Friday Update on Young Love 18th September 2020


Friday Update on Young Love 18th September 2020

Dadisaa cursing Akhiraj and says don’t know when will devimaa give him death. Jagya and Ganga nurses their wounds. Mangla thanks Jagya and Anant, and says when Akhiraj threw Nimboli in well, she thought she lost her daughter. Jagya says Police is searching him and says they have enquired with Kundan and Harki, but they refused to know anything. He says once he is caught, he will make sure Akhiraj is kept in the lock up only. Anant thanks them and says he will leave now.

Dadisaa thinks Anandi is very much worried and thinks to talk to her later about Shivam. Mangla asks Nimboli, what happened? Why she didn’t bring flowers. Nimboli says guards haven’t let me go. Mangla says Nimboli want to put garland on Urmila’s photo. Jagya says I told the guards not to let anyone out, and says Akhiraj has become threat for us and we have to be careful till he is caught. He asks them to take care and leaves. Mangla looks on.

Akhiraj and Badri share roti and eat. Akhiraj says if this continues then we will die because of hunger. He says we can die like this. Akhiraj says death have to return empty hand and says he will take revenge. Badri says we don’t have any pistols now. Akhiraj says he will take english pistol with silencer. Badri laughs and asks from where they will get money. Akhiraj says Harki will manage to get money, and asks him not to laugh else he will kill him first.

Shivam comes home and asks about Anandi. Mangla says I will cook something for you, and says Anandi went with Nimboli. Shivam says I will go. Mangla tells him that she will make something for him. Shivam refuses and goes to her room. Abhi comes to Shivam’s room. Shivam says we can’t go out because of the danger to our lives. Abhi says I don’t have any idea. Mangla comes there, and tells them about Akhiraj. She says Akhiraj tried to kill us while we were returning from Jhalra. She says Nimboli is his main target, and that’s why Jagya kept guards at home. Shivam says we are getting punished because of her. Mangla says you have to bear Nimboli until she is here. She instigates them against Nimboli and asks them to pray that Akhiraj gets caught soon.

Nimboli comes to Shivam and asks him to explain one question. Shivam refuses and talks to her bluntly. Anandi comes and asks why he is shouting at Nimboli. Shivam asks why do you take her side always. He asks her to reply. Anandi says Nimboli isn’t at fault and says the guilty will be caught soon. Shivam shouts at Nimboli asking her to go from his room. Nimboli goes crying. Anandi asks Shivam what did you do? Shivam says you have changed so much, cries and goes. Nimboli goes to Mangla and tells about the incident. Mangla asks her not to go to Shivam’s room. Anandi says I went to his room for solving the problem. Anandi comes to Nimboli. Nimboli asks her to go and says Shivam will get angry with her. Anandi says Nimboli can’t misbehave with anyone and apologizes. Nimboli asks why did he get angry with me?

Anandi tells that Shivam is in trauma still with his kidnapping incident. She says I will go and see Shivam. She comes to Dadisaa and asks about Shivam. Dadisaa says he was looking worried. She says I need to tell you something about Shivam. Anandi asks what happened? Dadisaa tells everything that Shivam was about to burn Nimboli’s clothes, and how she stopped him. Anandi wonders why he is doing this? Shivam gets ready for school and says bye to Dadisaa.

Anandi asks if he is angry with her. Shivam says why do you need my hug as Nimboli gives you many hugs. Anandi says how can I stay without you and says how can I stay without my son. Shivam asks why you have stopped your search to find Nandini. He asks her to answer. Shivam says she is also far from you and asks her to answer. Anandi says I am searching her. Shivam asks her not to lie and says you have forgotten her. Dadisaa gets up and says your mum found Nandini. Anandi looks on shocked. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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