Friday Update on Complicated Love 18th September 2020


Friday Update on Complicated Love 18th September 2020

Mauli sat tensed. Nandini convinces Dida that with her blessings she will be able to manage everything. Dida says the world isn’t a fair one, and Nandini is new in this world. She only wish Nandini settles a bit more here. But she can only give an advice. Mauli was upset but Nandini says its better to be stubborn than to be terrified, is what Mauli always said.

At night, Kunal thinks if he is being unjust to Nandini just because of his selfishness?
Nandini was awake in her room. She was a little afraid of whatever Dida warned her. She thinks Mauli and Kunal’s couple is a beautiful one, and today they fought because of her. She decides to leave the house after bank tomorrow.
The next morning, Kunal drives Nandini to the bank. Kunal asks Nandini to go inside. Nandini was hesitant then asks Kunal to speak on the counter, she is weak in English as can’t speak fluently. Kunal says they can speak in Hindi then, everyone around the world speak in their native languages then why should they feel ashamed?

In the bank, Kunal greets the manager Mukesh. Kunal introduces Nandini as Mauli’s best friend and tells Nandini they studied in the college together. Nandini had forgotten the bag in the car but Kunal got it. The manager asks about the cards, documents and passbook. Kunal hands everything to him. Mukesh leaves to get a photocopy and asks Nandini to do a few signatures. Nandini recalls how Rajdeep abused her for her signatures. She at once apologizes Kunal for the wrong signatures as her hands trembled. Kunal calms her down and tells her to practice signatures till he brings another form. He helps her throughout with the procedure. They were done when Mukesh returns.

Mukesh brings them to locker room. He asks Nandini to try her keys but it doesn’t unlock. Mukesh says Nandini might have brought the false keys. Kunal asks Mukesh to try the master keys. Mukesh says its against rules, he can’t unlock it. Kunal insists on Mukesh that her husband is in jail, he deliberately gave her the false keys. Mukesh tells Kunal he is helpless and can’t do anything. Rajdeep calls Nandini as Dear Mrs! Everyone turn to watch him enter the locker room. Nandini was terrified.

Mukesh holds Kunal back. He says they can’t stop Rajdeep as he is the joint holder of this locker. Rajdeep walks towards Nandini and unlocks the locker. He hands the jewellry of Nandini’s mother to her. Nandini looks towards Rajdeep while holding the jewellry. Rajdeep tells Nandini to check carefully if all items are there in the box. Kunal tells Nandini to check them well. Rajdeep opens the boxes and hands them to Kunal. Nandini says its fine. Kunal asks to leave. Nandini turns to go but Rajdeep asks her for a minutes. He says its good she removed the mangal sooter, he isn’t worth all this. He is a bad person, and while in jail he regretted losing a wife like her. Sorry, forgive me please. Kunal insists on Nandini to leave, he seems to be done.

Kunal tells Mauli that he returned all the jewellry to Nandini himself and was much loving to Nandini. Mauli says Rajdeep is a real bastard and this must be his new trap. Kunal was worried and asks Mauli to speak to Nandini, she might get trapped by Rajdeep. Mauli was sure that Nandini broke her mangal sooter by her own self. She won’t go back with Rajdeep, as it was a tough decision which she has already taken. Nandini returns home. Mauli asks Nandini if she met Rajdeep. Mauli speaks to Nandini that she must never worried about meeting Rajdeep, not get trapped in his words and shouldn’t even speak to him again.

The next morning, Nandini was busy in cutting vegetable. Pramilla receives a parcel and brings in flowers for Nandini. Mauli and Kunal come out and asks who sent them? Pramilla reads it was sent by Rajdeep. Kunal shouts at Pramilla to throw them outside, there might be something wrong in it. Nandini stops Pramilla and keeps the flowers. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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