful things even now. Nani justifies herself as always. One should tell when they are leaving home. Look how worried everyone is. Jogi tells her to stop it. Mukku is having very bad vibes about all of this. Divya tells her to be calm as it isn’t good for baby’s health.

Just then Akash comes running calling out for Jogi. Kanha asks him about Meethi and Ammo Nani’s whereabouts. Something has happened between you and Meethi. Where are they? Jogi stops him and tells Akash to speak. Akash tells them that he couldn’t find them anywhere. Agree I should have spoken to Meethi once. Jogi assures him that everything will be fine. Akash asks for their help in finding both the ladies. Rathore asks Mukku for bus’s number. Mukku tells him. Rathore and Akash leave to find them. Nani is irritated by all this drama.

Meethi is trying her best not to cry and Damini puts her hand over hers to comfort her.

The bus stops at a dhaba. All the passengers get down to eat some food. Meethi recalls how she had visited a dhaba with Akash in the past. Damini understands that Meethi remembered something from her past. Memories will keep knocking. You will have to bear lots of pain. Meethi is ready to bear this pain so that Akash is not in any pain. Maiyya was right in telling me that if I love Akash truly then I should do anything to fulfil his dream. Tears roll down her eyes. Akash only wants a baby and not just Meethi. He will be in pain for a while but he too will forget me in some days. Someone else will take my place and they will have a baby. His life will change for forever. Damini negates. It isn’t necessary that what we think actually happens in real life too. Now what has to happen will happen! We have come too far now.

Tappu stands before Iccha’s photo. Someone has cast their evil eyes on our house. Pain fills our house before any happiness can even knock at our door. Mukku is about to become a mom, Vishnu is in coma and Ammo left with Meethi. The problems are never ending. Why is this happening? Why its all pain in the daughters of this house? Me, you, Mukta and Meethi! How long will this go on? Mukku hugs her mom saying it isn’t like that. Tappu asks her if she shouldn’t have spoken to her first. Meethi too dint feel like that. What would have happened between the couple or in that house that she has taken such a big step? Mukku feels that there might be some argument between the couple. When I had called her at that time she had lied to me about being at home. Tappu cannot help but wonder when they both decided to leave home then. What happened between Akash and Meethi?

Sankrant again asks his Maiyya what has made Meethi bhabhi walk out of this house but Maiyya feigns innocence. I have no clue. He asks her if she said something to bhabhi. She denies. what will I say? I made Akash do such tough puja for their happiness. Now how would I know what was going on in Meethi’s mind? Pavitra says city girls leave home for any reason. They aren’t given good upbringing. Sankrant has full faith in Meethi. He still doubts Maiyya. You ruined my life but let Akash live peacefully. She retorts that it was all Ambika’s doing not hers. Who fills you up? Gomti blames Kajri. She takes very good care of him. So much has happened since she has come here.

Maiyya too talks against Kajri. You think why would I do it when things were going smoothly? Sankrant knows she loves Akash so much that she can even sacrifice him then what is Meethi bhabhi. Pavitra supports her sister. This time she is innocent. Sankrant believes it for now. Meethi bhabhi will herself come and tell. Gomti asks if he has any news about Meethi. He tells them that Akash is heading to the dhaba only. He will come back with bhabhi. Maiyya nods. He leaves. Pavitra asks for her and Gomti’s return ticket to Aatishgarh. If Meethi comes back then Akash will forgive you but not us. Before Maiyya can reply Tappu and Mukku make an entry in Bundela House.

Akash and rathore reach the bus stand. Akash shows the bus number and asks for bus’s whereabouts at the ticket counter but the guy at the counter tells him to stand in line. Rathore warns him to do as told or he will show him who he is. The guy agrees to check. They are told that the bus has left for Jammu. Akash shows him Meethi’s photo. He is shocked to know that Meethi bought two tickets. He asks for the driver’s number of that specific bus. It is very important for me to reach my wife. They get the number and leave from there.

Tappu has come to talk about Meethi. She too wants to know the reason that drove Meethi to leave the house. Maiyya replies angrily that she did what she felt like and left without saying anything. Mukku and Tappu reply calmly. Maybe she had an argument with anyone in the house which is why she did so. Maiyya reasons that she did wrong in the past but now we all were good with each other. I and my son haven’t done anything that would prompt her to do this. Tappu retorts that Meethi isn’t this mad to take such a big step without any reason. Something must have happened. Maiyya asks about Damini. She dint tell you anything? Maybe your Nani would have said something. Tappu tells her not to blame anyone else like this but Maiyya points out that she is doing the same thing here. Tappu calmly requests her wanting to know if something happened at home but Maiyya stays put. Tappu respectfully asks her to keep them informed in case she gets to know something.

Damini isn’t hungry. Meethi wants to go away from this city, these memories asap. She asks the conductor how much they will have to wait. He tells them that it will take some 15 minutes.

Rathore calls the driver while Akash drives the car. He explains the bus driver everything. Please stop wherever you are for a while. He is told that the bus is at a dhaba. The driver agrees to wait. Akash knows the dhaba.

Akash and Rathore reach the dhaba. Rathore calls the driver and tracks him. He shows him Meethi’s pic but she is nowhere to be seen now. They look around but cannot find them. Driver shows the pic to the boy at the dhaba who tells them that Meethi left in a taxi. He knows nothing apart from this.

Rathore and Akash are at a police station. Akash shouts at the police inspector as he isn’t taking any action. Inspector replies that he cannot send the whole force after his wife. Rathore requests him calmly first then he too shouts at him. Constable tells him off. Inspector has informed the taxi union office. He will share the rest of the info as and when he will get it. Akash tells him to send someone to the taxi union office right away. Constable speaks against Meethi. She might have found someone so she left you. Akash angrily starts beating him. Rathore controls two constables while one hits Akash with a stick. Finally Akash takes him over but by then Rathore controls the situation somehow. He apologizes for what has happened. agree Akash shouldn’t have raised his hand at a policeman but that constable is also speaking the wrong thing. I too would have beaten him if not Akash. Inspector puts Akash behind the bars. Rathore promises to look into the matter. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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