Friday Update on Complicated Love 9th April 2021


Friday Update on Complicated Love 9th April 2021

Rohan asks Mishti what she is saying, he can’t live without her and die. Mishti tells him she has clarified her stance, and if he loves her he shouldn’t contact her from now on. She is fed up of these little responsibilities. Rohan asks Mishti about the real cause behind all this, if Veer threatened her then they may tackle it together. Mishti shouts that there is no us now, there is only Mishti and Rohan. She has taken her decision and wants to live with Veer, without any responsibilities or pressure. She turns to leave but Rohan drags her by hand and pulls on her hair.

“I might die if I don’t get you, or might be lost if she is away
He got her through her prayers to God, he can’t bear them apart
She can’t belong to anyone else. Never”

Mishti says soon Rohan will forget if she ever belonged in his life. This drama will be heedless, she doesn’t want to live with him anymore. She drives away. Her words bang in Rohan’s mind.

It was night. Mishti sat in the balcony when Mauli comes to her. Mishti was elated to hold her hands. Mauli says only few have the power to think about others before themselves, only special people are gifted with this ability. We can decide on anything, but how she decided which love is important. Mishti says no one can ever state how deep the emotion of love and pain is; Rohan and Pari both love her. Pari and Ansh have been with her since Mauli left this world, they helped her move on. And if she snatches Pari’s love from her, what would be the difference in her and her Papa. She is like Mauli, and wants to be like her.

Mauli tells Mishti to leave the past behind, she can’t take the decisions of her life based on what her parents did and bear. She must place a hand over her heart and listen to the impulse guiding you through the right direction. It must be difficult to choose between Pari and Rohan, and she chose Pari. This decision meant watching her love with someone else; this shows she is truly Mauli’s Mishti. She is in fact Mauli. Mishti feels proud of herself for those words. Mauli walks towards the balcony, then asks Mishti to assume for once that Pari got her love. But does she think Rohan will keep Pari happy. Mishti replies off course. Pari would surely suit Rohan, she is very nice and will dearly love Rohan. Every person wish to spend his life with someone who loves him. She is sure Rohan will live happily with Pari. Mishti was also happier with Popsy for the same reason. Mauli hugs Mishti and wipes her tears.

The next morning, Mishti walks near the parking. She thinks she must soon do something to make Rohan fell in love with Pari. Veer comes to her and asks why she is tensed. Mishti impulsively tells Veer that they must marry each other. She got the Varmala, which they both can wear by themselves. She will put on Sindoor and they should send the pictures to Rohan. Veer stops Mishti and tells her to think about it, why she is ruining her own life. She loves Rohan dearly and he understands how much. She must give Rohan sometime and wait for the things to fall in place. It doesn’t matter how good they appear together, the problem is that Rohan might leave Pari’s life along with her as well. The problem is to unite Pari and Rohan. Mishti agrees to Veer, and says she was worked up, was selfish and only thought about herself. She must think about Pari now. She throws the Varmala away.

Rohan walks to his room. He felt miserable for whatever Mishti had said and watches her photos. He watches Mishti come to his room. Mishti complains if he would accept her words so easily and fell gloomy. He could have taken her by force, and marry her. She was only testing him and he failed. Rohan hugs Mishti and says he wants to marry her today. Since she was testing him, he doesn’t want to fail. He will marry her today. He picks her in his arms and goes to the balcony. Mishti says there is no Baraati, and even any Pandit for wedding mantra. He makes her sit on the bench then points towards the sky. He says Stars are baraati, and moon is the Pandit. He can say it if she doesn’t, I love you.

Rohan opens his eyes and sits up in bed at the knock on door. He realizes it was his daydreaming. He realizes the balcony door was still locked. He now answers the door knock. It was Pari and complains why he didn’t answer for so long. She notices Rohan was tensed and asks her to leave him alone. Pari insists on him to share it with a friend. Rohan shouts at her to leave him alone. Pari walks out of the room in tears. Rohan feels bad for her, she goes to the balcony. He comes to make her up and apologizes for the misbehavior. Pari agrees she should have given him some personal space.

Rohan comes to Mishti’s room while she lay on the bed. He silently walks inside, shuts Mishti’s mouth with a cloth piece and carries her over his shoulder. Mishti recalls the kidnapping by goons that Veer’s parents had planned. In the balcony, Rohan tries to calm Mishti down, and says he shouldn’t have brought her here like this. He opens her mouth. She hugs Rohan tightly, then backs up at once and hits his chest. She questions how dare he, she hates this about him. He goes revenguous for anything that goes against him. Why he can’t leave her alone. Rohan says he can’t. He is well aware she is suffocating now, she did when with Veer earlier as well. There is peace on her face when she is with him, and she can’t deny marrying him for money. Mishti says it’s clear, she doesn’t marry Rohan and that is it. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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